Monday, April 24, 2006

The greatest Spider-Man story ever told

It's linkblogging day here at Team Bull, so click here to read the greatest Spider-Man story ever told, in which the wonderfully fun bloggist Mimi Smartypants plays Spider-Man with her toddler daughter. Guest-starring the Hulk!

Somewhere, J. Michael Straczynski is very jealous.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The uncertain glory of an April day

(The logo posts will continue in the next couple days. Sorry for the delay, Bully-fans!)

Not specifically comic book related, but I just gotta give a shout out and a happy birthday to the man who made it possible for Stan Lee to write Thor's dialogue: Happy 442nd Birthday, Mister Shakespeare!

And now, in honor of the occasion, a dramatic reading from one of my favorite sections out of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Ahem!:
HOST: Mock-water, in our English tongue, is valour, bully.
DOCTOR CAIUS: By gar, den, I have as mush mock-vater as de
Englishman. Scurvy jack-dog priest! by gar, me
vill cut his ears.
HOST: He will clapper-claw thee tightly, bully.
DOCTOR CAIUS: Clapper-de-claw! vat is dat?
HOST: That is, he will make thee amends.
DOCTOR CAIUS: By gar, me do look he shall clapper-de-claw me;
for, by gar, me vill have it.
HOST: And I will provoke him to't, or let him wag.
DOCTOR CAIUS: Me tank you for dat.
HOST: And, moreover, bully.
So nice of him to mention me!