Friday, April 20, 2018

Stuff Bully Got: More P.G. Wodehouse books!

Instead of weed, I bought these at Housing Works today.

I hope 4/20 doesn't mind.

Comics at Housing Works: Riddle: What's from 1971, has John Romita artwork, and a giant hole in it?

I put out s'more backissue comics for sale today at Housing Works Bookstore and Café, and as you can see the rack is, not unlike me, stuffed!

The Adventures of Bully: National School Walkout Day

My bestest pal John is wearing his orange shirt today for National School Walkout Day because we both support the students against the horrors of gun violence in the schools.

Even tho' John hasn't been a student for a long time because he is very very very very old.

very very very very very very very very

Fun with Comics: Action Comics #1

You mean these are old ads? Awwwwwww man. I have been saving up my dimes for the Television Rifle and the Mystery Men's Secret Money Belt....ooooh, live turtle!