Saturday, June 07, 2008

Separated at Birth: Spotlight on Batman

Batman #9 & All Star Batman #9
L: Batman #9 (February-March 1942), art by Jack Burnley
R: All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #9 (April 2008), art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair
(Click picture to Bat-signal-size)

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist: "Bully"

Excerpt from Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, episode #103, "Bully" (1995), starring Jonathan Katz and H. Jon Benjamin

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Taking a post-BEA rest. A long one. How long? "See you this weekend" long.


Time to sleep

Monday, June 02, 2008


I have the best friends. What brings that declaration on, you might ask? Well, A) the fact that I have the best friends, and B) being able to meet one today, the delightful and talented JustJenn, who has craft and cookery skills beyond most of us regular mortals, especially those of us who are only allowed to use the Easy-Bake oven.

Jenn and pal Jodi stopped by the Norton booth at BEA this morning, absolutely making my day with finally getting to meet folks I previously only knew over the internet. Real life: it's even better, because Jenn brought me cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes, but

Miss JustJenn made me BULLY CUPCAKES! I nearly plotzed.


(Check out Jenn's blog here to see the making of the cupcakes, and don't miss her recipe links at the bottom to learn how to make the cupcakes, icing, and fondant Bullys! You'll be the hit at your next party!)

Jenn also brought me a couple of her wonderful, beautifully-designed and gorgeously-illustrated comics, based on the true adventures of her delightful kids and grandmother.

Cupcakes AND comics! These are a few of my favorite things.

You can buy these, plus Jenn's lovely stationery and gift items, at her online shop. Tell her that little stuffed bull sent ya!

They smell dee-licious!

Thanks for stopping by, Jenn and Jodi! Thank you so much for the cupcakes too! Folks, I shrieked in delight like a little girl when I saw them, and from a little stuffed bull, that's a pretty high compliment. Thanks for making this a sensational BEA, and I hope to see you again at San Diego Comic Con!

And now...nom nom nom nom nom.

BEA Day 3: Packin' up (yes, I'm packin' up)

BEA 2008 logoOw, my achin' hooes. My dogs are barking, and I don't even have dogs! That said, I wouldn't mind a dog of my very own. I would take him for walks every day and brush him and...oh, hello! Sorry, I went off on a little reverie there. (Sniff.) Anyway, that sigh of relief you hear from me (and echoed by a bajillion booksellers exiting the LA Convention Center) means that BEA is over for one more year. So pack up the boxes, give away the books, shove the ungiven-away posters in the trash and call it a day: it's la fin de BookExpo.

From my wanders this afternoon, let's take a quick look at what passes for typography at the show: yes, it's a publisher using the evil Comic Sans to promote a quiz book:

Evil Comic Sans test

Aw, don't panic. I'm sure we won't be seeing that font again today.

Sundays at BEA are a time for mopping up: last appointments of the show, a chance to socialize with friends in the industry, to grab, beg, borrow or steal those final galleys, and by noon prick up your ears and listen: rippppppp—it's the sound of the first tape gun revving, which means the pack-up has begun. I did a few afternoon wanders through the floor (not solely for the purpose of passing by the DC Comics booth to check out what their hourly giveaway was), and I noticed HarperCollins wins this year's prize for being packed up and ready to go well before 12:30 PM. We in the book industry salute your chutzpah and sheer go-gettedness, HarperCollins, and wish you a happy relaxing evening around your favorite bar.

And even though the show is about to close, you never know what treats you might find on the floor. For me, it was that Ian Rankin mystery novel I oohed and ahheh over the other day, stacked up as a free galley on the carpeted floor of the Little, Brown booth. Thanks, guys at Little, Brown! I'll be sure to read this on the plane, if I don't fall asleep or get too tied up watching the in-flight movie.

Hooray! I got a copy of the new Ian Rankin galley.

So, BEA is all over bar the shouting:

BEA: all over but the shouting. AIEEEEEEEEE! Okay, now it's over.


Okay, now it's over.

Back to the hotel for a relaxing hot soak in the tub (it does wonders for blistered tootsies), and then one last lovely dinner out, this time with my good friend, the delightful Miss Soo Jin, who I have missed a lot since she moved to San Francisco. (Good news: Soo Jin is moving back to New York. Hoorah!) He's me and Soo Jin:

Me and Soo Jin

I took her out to dinner at the fabulous Curry House in Little Tokyo (mere steps from the hotel), where I ate the other day (and loved it!). I had a steaming and savory bowl of miso soup for starters:

Miso soup

And for my entrée, a spicy beef curry:

Hamburger curry at Curry House

...while Soo Jin had some delicious spaghetti:

Soo Jin's dinner

After dinner we wandered for a wee bit through Little Tokyo, visiting a tea shop with a unique way to get rid of slow-moving store items:

Expired items, but are still fine!!

Soo Jin introduced me to the delicious treat known as mochi:

Musing over Mochi
Colorful mochis

I'd never had mochi before. It was delicious as it is beautiful!

We saw a shop with quite possibly the best name in the universe: "Nostalgic Galley of Fame and Beyond":

Nostalgic Galley of Fame and Beyond

Sadly it was closed and I was not be able to purchase any fame. Or beyond.

The perfect ending to a nice night is cold and sweet, so we hustled into Pinkberry...


...where I had some gob-smackingly delicious green tea ice cream topped with kiwi fruit. NOM NOM NOM, as the kids cats say.

Pinkberry green tea ice cream with kiwis

Even though there's several in Manhattan, I've never been in a Pinkberry before, but that's going to change when I head back to New York. Komapsumnida, Soo Jin, for introducing me to Pinkberry!

And so, as the day ends...

Comic Sans Shop

AIEEEEE! Comic Sans store!

See you next year at the 2009 BookExpo, folks. I'll be the little fuzzy one.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Morning Cartoon, BEA Special Edition: Book Revue

"Book Revue" (1946), directed by Bob Clampett
See also: "Have You Got Any Castles"

Cartoon suggested by the ever-lovely and much-missed (see you tomorrow night!) Lucy-Anne