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Index Sticky: A Wodehouse a Week

A Wodehouse a Week banner
  1. The Pothunters (1902) (Week #36)
  2. A Prefect's Uncle (1903)
  3. Tales of St Austin's (1903) (Week #19)
  4. The Gold Bat (1904) (Week #60)
  5. William Tell Told Again (1904) (Week #30)
  6. The Head of Kay's (1905)
  7. Love Among the Chickens (1906) (Week #39)
  8. The White Feather (1907)
  9. Not George Washington (1907)
  10. The Globe By the Way Book (1908)
  11. The Swoop (1909) (Week #45)
  12. Mike (1909)
  13. A Gentleman of Leisure (1910) (Week #43)
  14. Psmith in the City (1910) (Week #15)
  15. The Prince and Betty (1912) (Week #70)
  16. The Little Nugget (1913)
  17. The Man Upstairs (1914)
  18. Psmith, Journalist (1915)
  19. Something Fresh (1915) (Week #37)
  20. Uneasy Money (1917) (Week #28)
  21. The Man With Two Left Feet (1917) (Week #40)
  22. Piccadilly Jim (1918) (Week #52)
  23. My Man Jeeves (1919)
  24. A Damsel in Distress (1919) (Week #67)
  25. The Coming of Bill (1920)
  26. Jill the Reckless (1921) (Week #69)
  27. Indiscretions of Archie (1921) (Week #66)
  28. The Clicking of Cuthbert (1922) (Week #50)
  29. The Girl on the Boat (1922) (Week #23)
  30. The Adventures of Sally (1922) (Week #41)
  31. The Inimitable Jeeves (1923) (Week #1)
  32. Leave it to Psmith (1923)
  33. Ukridge (1924) (Week #24)
  34. Bill the Conqueror (1924)
  35. Carry on, Jeeves (1925) (Week #38)
  36. Sam the Sudden (1925)
  37. The Heart of a Goof (1926) (Week #3)
  38. The Small Bachelor (1927) (Week #11)
  39. Meet Mr Mulliner (1927) (Week #34)
  40. Money For Nothing (1928)
  41. Mr Mulliner Speaking (1929) (Week #17)
  42. Summer Lightning (1929)
  43. Very Good, Jeeves (1930) (Week #35)
  44. Big Money (1931) (Week #8)
  45. If I Were You (1931) (Week #57)
  46. Louder and Funnier (1932) (Week #26)
  47. Doctor Sally (1932) (Week #16)
  48. Hot Water (1932) (Week #68)
  49. Mulliner Nights (1933)
  50. Heavy Weather (1933) (Week #6)
  51. Thank You, Jeeves (1934) (Week #9)
  52. Right Ho, Jeeves (1934)
  53. Blandings Castle (1935) (Week #58)
  54. The Luck of the Bodkins (1935) (Week #32)
  55. Young Men in Spats (1936) (Week #49)
  56. Laughing Gas (1936) (Week #12)
  57. Lord Emsworth and Others (1937) (Week #48)
  58. Summer Moonshine (1938)
  59. The Code of the Woosters (1938)
  60. Uncle Fred in the Springtime (1939) (Week #53)
  61. Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets (1940) (Week #33)
  62. Quick Service (1940) (Week #7)
  63. Money in the Bank (1946)
  64. Joy in the Morning (1947) (Week #25)
  65. Full Moon (1947)
  66. Spring Fever (1948)
  67. Uncle Dynamite (1948)
  68. The Mating Season (1949) (Week #61)
  69. Nothing Serious (1950) (Week #13)
  70. The Old Reliable (1951)
  71. Barmy in Wonderland (1952) (Week #22)
  72. Pigs Have Wings (1952) (Week #14)
  73. Ring for Jeeves (1953)
  74. Performing Flea (1953)
  75. Bring on the Girls (1954)
  76. Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (1954)
  77. French Leave (1956) (Week #55)
  78. Over Seventy (1957) (Week #10)
  79. Something Fishy (1957) (Week #18)
  80. Cocktail Time (1958) (Week #31)
  81. A Few Quick Ones (1959) (Week #29)
  82. Jeeves in the Offing (1960) (Week #44)
  83. Ice in the Bedroom (1961) (Week #42)
  84. Service With a Smile (1961)
  85. Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (1963)
  86. Frozen Assets (1964) (Week #27)
  87. Galahad at Blandings (1965)
  88. Plum Pie (1966)
  89. Company For Henry (1967) (Week #47)
  90. Do Butlers Burgle Banks? (1968) (Week #5)
  91. A Pelican at Blandings (1969) (Week #21)
  92. The Girl in Blue (1970) (Week #46)
  93. Much Obliged, Jeeves (1971) (Week #20)
  94. Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin (1972) (Week #2)
  95. Bachelors Anonymous (1973) (Week #4)
  96. Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (1974) (Week #51)
  97. Sunset at Blandings (1977)

Index Sticky: Bully's Fantastic Christmas

Bully's Fantastic Christmas

Part 1: Making Lists, Checking Twice
Part 2: Avoiding Mister Victor
Part 3: "You can never be too careful."
Part 4: A Slight Detour
Part 5: Fantastic Find
Part 6: Last-Minute Purchases
Part 7: True Bulliever
Part 8: Pigs Will Fly
Part 9: Faster, Piggypig! Run! Run!"
Part 10: These Little Piggies Went Bea, Dee, Vee, All the Way Home
Part 11: It's in every one of us to be wise
Part 12: I heard the bulls on Christmas Day

