Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Comics at Housing Works: A Work in Progress in the Comics Cave!

Take a behind-the-scenes look at my progress sorting and pricing comic books to put on sale for you at Housing Works Bookstore and Café!

At last, I'm making good progress in the Comics Cave! All small unsorted boxes are out of the way and the DC and indie A-Z boxes have been sorted and compressed to save space! Look, you can actually walk down the aisle!

What remains to be done: process and price the comics in this mountain (neat as it is) in this next photo. It's fulla recent Marvels waiting to be put into sets (5 longboxes) plus lotta a shortboxes of Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, and Dynamite comics to be put into price-busting packs!

Come in later this week to find some'a these and many more comics on sale at Housing Works Bookstore and Café!