Monday, November 01, 2021

Wild About the Calendar: November: Beware of the...Robot Holocaust!

from "Wild's 1954 Calendar: November" in Wild #5 (Marvel/Atlas, August 1954); script, pencils, and inks by Howie Post

The 1993 2021 Marvel Age Calendar for November: Invite your Xs for Thanksgiving

Need a calendar for November 2021? But they're all gone from the stores? Then clip 'n' save this 1993 Marvel Age calendar! It works in 2021, too! But caveat emptor: don't let Phoenix overcook your turkey!

from Marvel Age #131 (December 1993), pencils by Darren Auck, inks by Michael Kraiger
(Click picture to planetary genocide-size)

Or you may prefer this full color portrait of Wolverine from the Marvel 2010 calendar (which also works in 2021!) lurkin' over your workplace for the next thirty days! Give him a beer, for Pete's sake.

from Marvel 2010 Calendar (Marvel, 2009)
(Click picture to case of Molson-size)