Thursday, June 28, 2018

365 Days of Defiance, Day 368: "And you tell those monkeyfightin' fake fanboys that they're not re-makin' any movie while I'm here."

Panels from Star Wars: Mace Windu #5 (February 2018), script by Matt Owens, pencils by Denys Cowan, inks by Roberto Poggi, colors by Guru eFX, letters by Joe Caramagna

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

365 Days of Defiance, Day 367: Let's Perform Miracles

Panels from The Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special one-shot (October 2017), script by Reginald Hudlin, pencils by Denys Cowan and Ryan Benjamin, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz and Richard Friend, colors by Jeromy Cox, letters by Janice Chiang

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

An Adora-bull Song I'll Love For-heifer!

HOLY COW My online pal Chelsea, akak Twitter's TravelsWithBrindle (Brindle is the name of her trusty uke!), has written me a Theme Song as part of her ongoing 100 Days of Ukulele Songs! WOW. I am bestonished and flabberwhelmed! And one, two, three four hit it Chelsea!:


You too can find her and follow her on the social medias and support her fine project! THIS LITTLE BULL HEARTILY SUPPORTS HER!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'mma gonna go sing this song to everyone I know!