Saturday, April 04, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 94: Been so long, I can't remember when I've been to Kanan

Variant cover of Star Wars: Kanan, The Last Padawan #1 (June 2015), art by Skottie Young

Friday, April 03, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 93: Tank pulls a Sharon Valerii

Panels from Star Wars: Rebellion #4 (July 2006), script by Rob Williams, pencils and inks by Brandon Badeaux, colors by Wil Glass, letters by Michael Heisler

(Context for that post title):

from Battlestar Galactica: "Kobol's Last Gleaming" (January 24, 2005), written by Ronald D. Moore, directed by Michael Rymer

Thursday, April 02, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 92: When a TIE fighter comes along / You must punch it

Panels from Star Wars (Marvel 1977 series) #38 (August 1980), co-plot and script by Archie Goodwin; co-plot, pencils, and colors by Michael Golden; inks by Terry Austin; letters by Joe Rosen

Today in Comics History, April 2, 2011: The New York Times forgets that columns exist

from Translucid #3 (Boom!, June 2014), script by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert, pencils and inks by Daniel Bayliss, colors by Adam Metcalfe, letters by Ed Dukeshire

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Stuff Bully Got Wants: Captain America: The Patriot of Punch!


Today in Comics History, April 1, 2001: The Joker's elegant handwriting charms his captors

text page from Joker: Last Laugh Secret Files #1 one-shot (DC, December 2001), script by Scott Beatty

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 91: That actually explains quite a bit

"Nobody's Perfect" from Star Wars Tales #20 (June 2004); script, pencils, inks, colors and letters by Peter Bagge

The 1987 2015 Marvel Age Calendar for Awesome April!

April 1987 calendar from the back cover of Marvel Age #52 (July 1987),
script by Mike Carlin, pencils and inks by Ron Zalme, colors by Paul Becton

(Click picture to Abundant-April-Size!)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Comics News for March 31, 2015

Yogi Bear invokes non-nudity clause; Dr. Druid has no time for soft drinks; Flash Fact bores even nerds.
Top: from "Savage Animal Fury!" in Cartoon Network Presents #4 (November 1997), script by Michael Kupperman,
pencils and inks by Bill Alger, colors by Dave Tanguay, letters by Phil Felix
Middle: from "Rosie and Red Russia!" in Incredible Hulk (1968 series) #210 (April 1977), script by Len Wein,
breakdowns by Sal Buscema, finishes by Ernie Chan, colors by Glynis Wein, letters by John Costanza
Bottom: from "Amazing Ratios" in Strange Adventures #60 (September 1955), script by Julius Schwartz, artist uncredited

Today in Comics History, March 31, 1970: Ken finally gets Barbie that Dream House she's always wanted

from Star Trek (2011 series) #33 (IDW, May 2014); script by Mike Johnson; pencils by Joe Corroney; inks by Joe Corroney, Victor Moya, and Rob Doan; colors by John Rauch,; letters by Neil Uyetake

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 90: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Panel from Star Wars: Purge: The Hidden Blade one-shot (April 2010); script by Haden Blackman; painted art by Chris Scalf

Monday, March 30, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 89: Are you ready for your Muppety date?

Panels from Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #9 (July 1996), story by Michael A. Stackpole, script by Jan Strnad, pencils by John Nadeau, inks by Jordi Ensign, colors by Perry McNamee, letters by Vickie Williams

Sunday, March 29, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 88: Threepio continues to spread despair and destruction across the universe

Panels from Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead #1 (October 2001), script by Kevin Rubio, pencils by Lucas Marangon, inks by Howard Shum, colors by Michelle Madsen, letters by Steve Dutro