Index Sticky: Ten of a Kind

  1. 4/20/06: Leggo Mjolnir! (stolen Mjolnir covers)
  2. 5/5/06: Stop! Hammer Time! (or, Leggo Mjolnir 2: Electric Boogaloo) (stolen Mjolnir covers II)
  3. 5/28/06: I read the news today, oh boy (newspaper covers)
  4. 7/9/06: Must...smash...LOGO! (smashed logo covers)
  5. 7/16/06: Doom Triumphant (Dr. Doom covers)
  6. 7/30/06: Look at my butt! (Rear end covers)
  7. 8/6/06: WW2. And sometimes 3. (multiple Wonder Woman covers)
  8. 8/13/06: Snakes on a Cover (snake covers)
  9. 8/20/06: "He'll cry himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow" (big head covers)
  10. 8/27/06: So, My Very Educated Mother... (planet covers)
  11. 9/3/06: Hey Kids! Comics! (comic books on covers)
  12. 9/10/06: Animals on Wheels. Faster! Faster! (animals on wheels covers)
  13. 9/17/06: Seeing Red (red covers)
  14. 9/19/06: Arrrrr, Jim lad. (pirate covers)
  15. 9/24/06: Bustin' Through (characters busting through comic covers)
  16. 10/1/06: In your eyes, I see the doorway to a thousand heroes (eye reflection covers)
  17. 10/8/06: This grips me more than would a muddy old river or a reclining Buddha (chess covers)
  18. 10/15/06: How can I miss you when you won't go away? (Uncanny X-Men #138 homage covers)
  19. 10/23/06: Two-Faced (two-face covers)
  20. 10/29/06: Look at my crotch! (crotch covers)
  21. 11/5/06: One person, one vote.* (*May not apply in all states.) (election covers)
  22. 11/12/06: Bondage Covers (James Bond covers)
  23. 11/19/06: Surprise Visitors ("Not you!" covers)
  24. 11/27/06: How Can I Save My Little Boy from Oppenheimer's Deadly Toy? (atomic bomb covers)
  25. 12/3/06: Wanted: Dead or Alive (wanted poster covers)
  26. 12/10/06: All You Need Is Comics (Beatles comics covers)
  27. 12/17/06: Spirited Logos (Will Eisner logo tribute covers)
  28. 12/24/06: Your architects were madmen, your builders sane but drunk (London covers)
  29. 1/1/07: New Beginnings (First issue of dramatic change comic covers)
  30. 1/14/07: 10 Channels and Nothing On (TV covers)
  31. 1/21/07: Draw of the Cards (playing card covers)
  32. 1/26/07: And I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles (500th issue covers)
  33. 1/28/07: Bull in a Comics Shop (bull and cow covers)
  34. 2/3/07: All that's left of me is my celebrity (celebrity cameo covers)
  35. 2/10/07: Skeleton Crew (skeletons of heroes comics)
  36. 2/17/07: Must be funny in the rich man's world (money covers)
  37. 2/24/07: An exciting novel-length adventure, complete on this front cover (serial panel covers)
  38. 3/4/07: It's Not Easy Bein' Green (green covers)
  39. 3/6/07: Remember the Alamo (Alamo covers)
  40. 3/11/07: You Only Die Once Ten Times (Death of Captain America covers)
  41. 3/18/07: I found this photograph stashed between the old joist walls (Photograph covers)
  42. 3/25/07: There is safety in numbers, in numbers my friend (big numbers comics)
  43. 4/1/07: I play practical jokes, just to get a laugh (ha ha!), I put roaches in my neighbor's bubblebath (April Fool's Day covers)
  44. 4/15/07: This Comic Is No Longer Mint (torn covers)
  45. 4/18/07: A thumb goes up, a car goes by/Oh, won't somebody stop and help a guy? (Action #1 homage covers)
  46. 4/29/07: Down in Uncle Stan's Basement (Two-tier covers)
  47. 5/6/07: Great job with the secret ID, Pete (Spider-Man unmasked covers)
  48. 5/13/07: Architecture attack! (architecture attacking covers)
  49. 5/20/07: To Infinity and Beyond (infinity covers)
  50. 5/27/07: What's Black and White and Red All Over? (black and white and red covers)
  51. 6/3/07: Why do you think they call them comic books? (book covers)
  52. 6/10/07: Honey, Your Face Smells Terrific! (romance nose-to-face covers)
  53. 6/17/07: I can't believe I ate the whole thing (Galactus covers)
  54. 6/24/07: Face to face, my lovely foe/Mouth to mouth, raining heaven's blows
  55. 7/1/07: Kiss me quick 'cos it's my birthday (birthday covers)
  56. 7/4/07: O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave (76 flag covers 2007)
  57. 7/8/07: Will You Please Pick Up Your Dang Clothes?! (Amazing Spider-Man #50 homage covers)
  58. 7/14/07: Ten Lords A-Leaping (Batroc covers)
  59. 7/15/07: Creepy, Disturbing Bears (creepy, disturbing bear covers)
  60. 7/22/07: Too Many Supergirls (multiple Supergirls covers)
  61. 7/23/07: Hayley's Comet (Hayley Mills covers)
  62. 7/29/07: San Diego Comic-Con Special: Comics Are Your Best Entertainment Value (comic book covers)
  63. 8/5/07: Batman in Love (Batman romance covers)
  64. 8/12/07: The closing walls and ticking clocks gonna come back and take you home (clock covers)
  65. 8/19/07: Look at me, I'm a fine floating head (floating heads covers)
  66. 8/26/07: Almost me, almost you, almost blue (blue covers)
  67. 9/2/07: Multiple Choice Questions (multiple choice covers)
  68. 9/16/07: I'm Taking over This Comic, See? And No Underdog's Gonna Stop Me, See? (defaced logo comics)
  69. 9/19/07: When you're a professional pirate/you don't have to wear a suit (pirate comics 2007)
  70. 9/23/07: (Four Weddings + A Funeral) x 2 (eight wedding and two funeral covers)
  71. 9/30/07: And I'm fallin' (falling covers)
  72. 10/7/07: I'm beside myself/Out in the middle distance, still more tragedies are playing (twins covers)
  73. 10/14/07: Could it be that it's the season of the shark? (shark covers)
  74. 10/21/07: Riddle Me This (question covers)
  75. 10/28/07: Give me your tired, your poor, maniacs! You blew it up! (Statue of Liberty covers)
