Thursday, April 25, 2019

What's Bully Reading?: Kamala Khan: Ms. Marvel Little Golden Book by Nadia Shammas and Janelle Anderson

Well, folks, it is Thursday night and I've signed off Twitter until Monday night, until after I have see the big Purple Grape Guy with Rainbow Glove Bling movie and learn who saves the day. I'm guessing it will be this here hero, but I don't wanna have it spoiled for me.

Until then, be good to yourself and be good to each other, and remember: I'M HUGE!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Comics at Housing Works: The Flash Sale will save very one of us!

Attention all my comics-buying fans: Housing Works Bookstore and Café will be closed Friday 4/26-Monday 4/29 for renovations, but on Wednesday 4/24 and Thursday 4/25, don't miss the Flash Sale: 30% off the whole store! And yes, that includes comic books! Even ones that aren't about the Flash!

I've added a bunch of new backissues for you to the Comics Cart, including a big run of '90s Superman ($1 each!) and every issue of post-Zero Hour Legion and Legionnaires, bundled year by year! Collect 'em all and they'll call you Brainy!

Bully Eats Food: Otter Pot

Hey, how come ⁦Shelly the Little Otter Puppet⁩ gets her own restaurant but I don't?

Meanwhile, In Brooklyn...: 1 Bdrm, lotsa Csh

Four times the rent to move in? When did it chance from two months rent?

Also, if you've got a broker that I would have to pay a broker fee to, why are you putting up paper notices on lampposts in the neighborhood? Hey, I found you without using a broker.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Bully and His Pals: Happy Easter 2019!

Me an' Shelly (the Little Otter Puppet) and my kid sister Marshall (the Tiny Stuffed Cow) got a big exciting Easter Basket for us all to share. I said, TO SHARE SHELLY.

Bully Eats Food: Trying to win a staring contest with my Easter donut