Saturday, July 25, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 206: Non Sequiturs of the Star Wars Universe

Panel from "Darth Vader Strikes" in the Star Wars syndicated comic strip (June 23, 1981), script by Archie Goodwin, pencils and inks by Al Williamson

Friday, July 24, 2015

Today in Comics History, July 24: Norman Turalt is suspicious of the narrow panel Marvel has given him

from Punisher: The Trial of the Punisher #1 (Marvel, November 2013), script by Marc Guggenheim, pencils and inks by Leinil Francis Yu, colors by Sunny Gho, letters by Cory Petit

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 205: And that's why you always make out a registry

Panels from Star Wars (1998 Dark Horse series) #27 (February 2001), script by Doug Petrie, pencils by Randy Green, inks by Andy Owens, colors by Dave McCaig, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Thursday, July 23, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 204: Another reason why you should be reading the new Star Wars comic

…it's actually funny in the right places, like the Original Trilogy and unlike so very very very much of the Expanded Universe.

Panels from Star Wars (2015 Marvel series) #2 (April 2015), script by Jason Aaron, pencils and inks by John Cassaday, colors by Laura Martin, letters by Chris Eliopoulos

Let's (new) hope the upcoming movies have giggles in 'em too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 203: Scottie Dogs of the Star Wars Universe

Panel from Star Wars: Rebellion #8 (July 2007), script by Brandon Badeaux, co-plot and script by by Rob Williams, pencils and inks by Michel Lacombe, colors by Wil Glass, letters by Michael Heisler

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

Nobody remembers that time the cast of Star Trek were guest VJs on VH-1

(Panels from Star Trek Movie Special [The Final Frontier] one-shot (April 1989), script by Peter David, pencils by James Fry, inks by Arne Starr, colors by Tom McCraw, letters by Bob Pinaha)

Today in Comics History, July 20, 1502: The Borgias discover that laughter really is the best medicine

from Catwoman (2011 series) #39 (DC, April 2015), script by Genevieve Valentine, pencils and inks by Garry Brown, colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Travis Lanham

Today in Comics History, July 20, 2002: Dr. William Williford Willis is reluctant to reveal his middle name

from Solitary #1 (Devil's Due, November 2014), script by C.W. Cooke, pencils and inks by Nando Souzamotta, colors by Greg + Fake, letters by J.D. Arnold

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 202: I've Got a Good Feeling About This Week

Everybody in the Star Wars Universe (extinct Expanded edition) had a bad feeling about this last week, so let's kick off a brand new twist this week with everyone feeling good! Start us off with the new optimistic outlook all the Imperial Stormtroopers are talkin' about, Han Solo!

Panel from Star Wars: Infinities: A New Hope #4 (October 2001), script by Chris Warner, pencils by Al Rio, inks by Al Rio and Neil Nelson, colors by Helen Bach, letters by Steve Dutro

So, that's all good, right? Surely there's nothing that can change Han Solo's mind in the very next panel?

Oh well. Seems like the only person who has that can-do attitude in the Star Wars Universe is Grand Moff James Brown!

Sunday, July 19, 2015