  76. 11/4/07: Army of Me (multiple identical characters covers 1)
  77. 11/11/07: Wanna see my picture on the cover/Gonna buy five copies for my mother (magazine covers)
  78. 11/18/07: My truth comes out, my mask falls to the floor/I see the face that I got (Batman unmasks covers)
  79. 12/2/07: Button eyes, lullabys, I melt away/Criticized, compromised, white turns to grey (snowman covers)
  80. 12/9/07: Hey Ben Grimm, what time is it? (Clobbering time covers)
  81. 12/16/07: Actions Speak Louder (silent covers)
  82. 12/23/07: Here Comes Santa Claus, Right Down Comic Book Lane (Christmas covers)
  83. 12/30/07: Last Dance with Mary Jane (Mary Jane Watson-Parker covers)
  84. 1/1/08: Happy New Year! (New Year's covers)
  85. 1/6/08: There's No Police Like Holmes (Sherlock Holmes covers #1)
  86. 1/13/08: A Puzzlement, Indeed! (puzzle covers)
  87. 1/20/08: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Batman (tiny Batman covers)
  88. 1/21/08: Poultry in Motion (chicken covers)
  89. 1/27/08: Batman's big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! He's not small! No, no, no! (giant Batman covers)
  90. 2/3/08: The Top Ten Billboard Chart (billboard covers)
  91. 2/10/08: Hey Tweety, where you goin' with that gun in your hand? (gun covers)
  92. 2/14/08: Hello, you fool, I love you (romance covers)
  93. 2/17/08: I'm the king of the swingers (Amazing Fantasy #15 pastiche covers)
  94. 2/21/08: Bring It On Week: This is not a democracy, it's a Tenocracy (cheerleader covers)
  95. 2/24/08: Hooray for Hollywood! (movie covers)
  96. 3/1/08: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny (bikini covers)
  97. 3/16/08: But from this day everyday will be Boxing Day (boxing covers)
  98. 3/23/08: Bunny one so true, I love you (rabbit covers)
  99. 3/30/08: He's in the jailhouse now (jail covers)
  100. 3/31/08: Evil Twins (evil twin covers)
  101. 4/1/08: Evil Ten of a Kind: A Whole Lotta Furor (Hitler covers)
  102. 4/20/08: Almighty Union Jack/A thousand victories will be behind you (union Jack covers)
  103. 4/27/08: "Hey Stan! I came up with a way to save money printing covers!" (mostly blank covers)
  104. 5/1/08: In Soviet Russia, comic bags and boards you (hammer and sickle covers)
  105. 5/4/08: I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke (earth covers)
  106. 5/11/08: She will always carry on/Something is lost/But something is found (mother covers)
  107. 5/18/08: Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (sex change covers)
  108. 5/25/08: Thirdiversary (third anniversary covers)
  109. 6/8/08: I wear my sunglasses at night/So I can watch you weave then breathe your storylines (glasses covers)
  110. 6/13/08: I wasn’t born under no bad sign, but it was Friday the 13th (bad luck covers)
  111. 6/15/08: Say my name, say my name (logos in a word balloon covers)
  112. 6/22/08: Someday we'll find it/The Rainbow Connection (rainbow covers)
  113. 6/29/08: Another bride, another June (wedding covers)
  114. 7/1/08: Now we are six (birthday cake covers)
  115. 7/4/08: 456 White Stripes, 463 Red Stripes, and a Heck of a Lot of Stars (76 flag covers 2008)
  116. 7/6/08: Sweet little princess/Let me introduce his frogness (frog covers)
  117. 7/13/08: I Wouldn't Belong to Any Club That Would Have Me As a Member (Adventure Comics #247 pastiches)
  118. 7/20/08: Manly, yes, but I like it too (bath covers)
  119. 8/10/08: We've Got You Surrounded (surrounded covers)
  120. 8/17/08: Plenty of trunk space in the front (elephant covers)
  121. 8/24/08: Could it be...Satan?!? (Devil covers)
  122. 9/7/08: PWNED!!! (PWNed covers)
  123. 9/14/08: Mr. Comics Goes to Washington (Washington DC covers)
  124. 9/19/08: Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition: Rated Arrrrrr. (pirate covers 2008)
  125. 9/28/08: We come to each other from different worlds (crossover covers)
  126. 10/5/08: Everybody's talkin' at me (direct address to the reader covers)
  127. 10/26/08: Quite an Eyeful (Eiffel Tower covers)
  128. 11/2/08: I'm gonna send your vote to college/When you vote for president (president covers)
  129. 11/9/08: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (Star Wars pastiche covers)
  130. 11/16/08: Quantum of Comics (James Bond pastiche covers)
  131. 11/23/08: Duh duh...duh duh...duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh DOODLY DEE! DUH DUH! DOODLY DEE DUH DUH! (Jaws pastiche covers)
  132. 11/27/08: Don't wanna be a turkey dinner!/Don't wanna be a prize pack winner!
  133. 11/30/08: Stop all the grandfather clocks, cut off the Bat-Phone
  134. 12/7/08: The eternal struggle between talking, pantless duck and snowman
  135. 12/25/08: Santa baby, stick some comics under the tree for me
  136. 1/1/09: These are the days of our lives/They've flown in the swiftness of time
  137. 1/4/09: Sits like a man but he smiles like a reptile
  138. 1/11/09: You know what it was: a little cocker spaniel dog in a crate that he'd sent all the way from Texas. (Checkers covers)
  139. 1/25/09: No no no no, I don't read comics no more/I'm tired of waking up on the floor (Universal "no" symbol covers)
  140. 2/1/09: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!? (football covers #1)
  141. 2/8/09: You know it don't come easel
  142. 2/14/09: Love is the answer and you know that for sure
  143. 2/15/09: There I go, turn the page
  144. 2/16/09: Hail to the Chief/From a little stuffed beef
