Thursday, November 14, 2019

Real Life Stuff

Bully steps aside today to let Pal John rant about the trouble he had getting vital medication. Take it away, John!:

I realize I'm the one who's always telling you don't forget to take your meds...but...

Three weeks ago on a Monday I called my doctor's office to request two meds get refilled. By Friday I realized nothing had been filled so I called them again to ask them to refill them. ...

...they got back to me and told me the two meds had been filled.

I was out of town all that week and when I got home I discovered the Rx had never been sent to the Pharmacy.

I called again this past Monday to tell them to refill the meds immediately.

... They told me they'd send it into the pharmacy that day.

Thursday comes and it still hasn't been sent into the pharmacy. So I've just realized been off these meds for two weeks and I've been feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and disoriented the last several days...

...I was really upset and angry, and feeling sick.

I called them first thing that day and decided that if I can't talk to a real person, I'm going to the medical office in person and demand they refill them immediately, and I wouldn't leave until i get a text from the pharmacy...

... I never have had to bug them like this in the past, but this had got me really angry. I'm genuinely certain I've screwed up my thyroid count because of this.

Anyway, take your meds and don't let them make continuous empty promises without following up.

(LATER) Turned out they sent it to a pharmacy I've never dealt with and doesn't have my info on record. Nice job!

So I went into the doctor's office this morning and told them I need the Rx put in again today.

They promised they would, I headed home, no word from my pharmacy. I called the doctor's office back at 3 pm: they hadn't put it in yet. Told them that I needed it sent in TODAY, end of business day. Which,at that point, was in half an hour.

So, just now: went to the pharmacy. They have the prescription but they wouldn't fill it because it was sent to a different pharmacy -- you know, that ONE I HAVE NEVER USED.

Which I walked to and FINALLY GOT MY PILLS.

Now imagine if I hadn't had insurance or English was my second language.