Saturday, April 08, 2023

Fun with Comics: Hey Iron Man, what's your favorite feminist organization?

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Meets Frogs #4: Roadkill!

Hi guys! Say hello to my pal Roadkill! He lives in a box with some balloons. You never know where he's gonna pop up!

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Meets Frogs #3: Meanwhile, on the Coffee Table...

More Florida frogs from Mama Otter's house! Boy, she really likes frogs! Send her some more frog gifts today!

We are playing leapfrog.

Today in Comics History, April 8, 1897: And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed / Nothing seems to fit

from The Dreaming (1996 series) #41 (DC/Vertigo, October 1999), script by CaitlΓ­n Kiernan, pencils and inks by Al Davison, colors and color separations by Daniel Vozzo, letters by Ellie de Ville

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Meets Frogs #2: That's pronounced SEE-ment.

Hi everybody! I'm hanging out in Mama Otter's garden with the cement frogs. Watch out for geckos, you guys!

Today in Comics History, April 8: What's worse than the Apocalypse?

A: Matthew Perry being cast as Blade.

from Midnight Suns #1 (Marvel, November 2022), script by Ethan Sacks, pencils and inks by Luigi Zagaria, colors by Antonio Fabela, letters by Joe Sabino

Um, somebody might want to take the SPF 45,000 away from Nico.

Friday, April 07, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 7, 1937: Giant doughnut encroaches ever closer to Earth

from Doc Savage (1988 series) #22 (DC, August 1990), script by Mike W. Barr, pencils by Rod Whigham, inks by Steve Montano, colors by Anthony Tollin, letters by Bill Oakley

Thursday, April 06, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 6: Right next to the dog-faced boy

from Daredevil (1964 seties) #293 (Marvel, June 1991), script by Dan Chichester, pencils by Lee Weeks, inks by Al Williamson, colors by Christie Scheele, letters by Jack Morelli

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 5, 1845: Giant heads sink into the earth on Marie Giscard's birthday

Happy birthday, Marie! Hope you floating heads.

from "Death Comes Riding" in Ripley's Believe It Or Not! #11 (Western/Gold Key, November 1968), pencils and inks by Luis Dominguez

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde: Good morning from Florida!

Good morning! What are you having for breakfast? Can I have some? Since I'm in Florida, all I gots is this orange.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Stuff Bully Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Got: Lots of great used records!

John and I went today to the excellent Radio-Active Records (highly recommended if you're in the Ft. Lauderdale area) and picked up lots of cool LPs for his (re)growing collection! An' I helped!

We are mostly trying to re-assemble his previously discarded college record collection.

These record albums can also serve as cool backdrops for your thriller movie about Giant Stuffed Kittens! (Giant Stuffed Kitten not included)

In conclusion: long-playing records, won't you?

Monday, April 03, 2023

Today in Comics History, April 3: Hey! What did I just tell you NOT TO DO?!?

I only just told you fifteen minutes ago!

from Midnight Suns #1 (Marvel, November 2022), script by Ethan Sacks, pencils and inks by Luigi Zagaria, colors by Antonio Fabela, letters by Joe Sabino

Hitchhiking: sure, it's all fun 'n' games until somebody gets dead.

Today in Comics History, April 3, 1964: And that's why Mama Bull told me to never hitchhike...

...because you might have been dead for a year when you do it! (And then you'd miss your birthday!)

from "Out of This World" in The Phantom Stranger (1969 series) #4 (DC/National, November 1969), script by Robert Kanigher, pencils and inks by Werner Roth and Neal Adams, inks by Murphy Anderson and Bill Draut, letters by Milt Snapinn (?) (or Ben Oda?)

This post was suggested by faithful reader and frequent commenter Blam, who's provided a lot of date references in comics that I'll spotlight throughout 2023 in this series. Blam also knows a lot about DC letterers and I wonder if he can clear up the "?" credit on this one!

Thanks, Blam!

Today in Comics History, April 3, 1855 and 1955: And that's how Scotty wound up in the Wild West and Kirk became a Hollywood stuntman

I am absolutely not making that above bit up.

from Star Trek #36 (Western/Gold Key, March 1976), script by Arnold Drake, pencils by Alberto Giolitti, inks by Al McWilliams

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde: Missing you

Even Little Stuffed Kitties get homesick sometimes, so me and John and missing Randi, Bully, Shelly, Marshall, and Big Furry Kitty Pryde especially, so Randi sent us this new photo of 🐈‍⬛ with other assorted stuffed animals.

That's nice! Big hugs to you all up North as I go to bed.

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Eats Food Drinks Soda: Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Strawberries & Cream

At last! Now that I am here in Florida staying at Mama Bull's House have finally tracked down the mythical Dr Pepper Zero Sugar πŸ“ Strawberries & Cream pop that Pal Shane Bailey was telling me about on Twitter! (It was at Publix.)

REPORT FROM SLIGHTLY LATER: Ohhhh, it's good πŸ“.

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Bully Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Eats Food: Pierogies

I'm makin' onion and potato pierogis for Mama Otter's dinner!

Why do they call them pierogies? There isn't any pie in them.

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde: Coding is difficult with toe beans

You've heard of kitten on the keys? Well, this is Kitten on a Chromebook!

But rest assured, I am keeping up Bully's blog while I'm sitting in for him!

Today in Comics History, April 2: Well, serves you right for ordering your Cable from

Whoops! I'm pretty sure this "September" is a typo here, because all the other dates in this comic fall in chronological ordfer and span from March to April 1994. So let's plop that baby right here on April 2, okay? Okay!

from Punisher Annual #7 (Marvel, 1994); script by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning; pencils by Doug Braithwaite; inks by Al Williamson, Fred Fredericks, and Art Nichols; colors by Christie Scheele; letters by Ken Lopez

Today in Comics History, April 2, 1848: Evil Dr. Sam Beckett vows to screw up what once went right

from The New Golden Age #1 (one-shot) (DC, January 2023); script by Geoff Johns; pencils, inks, and colors by a whole lotta guys; letters by Rob Leigh

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde Meets Frogs! #1

Me and one of the many Florida frogs living here at Mama Otter's house!

I will try to get photographs of them all. Catalogue 'em!

Little Stuffed Kitty Pryde: Beginning my month in Florida

Good morning from Florida!

It's a big world for a little stuffed kitty to explore.