  145. 2/22/09: Uncommon valor was a common virtue
  146. 3/1/09: Who Watches the Watcher (Watcher covers)
  147. 3/8/09: Floating in a field of white (snowstorm covers)
  148. 3/22/09: Animals Strike Curious Poses (Weird animals covers)
  149. 3/29/09: We could be heroes just for one day
  150. 4/5/09: Mice love fishing
  151. 4/12/09: Basaball bin berry berry good to comics
  152. 4/19/09: Just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art
  153. 4/23/09: All the world's a comic/And all the men and women merely heroes (Shakespeare covers)
  154. 4/26/09: Baby, I can't stay, you got to roll me
  155. 5/3/09: I am a weapon of massive consumption/And it's not my fault it’s how I’m programmed to function (Fat covers)
  156. 5/10/09: I just wanna go huntin'/It makes me feel so good
  157. 5/24/09: No one knows just how he does it but it's true they say/He's the master of going faster
  158. 5/31/09: Born to a mountain slide/You're gonna learn to take a dive
  159. 6/7/09: When up from the ground came a bubblin' a monster (Mole Man's monster, that is) (30 Fantastic Four #1 pastiches)
  160. 6/14/09: Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel
  161. 6/21/09: Glide, Goblin, glide upon your mystery ship
  162. 6/28/09: 01100100 01101111 01101101 01101111 00100000 01100001 01110010 01101001 01100111 01100001 01110100 01101111 00001101 00001010 (Robot covers)
  163. 7/1/09: Today is a birthday/We're smoking cigars
  164. 7/4/09: Forever in peace may she wave
  165. 7/5/09: Crystal Blue Prognostication
  166. 7/12/09: That's what you get for waking up with bacon (Pig covers)
  167. 7/14/09: Might as well leap! (Bastille Day Special: Batroc presents Eiffel Tower covers)
  168. 7/19/09: Come let us make bricks and burn them hard
  169. 7/26/09: How many ways can a Robin die? A: Ten. (Death of Robin covers)
  170. 8/2/09: My aim is true
  171. 8/16/09: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
  172. 8/23/09: It's good to be the King (King covers)
  173. 8/30/09: Don't sleep in the subway, darlin' (Subway covers)
  174. 9/13/09: I'm pretty sure this is the last issue of this series
  175. 9/19/09: It is, it is a glorious thing, to be a comic book pirate king! (International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition)
  176. 9/20/09: Carry That Weight (Beatles Abbey Road covers)
  177. 9/27/09: Let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a comic
  178. 10/4/09: It's you, girl, makin' it spin
  179. 10/11/09: What If?...There Were Ten of a Kind Separated at Births? (What then, huh?)
  180. 10/18/09: We will rock you
  181. 10/25/09: Ten Roles for Christopher Lee (Death covers)
  182. 10/31/09: Everyone hail to the pumpkin ten (Pumpkin covers)
  183. 11/1/09: Happy Birthday, Shelly the Little Otter Puppet
  184. 11/8/09: One thing's for sure: love sphinx
  185. 11/15/09: And Ann B. Davis as the Hulk (Brady Bunch grid covers)
  186. 11/22/09: Is he tough? Listen, bull...he's got a bright red Spidey-Signal!
  187. 11/26/09: We gather together to read cheesy comics
  188. 11/29/09: Oh F&#%
  189. 12/6/09: You're a little late/I'm already torn
  190. 12/13/09: Hicks Nix Dix Comix Pix
  191. 12/20/09: I'm just a singer in a comic book band
  192. 12/27/09: All I Want for Christmas is You (And Comic Books)
  193. 1/1/10: Reelin' in the Years
  194. 1/3/10: You're the battiest jailbird I ever did see (Batman in jail covers)
  195. 1/10/10: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by ten separate yet equally important groups.
  196. 1/17/10: I gotta run you see I'm under the gun/And my back is up against the wall
  197. 1/24/10: I'm not done, and I won't be 'til my head falls off
  198. 1/31/10: Ballet with Violence
  199. 2/7/10: The game never ends when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card
  200. 2/14/10: Come on, fly with me! It's party time, y'all: 200 balloons! Let's do it! (200th issue covers)
  201. 2/14/10: In the Shape of a Heart (hearts/Valentine's Day covers)
  202. 2/21/10: One day I'm feeling down on the ground/Then I'm up in the air (marionette covers)
  203. 2/28/10: Widescreen (sideways/widescreen covers)
  204. 3/14/10: Hey, my eyes are up here (staring at the chest covers)
  205. 3/21/10: Pamcakes! (pancake covers 1)
  206. 3/28/10: I've got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul (totem pole covers)
  207. 4/1/10: What a fool believes (April Fool's practical joke covers)
  208. 4/4/10: Ten Simple Rules (Ten Commandments covers)
  209. 4/11/10: No time to stop at all, I've got to jump through the hoops (jumping through hoops covers)
  210. 4/18/10: Harsh Mistress (moon covers)
  211. 5/25/10: It's good to be the King (king covers)
  212. 5/2/10: Stop! Hammer and Sickle Time! (Soviet iconography covers)
  213. 5/9/10: Never meta comic I didn't like (cover addresses the reader covers)
  214. 5/16/10: Kicked in the teeth again / Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win (trapped in teeth covers)
  215. 5/23/10: Again? But that trick never works! (rabbit out of a hat covers)
  216. 5/30/10: G-g-g-ghosts! (ghost covers)
  217. 6/6/10: Crouching Spidey, Hidden M.J. (Spider-Man #1 pastiche covers covers)
  218. 6/13/10: Have you any dreams you'd like to sell (dream covers)
  219. 6/20/10: He's got the whole world in his hands (holding the earth covers)
  220. 6/27/10: She's leaving home, bye bye (X-Men #138 homage covers #2)
  221. 7/4/10: Every color, every thread, every star and stripe (76 flag covers 2010)
