Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Amazing Spider-Man #520 and other comics of the week!

Here's some of the comics I got to read this week:

ASM #520THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #520: This comic is fun. I think Mister J. Michael Stravoosky is a pretty fun writer. John lets me watch his Babylon 5 DVDs and I wouldn't say this to John 'coz he might get upset, but it really was a better show than Star Trek, wasn't it? I have liked a lot of Mister JMS's comics. I'm certainly not allowed to read Supreme Power 'coz I'm jus' a little stuffed bull. I liked almost all his early Spider-Man stories ('specially the Ezekial Spider-God stuff and that Aunt May found out Peter was Spider-Man and I most of all liked that he brought Mary Jane and Peter back together). I haven't been really excited about Mister JMS's Spider-Man stories for about the past year (I really didn't like "Skin Deep", and I certainly really, really, really didn't like "Sins Past"). But the past couple issues of AMS have started a new storyline where Peter, Mary Jane and Aunt May have moved into Avengers Tower, and as they say on promos for the WB, "and that's where the fun begins!" It really is just kinda Mister JMS writing New Avengers but I don't mind that. There's a quartet of bad-guy Avenger-look-alikes that the New Avengers face off against, and I'm always a big sucker for bad-guy versions of heroes, but what I'm most enjoying about this story is some of the same stuff that I liked about early JMS Spidey: what he does with the s'pporting characters, especially Aunt May. I like Wolverine a lot, but he can be kinda jerky sometime*, so guess what my favorite part of this comic is? Somebody makes Wolverine back down without getting skewered! It was great! That's why AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #520 gets my award for the most fun comic of the week.

*(I would not want to be Wolverine's friend. That would be too much hard work).

JLA #114JLA #114: This comic is not fun. I like Mister Kurt Busiek's comic book stories a lot 'coz nobody knows more about comics than him. But this was the final issue of a storyline I didn't really enjoy as much as I thought I would! There's a kinda neat switcharoo to fool the bad guys in here (John said it was a "cliché", but I liked it) and there's lots of action, but that's about it. It's one of those stories where there's so many characters (every member of the JLA, every member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, plus some assorted aliens) so while everybody is in the comic, nobody really stands out or is featured. And Superman is so angry in this. I don't like Superman when he's angry.

Hulk #81THE INCREDIBLE HULK #81: This comic is not fun. Speaking of angry's the new Hulk comic! Ha! But I kid. It's weird, y'know, 'coz Peter David is usually one of my favorite comic book writers. And he's actually usually writes some of the most fun stories! But this comic is kinda psychological and confusing and I don't know what takes place inside the Hulk's big green head and what doesn't. I also didn't like that the villain is using September 11 as a plot device for his evil plan. Maybe it's because this is the last issue of a storyline as well, but I really didn't find this fun. (Nice cover, tho'. John said the cover was "Molly Hatchet" but I don't see anybody named that in this comic book. That would be a great name for a Daredevil villain tho', wouldn't it?)

FF #527FANTASTIC FOUR #527: This comic is fun. here's Mister J. Michael Stravadarius again, starting his run on Fantastic Four I really, really liked the Mark Waid FF over the past few years so I was thinking maybe I wouldn't like the new writer. But so far, so good! I will definitely want to keep reading this book if they are all like this. There's some plot about Reed Richards being blackmailed by Nick Fury into creating more cosmic-storm radiated heroes, but the fun part is watching the Thing get all excited over his bank account! (It sounds boring, but it isn't!). The best line of the entire book: "Why would the Fantastic Four send me a satellite photo of the Grand Canyon?" Bwah-ha-ha-ha! By the way, (or as we say on the internet, "BTW"), this one mighta gotten the award for most fun comic of the week but I knocked off some points 'coz it came with two diff'rint covers. Multiple alternate covers aren't fun, Marvel! 'Nuff said!