Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The two best things about Power Girl.

Hi hi hi everybody! How are you? I am fine. 'Coz it's new comics day, hooray! Here's some of the comics I got to read this week:

Simpsons #108SIMPSONS COMICS #108: This comic is fun. This is what you call a comic book that's "ripped from today's headlines!" (Not really. I don't like my comic books ripped.) Homer gets framed by Mr. Burns for nuclear terrorism and sent to prison! Sounds like a laff riot, doesn't it? And guess who his cellmate is? None other than Sideshow Bob! That's where the fun begins! This isn't the funniest Simpsons Comics issue ever, but this title is still month after month the most consistently fun comic on the stands! And that counts for a lot to me, even if every single issue isn't a five-star extravaganza.

Hulk #84HULK #84: This comic is not fun. What's going on? I'm so confused! Suddenly the Hulk is in Australia and he's fighting Nazis?!? How did that happen? Then, at the end of the issue, the Hulk is ruling Australia. Did I miss an issue? What's going on? What's happening? I don't get this at all? And what's this "House of M" banner on the cover? What does that mean? As you can see, I was too confused with this issue to find it fun. Only thing I found fun was that the Hulk was bald in this issue. Now that's fun!

MK Spider-Man #16MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #16: This comic is fun. C'mon, how can you not find this issue fun? It's Spider-Man meets Superman! How can that not be more fun than a barrel of spider-monkeys? Well, actually it's not really Superman, but it is a strange visitor from another planet with powers beyond that of mortal men, working as a mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper—sound familiar, comics fans? All this plus the Fantastic Four (Billy Tan draws a really good bulky-lookin' Thing), plus some great Kirby-type art (nobody can imitate the King, but it's a great salute to Kirby's cosmic Marvel comics, complete with faded margins like a real old Marvel Silver Age comic book), AND a twist ending that I sure didn't see coming! You prob'bly did, but you are prob'bly more sophisticated and jaded than I am about comics. Maybe you didn't find it fun, if you're that sort. But I did! Heck yeah!

Teen Titans #26TEEN TITANS #26: This comic is not fun. I like Geoff Johns's comics just fine. He's very good at mixing old and new characters and getting you to care about all of them. He writes comics that pay attention to the past but aren't just rehashes of old stories. Then why can't he get Superboy right? He's lost all the fun of Superboy in his Teen Titans run that Karl Kesel and Peter David brought to him. He makes Superboy all dark and moody just because Lex Luthor brainwashed him. Who hasn't been brainwashed by Lex Luthor at one point or another? (I know I was! When I took those cookies? It was Luthor's fault! Luthor's!) Here's the thing I don't get about Teen Titans: nobody seems to be having fun. Hey you guys! You're kids! You have amazing superpowers! You get to hang out at an ultracool clubhouse on the weekends! You all look like supermodels, even the green guy! Why aren't you having more fun?!?!?

Wolverine #30WOLVERINE #30: This comic is fun. You know why? Because at the beginning of it all the X-Men are sitting around in Emma Frost's astral-projected beanbag chairs. How cool is that? Astral-projected beanbag chairs! I don't think I have seen a cooler piece of comic-book related furniture since this! I would sit on a astral-projected bean-bag chair all day! Oh yeah, Wolverine also slices and dices some more, and at the end Elektra and Nick Fury are both in big big trouble. But that happens every issue—only this one has astral-projected beanbag chairs!. Sigh.......I think I love you, Miss Frost.

AXM #11ASTONISHING X-MEN #11: This comic is not fun. Here are three reasons why Astonishing X-Men #11 is not really fun.
  1. This storyline has gone on far, far too long. And...
  2. Each issue is delayed so much that I don't really remember...and I don't really care...what happens from month to month. And...
  3. No astral-projected beanbag chairs.
Still, it's nice that somebody remembers stuff that happened in Grant Morrison's New X-Men. I don't think anybody else at Marvel does. Sigh.

JSAC #1JSA CLASSIFIED #1: This comic is fun. Remember what I said I liked best abour Mister Geoff Johns's writing? If you don't, scroll up and read it. I'll wait here until you do. Go ahead! ......... Did you do it? I hope so, 'coz I'm not gonna repeat myself and say that I like best how he mixes old and new characters and gets you to care about all of them in comics that pay attention to the past but aren't just rehashes of old stories. This one looks at all of Power Girl's mixed-up and confusing origin stories, and even she isn't certain who or what she is at all! Is she Kryptonian? Is she the daughter of Arion, mage of Atlantis? Or is she...something else? Maybe we'll find out by the end of this storyline, but in the meantime I'm having fun watching Power Girl try to find out! Amanda Conner draws real cute girls (Stargirl, Hawkgirl, and especially Power Girl!) but there are two things in this issue I liked the best! One is the return of Power Girl's cat (from Giffen's Justice League) on pages 10 and 11. And the other one is the guest appearance of three of my very favorite super-heroes, in my very favorite version of them, on the very last page! Yay! That's why JSA CLASSIFIED #1 gets my award for the most fun comic of the week.

What? What two things did you think I meant that I liked best about Power Girl? ....... Why are you giggling?