  222. 7/11/10: Spidey was a kid, he liked to hang out in the graveyard (Spider-Man in a graveyard covers
  223. 7/14/10: Ten French comics and not one Jerry Lewis (Bastille Day: French covers)
  224. 7/18/10: Though you've grown beyond your years, you still retain the fears of youth (Jean Grey covers)
  225. 7/25/10: Convention Wisdom (San Diego Comic-Con covers 1)
  226. 8/1/10: Comics from before they invented pivoting necks (don't look behind you covers)
  227. 8/8/10: Everybody's learning how (Surfing covers)
  228. 8/15/10: I'm covered in bees! (bee covers)
  229. 8/22: Disorder in the Court (courtroom covers)
  230. 8/29/10: Bear Attack! (bear attack covers #1)
  231. 9/5/10: Foreign types with their hookah pipes sing (mummy covers)
  232. 9/12/10: I'll come driving fast as wheels can turn (jalopy covers)
  233. 9/19/10: (International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition) There is more treasure in comic books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island (pirate covers)
  234. 9/26/10: Farewell typewriter now you've gone away (typewriter covers)
  235. 10/3/10: Milk does a comic good (milk covers)
  236. 10/10/10: Buttocks Reduttox ("look at my butt" covers #2)
  237. 10/10/10: I get my kicks above the wasteline, sunshine (chess covers #2)
  238. 10/10/10: Chickens II: The Chickening (chicken covers #2)
  239. 10/10/10: Ten of Harvey Dent's Favorite Comic Books (two-faced covers #2)
  240. 10/10/10: Ever Reddy (red covers #2)
  241. 10/10/10: Life as a clone, life as a clone / You'll understand us, don't reprimand us, don't whine and groan (multiple duplicate characters covers #2)
  242. 10/10/10: Empire State of Comics (Empire State Building covers #2)
  243. 10/10/10: A Good Head Off Your Shoulders (decapitated head covers #2)
  244. 10/10/10: Livin' up against the wall has got us locked up (police line-up covers #2)
  245. 10/10/10: Ten to the power of infinity (infinity covers #2)
  246. 10/17/10: Bully for me, chilly for you (fame covers)
  247. 10/24/10: Get us out from under (Wonder Woman covers)
  248. 10/31/10: She's tryin' to make a devil out of me (witch covers)
  249. 11/7/10: Shine like the top of the Chrysler Building (Chrysler Building covers)
  250. 11/14/10: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun (hamburger covers)
  251. 11/21/10: I want you to want me (Uncle Sam "I Want You" covers)
  252. 11/25/10: We gather together to parody Rockwell (Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" covers)
  253. 12/5/10: Will you please stop shouting 'Shazam!'? (The Dark Knight Returns #1 parody covers)
  254. 12/12/10: And in selected comics in 2-D (3-D comic book covers)
  255. 12/19/10: Let me shoot a seven with every shot (Las Vegas covers)
  256. 1/1/11: Happy Hogmanay (New Year's covers)
  257. 1/9/11: It's Funeralin' Time (Fantastic Four death covers)
  258. 1/16/11: Triple-Stacked (three-tiered covers)
  259. 1/23/11: Fables (fairy tale covers)
  260. 1/30/11: We don't have to take our clothes off / To have a good time (naked covers)
  261. 2/6/11: It's a big pretty white plane with a red stripes, curtains at the windows, wheels, and it just looks like a big Tylenol. (airplane covers)
  262. 2/13/11: Donald Duck vs. Water (Donald Duck vs. water covers)
  263. 2/14/11: You light my morning sky with burning love (Valentine's Day/heroes in love covers)
  264. 2/27/11: The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (movie poster covers)
  265. 3/6/11: From the wastepaper basket of Howard Roark (blueprint covers)
  266. 3/13/11: Special London Edition: When You Hear Big Ben (You're Home Again) (Big Ben covers)
  267. 3/27/11: A good comic wasted (golf covers)
  268. 4/3/11: Do It Yourself (DIY covers covers)
  269. 4/10/11: Now This is the Tale of Our Castaways (desert island covers)
  270. 4/17/11: Feared by the bad, loved by the good (Robin Hood covers)
  271. 4/23/11: There's yet one good in ten (Shakespeare covers)
  272. 4/29/11: It's a nice day for a Royal Wedding (royal wedding covers)
  273. 5/1/11: Moscow girls make me sing and shout (Moscow covers)
  274. 5/8/11: The first rule of gun safety: never point your firearm directly at the comic book reader (Guns pointed at reader covers)
  275. 5/15/11: It seems the artichoke is steamed (Oz covers)
  276. 5/22/11: Don't they know it's the end of the world 'coz you don't love me any more? (Apocalypse/Rapture covers)
  277. 5/25/11: Now We Are Six (Six covers)
  278. 5/29/11: Nobody puts Jimmy Olsen in the corner (Boxed into a corner covers)
  279. 6/5/11: I'm drawing a blank (Blank covers)
  280. 6/12/11: Steranko! (Jim Steranko covers)
  281. 6/19/11: Expect More, Shoot Less (Multiple targets covers)
  282. 6/26/11: Wouldn't it be sweet, if I could laugh you to sleep, five nights a week? (Talk show covers)
  283. 7/3/11: When Johnny (and Bugs and Hulk and Archie and Curly) come marching home again (Fife and drum marching covers)
  284. 7/4/11: I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag (76 flag covers 2011)
  285. 7/10/11: Baby mine, don't you cry (Baby covers)
  286. 7/17/11: Negative space (Negative space cover)
  287. 7/24/11: Me mind on fire, me soul on fire, feeling hot hot hot (Heat covers)
  288. 7/31: That is the Question (Question mark guys covers)
  289. 8/7/11: We Love Lucy Too (Lucille Ball covers, on her 100th birthday)
  290. 8/14/11: What fun is it being "cool" if you can't wear a sombrero? (Sombrero covers)
