Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Today in Comics History, Mardi Gras: That's the Knight That the Lights Went Out in NOLA

Let's celebrate Mardi Gras with the least likely character ever to wind up in New Orleans during this bacchanalian festival: the true man out of time, Captain America The Shining Knight! He's really only there for the Dixieland jazz.

from "Mystery of the Clowning Criminals" in Leading Comics #2 (DC/World's Best Comics, Spring 1942), script by Mort Weisinger (?), pencils and inks by Creig Flessel

Today in Comics History, Mardi Gras: Vision would like to encounter these things called "beignets"

from The Vision and the Scarle Witch (1985 series) #9 (Marvel, June 1986), script by Steve Englehart, pencils by Richard Howell, inks by Frank Springer, colors by Adam Philips, letters by Bill Oakley

Moral of the comic: You just can't keep Vision away from them crawdaddy sammiches!

Today in Comics History, Mardi Gras: Happy Mardi Gras!

I have lots of beads, so you know what you have to trade me for them...candy!

from Super DC Calendar 1976 (DC, 1975)

What, what else would be worth these cool beads?

Monday, February 12, 2024

Today in Comics History, February 12, 1967: The magical whimsy of Cicely once again irritates Dr. Joel Fleischman

from "The UFOs Arctic Assault" in UFO Flying Saucers #3 (Western/Gold Key, November 1972), pencils (and inks?) by Luis Dominguez, letters by Gaspar Saladino

Sunday, February 11, 2024

What's Bully (Re*)Reading? 2024 #16: Batman, Incorporated, Volume 1: Demon Star by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham

One of the best and most fun comics of the New 52, and really the only Leviathan storyline you ever needed.

I'm also snacking on pigs in a blanket. I declare this day a success!

*I have read these stories previously in floppy comic format.