Friday, April 14, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 14: Happy birthday, Potiphar!

Born on this day in 1960: Potiphar, the mercenary who asks the question "what's a potty for?" Actually, upon consultation with my New Critical Comparative Bible and Koran for Bulls, "Potiphar" is a character in both the Hebrew Bible and the Koran who had Joseph (of Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat fame?) as a slave but elevated him to become his household's major domo, until Potiphar's Wife (the apt-titled "not named in the scripture) messed that all up by trying to seduce Joseph and then accusing him of rape when Joseph resisted. (Looking back at my big-ass Bible) Really? That's who this guy is? Why didn't you just name him "Mark Hazzard, Merc?" That name wasn't being used anymore!

from Psi-Force #23 (Marvel/New Universe, September 1988), pencils by Ron Lim

Oh well, happy birthday anyway, Potiphar!

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Another popular Archie/DC Comics Crossover!

Hey, let's drop in on Riverdale High, home of the kids who take fifty years to graduate, and see if you can spot this week's special guest star. Can you find Eel O'Brian, Plastic Man? (I bet you can!)

from "Taking Up Space" in Life with Archie (1958 series) #39 (Archie, July 1965), script and pencils by Bob Bolling, inks by Mario Acquaviva, colors by Barry Grossman

Score yourself on how long it takes you to find Plastic Man! 0-2 minutes: Good! 3-5 minutes: Better sharpen up your eyewear prescription. 6-60 minutes: You should be studying your history homework, Moose.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 12, 1945: It's the Last Days of the Justice Society, so hurry down for big, big savings!

from Last Days of the Justice Society Special #1 one-shot (DC, July 1986), Script co-plot and script by (who else than) Roy Thomas, co-plot by Dann Thomas; pencils by David Ross, inks by Mike Gustovich, colors by Carl Gafford, letters by David Cody Weiss

Today in Comics History, April 12: Happy birthday, David Letterman!

Born on this day, ladies and gentlemen, David Letterman! And here's our Top Ten List from the home office in Cow City, Arizona!

from Marvel Age #56 (Marvel, November 1987), text by Mike Carlin, pencils and inks by Ron Zalme

Actually, I just have a buncha comics panels and not a Top Ten List. Sorry.

from Bloom County by Berke Breathed

Today in Comics History, April 12, 1945: The soothing mists of Vicks Vape-O-Roosevelt will keep you breathing free all day!

from "See the Doomed Spirit" in Ghosts (1971 series) #82 (DC, November 1979); pencils, inks, and letters by Bill Payne, colors by Adrienne Roy

This post was suggested by faithful reader and frequent commenter Blam, who's provided a lot of date references in comics that I'll spotlight throughout 2023 in this series. Thanks, Blam!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

"I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do best is gobble up all these deeelicious cinnamon rolls."

Let's all heartily mock anti-trans rights Florida Rep. Webster Barnaby who called called transgender Floridians "demons and imps" and compared them to "mutants from another planet" during a committee hearing on Monday. He's full of hate, and he has the basic facts that we all know as the truth wrong, both about transgender rights and about the X-Men.
He compared... transgender Floridians and parents of transgender children, to the X-Men, characters from the Marvel comic books in which bigotry, hatred and fear of mutants are central themes. ... "I’m looking at society today and it’s like I’m watching an 'X-Men' movie,” Barnaby said. "When you watch the 'X-Men' movies or Marvel comics, it’s like we have mutants living among us on planet Earth.... "This is the planet Earth," Barnaby continued, his voice rising, "where God created men male and women female. I'm a proud Christian, conservative Republican. -- Tampa Bay Times, April 10, 2023
Say, who'da thunk there would have been a real-Life Reverand Stryker, a bigot who doesn't know that the X-Men are on the side of good and justice.* *Except for Beast.

from Marvel Graphic Novel #5 [X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills] (Marvel, 1982), script by Chris Claremont, pencils and inks by Brent Anderson, colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Tom Orzechowski

Let's forget abpout that transphobe, and instead focus on something not only more fun but a lot more scrumptious.

The New York Times recently spotlighted a recipe for Easy No-Yeast Cinnamon Rolls, and they quoted none other expert in the world of cinnamon roll tasting for a quote than Mr. Wolverine himself, Huge Hugh Jackman!

Which of course leads me to produce this:

from [Uncanny] X-Men Annual (1970 series) #4 (Marvel, 1980), pencils by John Romita Jr., inks by Bob McLeod, colors by Glynis Oliver, new dialogue cleverly in serted by yours little stuffed truly

So, in conclusion: trans rights forever, and always eat cinnamon rolls!

Monday, April 10, 2023

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde's Grand Day Out in Florida

Since we was depressed and homesick for Brooklyn (and Randi and Bully and Real Kitty Pryde 🐈‍⬛), John and I had a little road trip around Lighthouse Point and Ft. Lauderdale to cheer ourselves up today. First, we found a nice used bookstore here in Ft. Lauderdale: Big Apple Bookstore! (Pay no attention to that thumb in the picture)

Today in Comics Garbage History, April 10

"April 10," written and performed by Garbage (Mushroom/Interscope, 2001)

Sunday, April 09, 2023

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde is here on Gilligan's Isle

Today in Comics History, April 9-16: A week without you / Thought I'd forget

from "Twin Bill!" in Vault of Horror (1950 series) #36 (EC, April 1954); script, pencils, and inks by Johnny Craig, colors by Marie Severin, letters by Jim Wroten

Today in Comics History, Easter: "Laying an egg ought to be easy for any chicken." "That's what you think, big boy!"

from Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine Series #151 [Dennis the Menace Yearbook] (Hallden/Fawcett, April 1976), creators uncredited and unknown