  291. 8/21/11: Wolverine on a motorcycle (Wolverine on a motorcycle covers)
  292. 8/23/11: You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain (Earthquake covers on the day of the 8/23/11 earthquake)
  293. 8/27: Here comes the story of the Hurricane (Hurricane covers on the day of Hurricane Irene)
  294. 9/24/11: Just a man with a man's courage (Flash #123 homage covers)
  295. 9/11/11: With Liberty and Justice for all (Captain America covers)
  296. 9/18/11: You and your homies might be lined in chalk (Chalk outline covers)
  297. 9/19/11: International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition 2011: Oooga shaka oooga oooga (Captain Hook covers)
  298. 9/25/11: Mjolnir swing like a pendulum do (Mjolnir covers)
  299. 10/2/11: Bells starting rings and chains rattled loud (Haunted house covers)
  300. 10/9/11: 300 of a Kind: It's Tricentennialin' Time! (300 Ben Grimm covers)
  301. 10/9/11: They did the superhero mash / It's a graveyard smash (Superhero Halloween covers)
  302. 10/22/11: Ant-ie Maim (giant ant covers)
  303. 10/23/11: We are, we are, we are witch! We are, we are...witch! (witch covers)
  304. 10/30/11: Halloween drives me bats (Batman Halloween covers)
  305. 11/6/11: Occupy Metropolis (protest covers)
  306. 11/11/11: Eleven of a Kind: This One Goes Up to Eleven (covers of series cancelled at issue #11)
  307. 11/13/11: Sane, paululum linguae latinae dico (covers of Romans)
  308. 11/20/11: Fifteen Minutes (Andy Warhol montage covers)
  309. 11/24/11: Jive Turkeys (Thanksgiving turkey covers)
  310. 11/25/11: The Wild, Weird Weddings of Miss Lois Lane (Lois Lane wedding covers)
  311. 01/01/12: Ten Characters Who Have Zero Chance of Ever Being Featured in "365 Days with..." (Characters I'll never feature... covers)
  312. 01/08/12: A little less conversation, a little more Action Comics (Elvis Presley covers)
  313. 01/15/12: Straight Outta Vitruvia (Michelangelo's Vitruvian Man covers)
  314. 01/22/12: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Crucifixion covers)
  315. 01/29/12: Meanwhile, at the Robot Chicken Casting Call... (action figure covers)
  316. 02/05/12: Are you experienced? ('Welcome to the X-Men, hope you survive the experience!' covers)
  317. 02/20/12: Wolverine, did you cut down this cherry tree? (George Washington covers)
  318. 02/26/12: Your name in lights (movie marquee covers)
  319. 03/11/12: Rest in Peace, Moebius (1938-2012) (Moebius covers)
  320. 03/18/12: Everything's Groovy (psychedelic covers)
  321. 03/25/12: A Modest Ultimatum (buy this book or we shoot this...covers)
  322. 04/01/12: Sisterhood of the Improbable Pants (sexy pants covers)
  323. 04/08/12: How'd You Like to Spend Easter on Easter Island? (Easter Island statue covers)
  324. 04/14/12: That Sinking Feeling (Titanic covers)
  325. 04/22/12: Earths Day (multiple Earths covers)
  326. 04/29/12: Objects in Mirror May Be More Comic-Booky Than They Appear (rear view mirror covers)
  327. 05/06/12: My Ten Favorite Avengers Covers, Assemble! (Avengers covers)
  328. 05/13/12: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Martha Clark Kent (Ma Kent covers)
  329. 05/20/12: Now is the hour of quitting / Twilight paints the town ("I quit" covers)
  330. 05/25/12: Seven the Fun Way ("Seven" covers)
  331. 06/03/12: She keeps Moët et Chandon in a pretty cabinet (queen covers)
  332. 06/10/12: I'm in a phone booth, baby / 
With the cold wind right outside (phone booth covers)
  333. 06/17/12: From the Button-Down Mind of Jonathan Kent (Pa Kent covers)
  334. 06/24/12: The Justice League Gets Married (Justice League wedding covers)
  335. 07/01/12: Now We Are Still Six (cake wrecks covers)
  336. 07/04/12: 76 of a Kind: Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue (76 flag covers 2012)
  337. 07/08/12: Upside down you're turning me (Escher covers)
  338. 07/15/12: The Situation Is Not Improving (Oh F&#% covers)
  339. 07/22/12: Scale Models (scales of justice covers)
  340. 07/29/12: The Official Ten of a Kind of the 2012 Olympics, Part 1 (Olympics covers)
  341. 08/05/12: The Official Ten of a Kind of the 2012 Olympics, Part 2 (Olympics covers)
  342. 08/26/12: No Ordinary Joe (Joe Kubert covers)
  343. 08/27/12: Unseen Movie Adaptations (movie adaptation covers)
  344. 08/27/12: Magic Kingdom (Disneyland covers)
  345. 09/02/12: Pic-a-nic Baskets (picnic covers)
  346. 09/09/12: Strange love a star woman teaches (Star Trek covers)
  347. 09/19/12: International Talk Like a Pirate Day: And I won’t need a pilot / Got a pirate who might sail (pirate covers)
  348. 09/23/12: Ten Recent Graduates of the Charlie Sheen School of Anger Management (anger management covers)
  349. 09/30/12: All-Canadian Comics, with No Wolverine! (Canada covers)
  350. 10/07/12: These Are a Few of My Favorite Man-Things (Man-Thing covers)
  351. 10/14/12: The Devil You Say (Satan covers)
  352. 10/21/12: You've got to feel it in your bones (skeleton covers)
  353. 10/30/12: Happy Sfptzjin' Halloween (Sugar and Spike Halloween covers)
  354. 11/11/12: He ain't heavy, he's my hero (carrying a hero covers)
  355. 11/22/12: Cold turkey has got me on the run (turkey covers)
  356. 01/13/13: (breaking up covers)
  357. 01/20/13: 1,001 10 Arabian Nights (Arabian Nights covers)
  358. 01/27/13: It all ends up as stuff that you can buy on eBay (auction covers)
  359. 02/10/13: The Twelve Comics of Hercules (Hercules covers)
  360. 02/17/13: You don't have to put on the red light (red covers)
  361. 02/24/13: He reminds me of my Uncle Oscar (2013 Oscars covers)
  362. 03/17/13: I couldn't find ten covers with Shamrock on them, so... (Banshee covers)
  363. 04/07/13: Up on the rooftop villains hit their nadir / Out jumps the good old Caped Crusader (Batman on the rooftop pastiche covers)
  364. 04/21/13: Going to a Go-Go (go-go checks covers)
  365. 04/28/13: Do do that voodoo that you do so well (voodoo doll covers)
  366. 05/14/13: I don't know much about art, but I nouveau what I like (art nouveau covers)
  367. 05/19/13: Hail, hail, the gang's all here (cast of characters covers)
  368. 05/25/13: I'll teach you all this in eight easy years ("Eight" covers)
  369. 06/09/13: Hangin' Out in the 3-1-3 (3-1-3 panel covers)
  370. 06/16/13: Mental Organism Designed Only for Komics (M.O.D.O.K. covers)
  371. 06/23/13: Everybody Hates Superboy (Superboy is hated covers)
  372. 07/04/13: 76 of a Kind: I'm a free born bull of the USA (76 flag covers 2013)
  373. 07/21/13: All the old paintings on the tomb / They do the sand dance, don'cha know? (Cleopatra covers)
  374. 08/25/13: I don't know where I'm a-gonna go / When the volcano blow (volcano covers)
  375. 09/01/13: Dr. Doom and the Bikini Machine (beach party covers)
  376. 09/22/13: Game Night (board game covers)
  377. 10/06/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: It's ALIIIIVE! (Frankenstein covers)
  378. 10/13/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: This list sucks (Dracula covers)
  379. 10/27/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: His hair was perfect (werewolf covers)
  380. 10/28/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: Mummy Dearest (mummy covers)
  381. 11/03/13: Federal Eggspress (egg covers)
  382. 11/30/13: No Leftovers (Thanksgiving 2013 covers)
  383. 12/15/13: Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket (riding on a rocket covers #2)
  384. 12/22/13: Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb (bomb covers)
  385. 12/28/13: Happy Birthday, Mr. The Man! (Stan Lee covers)
  386. 01/05/14: A Study in Four Colors (Sherlock Holmes covers #2)
  387. 03/09/14: Two Bits (barbershop/hair-cutting covers)
  388. 03/30/14: Good night, hawks (Edward Hopper's Nighthawks covers)
  389. 06/29/14: How Many Tickles Does It Take to Make an Octopus Giggle? (octopus covers)
  390. 07/04/14: 76 of a Kind: Ev'ry time that flag's unfurled / They're coming to America (76 flag covers 2014)
  391. 07/13/14: Bear Attack! (bear attack covers #2)
  392. 07/27/14: Gwen of a Kind (Gwen Stacy covers)
  393. 08/17/14: I'm Not Dead Yet (coming-out-of-the-grave covers)
  394. 08/31/14: It wasn't a rock (lobster covers)
  395. 09/14/14: Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking, paper doll (paper doll covers)
  396. 09/21/14: Cross-Eyed Modesty Blaise (cross-eyed Modesty Blaise covers)
  397. 10/05/14: Please Don't Sue Us (copied properties covers)
  398. 11/02/14: Happy Birthday, Steve Ditko! (Steve Ditko-pencilled covers)
  399. 01/04/15: Pocket Books (kangaroo covers)
  400. 01/11/15: Ovaryaction (Vanity Fair pregnancy pastiche covers)
  401. 02/01/15: Enjoy the big game (football covers #2)
  402. 04/12/15: Darlin', it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me (underwater covers)
  403. 05/03/15: What can we say? It was the nineties (1990s covers)
  404. 07/04/15: 76 of a Kind: Wavin' Flag (76 flag covers 2015)
  405. 07/12/15: This is the most Comic-Con coverage you're gonna get here, so enjoy (San Diego Comic-Con covers 2)
  406. 07/26/15: Love Is a Battlefield (human tug-of-war covers)
  407. 08/23/15: Hot Fun in the Summertime (summer fun covers)
  408. 10/11/15: In Norway, "Lillemor" means "You're gonna die, kids." (child-endangering Lillemor covers)
  409. 12/20/15: Bah humbug (anti-Christmas covers)
  410. 01/24/16: I am the Blizzard King! (snowstorm covers 2)
  411. 04/24/16: I'm here and you guys suck ("Step aside, heroes!" covers)
  412. 05/01/16: He better call Becky with the good hair (lemonade covers)
  413. 05/08/16: I've got one hand punching Luthor / And the other one flashing a peace sign (peace sign covers)
  414. 05/15/16: The New Amazon Bindle (hobo covers)
  415. 07/04/16: 76 of a Kind: Your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth (flag covers 2016)
  416. 07/24/16: It's taste better (toast covers)
  417. 07/31/16: A stack of ten pancakes (pancake covers 2)
  418. 11/20/16: Army of Me II: Electric Boogaloo (multiple identical characters covers 2)
  419. 11/27/16: I've Been Framed (framed covers)
  420. 12/18/16: If you sit on my lap today / A kiss a toy is the price you'll pay / Then the cops will take me away (sitting on Santa's lap covers)
  421. 02/22/17: This is fine. (punching Nazis covers)
  422. 02/05/17: I Want You (She's So Heavy) ("I Want You!" covers)
  423. 03/12/17: The Oval Office (Superman #1 parody covers)
  424. 05/21/17: GRAB THE GLOBE! (holding the earth covers 2)
  425. 04/02/18: What Do You Know About My Image Duplicator? (Roy Lichtenstein parody covers)
  426. 01/12/20: You Knocked My Block Off! (heads falling off covers 3)
  427. 02/27/22: Face It Ten Tigers February ("Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" covers)
  428. 05/26/22: Welcome the Rolling Stones (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band covers)
  429. 03/01/2023: In like a lion... (lion covers)
  430. 03/31/2023: ...Out like a lamb (lamb covers)
  431. 07/14/2023: Look for the Union label (on strike covers)

Index Sticky: Ben Grimm Totally Rocks!

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Why does Ben Grimm totally rock? Lotsa reasons, true believer:

#1-3: His amazing fashion sense, way with the ladies, and vocabulary.
#4: He's a comic book collector.
#5: He compresses much information into a single source.
#6: He provides the reason why this site is #1 on Google's search for the term "how to hang draperies."
#7: He watches cheesy movies; the worst he can find.
#8: Bonk!
#9: He's the original man of action.
#10: Ya can't beat him, but ya can lick him.
#11: He can speak fluent logo.
#12: He respects and celebrates the military.
#12½: Doctor Doom attempts to find a reason
#13: He's a gourmet of the highest degree.
#14: He don't take no guff, not even from Stretcho.
#15: When he fights with himself, he really fights with himself.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Comics Oughta Be Fun!

Comics Oughta Be Fun!

Hi hi hi! I'm Bully, the little stuffed bull! How are you? I am fine. You know something? I like comic books! And here's what I believe about comic books:

Comics Oughta Be FUN!

More Fun Comics #106 That goes without saying, doesn't it? But it's not always the case!

Every week, usually on Wednesday at lunchtime, John goes to one of the very very excellent comic book stores in Manhattan (Midtown Comics, Jim Hanley's Universe, or Forbidden Planet) and buys himself a big sack o' comic books. He likes a lot of different times of comics: superheroes and independent comics are most of what he buys. John reads 'em first and then lets me read the ones that are appropriate for me. I get to read most of the superhero comics and SOME of the independent comics, but not all of them, because y'know, I am just a LITTLE stuffed bull! (For 'xample, I hardly never get to see most of the Fantagraphics comics that Mister Gary and Mister Kim put out!)

One thing I noticed is that the comics I like best are fun. That doesn't mean that they're funny (tho' they can be) or all have happy endings or are all written 'specially for kids (or even little stuffed bulls), but just that they are fun to read and when you turn the last page you can't wait to get next month's issue! John once described this as a comic that has a "sense of awe and wonder" and I guess that is as good a way as any to describe it. But I would describe it this way: COMICS OUGHTA BE FUN!

Horrible things can happen or story lines can be kind of dark and dangerous and a comic can still be fun. But a lot of the writers nowadays tend to just shovel on the dark 'n' gritty stuff until you can't hardly seen none of the fun of the characters and story underneath. Like this: what happened to Missus Elongated Man wasn't fun. What Mister J.M. Stravinsky said happened to Miss Gwen Stacy wasn't fun. But what happened to Wolverine when he was brainwashed and became a temp'rary bad guy was kinda fun (even if what happened to Northstar wasn't). Reed Richards taking over Latveria was fun. Runaways is about kids...well, running away. An' it's still fun. Blue Beetle in "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" is fun. Blue Beetle in Countdown to Infinite Crisis is NOT fun.

In the end, tho', it's just a little stuffed bull's opinion of which comics he likes. So join me, woncha, to celebrate comics old and new, have a few laffs, and if you're not careful, you may learn something. But most of all, always remember: COMICS OUGHTA BE FUN!