Saturday, July 02, 2022

Today in Comics History, July 2: The Pork Knight Returns

from "Out of the Frying Pan...Into the Fire" in Action Comics Weekly #612 (DC, August 9, 1988), script by Martin Pasko, pencils and inks by Dan Spiegle, colors by Carl Gafford, letters by Carrie Spiegle

Today in Comics History, July 2, 1950: Can you dig it?

from "Terror in the Swamp!" in Vault of Horror #15 (EC, October 1950); script, pencils, and inks by Al Feldstein; letters by Jim Wroten

Join me here in one week for this panel yet again!

Today in Comics History, July 2: Happy birthday, Chris Noel!

Born on this day: actress, entertainer, and Vietnam veterans' advocate Chris Noel, who appeared many times in shows for US troops stationed in Vietnam and hosted the Armed Forces Radio show A Date With Chris, a popular radio program for the military. Read more about her on Wikipedia and on

Chris appears in this Christmas story of The 'Nam:

from The 'Nam #23 (Marvel, October 1988), script by Doug Murray, pencils by Wayne Vansant, inks by Frank Springer, colors by Mark Chiarello, letters by Phil Felix

A letter writer to the mag is not impressed with Chris Noel; the editor attempts to set him straight.

letter column from The 'Nam #27 (Marvel, February 1989)

Happy birthday, Chris!

cover of The 'Nam #23; pencils and inks by Pepe Moreno

Today in Comics History, July 2, 1881: Lovable lasagna-eating cat is assassinated

from Picture Stories from American History #4 (EC, Summer 1947), script by Jerry Coleman, pencils and inks by Allen Simon

Today in Comics History Not-Too-Distant Future, July 2, 2025: DC promises us cool, uh, three years or so

from Doomsday Clock #12 (DC/Black label, February 2020), script by Geoff Johns, pencils and inks by Gary Frank, colors by Brad Anderson, letters by Rob Leigh

You know me, DC. I watch calendars. I'll be here waiting.

Countdown to Yet Another Crisis

Today in Comics History, July 2, 1983: This is either the beginning of the "Physical" video or a late night Cinemax movie

from Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights #2 (Antarctic, January 2021), script by Matthew Spradlin, pencils and inks by Farid Karami, colors by Andrew Crossley

Today in Comics History, July 2, 1947: Well, that'll happen

from The Invisibles (1997 series) #4 (DC/Vertigo, May 1997), script by Grant Morrison, pencils by Phil Jimenez, inks by John Stokes, colors by Daniel Vozzo, letters by Todd Klein

from The Invisibles (1997 series) #18 (DC/Vertigo, September 1998), script by Grant Morrison, pencils by Ivan Reis, inks by Mark Pennington, colors by Daniel Vozzo, letters by Todd Klein

Today in Comics History, July 2, 1937: Amelia Earhart successfully circumnavigates the Universal Studios logo

from "Amelia Earhart" in It Really Happened #5 (Pines, October 1946), pencils and inks by Leo Morey

Friday, July 01, 2022

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Debbie Harry!

Born on this day, the very coolest of days to have a birthday: singer, songwriter, and actress Deborah Harry, singer/songerwriter/actor and lead vocalist of the band Blondie!

cover of Look-In #11/1979 (ITV, 10 March 1979), painting by Arnaldo Putzu

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Julianna Ferriter!

Born on this day: comics colorist Julianna Ferriter (Secret Wars, Checkmate, Power Man and Iron Fist, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Avengers, Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham, Darkstars and more)!

from Marvel Age #31 and 55 (Marvel, October 1985 and October 1987); text by Jim Salicrup (#31) and Mike Carlin (#55); pencils and inks by Ron Zalme; colors by Andy Yanchus (#31) and Paul Becton (#55)

Happy birthday, Julianna!

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Dan Aykroyd!

Hey, it's somebody's birthday today, and not just mine: comedian, actor, singer, and Hard Rock Cafe co-founder Dan Aykroyd! He was one of the freshman team of Not Ready for Prime Time Players on Saturday Night Live!

cover of Marvel Team-Up (1972 series) #74 (Marvel, October 1978), pencils and inks by Dave Cockrum, SNL caricature pencils and inks by Marie Severin, letters by Irv Watanabe

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1934: Mom, no!

from Comic Book History of Animation #2 (IDW, December 2020); script by Fred Van Lente; pencils, inks, colors and letters by Ryan Dunlavey

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Adolf Kabatek!

Born on this day in 1931: Adolf Kabatek, founder of Ehapa, the publisher who brought DC, Disney, Asterix, and Lucky Luke comics to Germany! He also wrote stories for the Uncle Scrooge comics!

from Fifty Who Made DC Great one-shot (DC, 1985)

Happy birthday, Adolf! (I've never said that combination of words before.)

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1912: Wonder Woman tells us an inspirational tale of...wait, she died? THIS IS NOT UPLIFTING, DIANA!

from "Harriet Quimby" in Wonder Woman (1942 series) #46 (DC, March 1951), script by Julius Schwartz, pencils and inks by Frank Harry

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1921: So-called "great American" turns his back on the American flag

from "He Fought for America" in Real Life Comics #9 (Pines, January 1943), creators uncredited and unknown

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1903: Stop talking to the camera

from Rorschach #3 (DC/Black Label, February 2021), script by Tom King, pencils and inks by Jorge Fornés, colors by Dave Stewart, letters by Clayton Cowles

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1775: Sure, you talk a big game when nobody's shootin' at you, dude

from "The Leathernecks: The Story of the United States Marines" in Real Life Comics #5 (Pines, May 1942), creators uncredited and unknown

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Indiana Jones!

credits page of Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods #1 (Dark Horse, June 2008), pencils by Steve Scott, inks by Nathan Massengill, colors by Michael Atiyeh

Happy 123rd birthday, Indy! I got you a snake.

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1990: Evil scientist scribbles in a fill-in story while Peter David's back is turned

from The Incredible Hulk (1968 series) #389 (Marvel, January 1992), script by Tom Field, pencils by Gary Barker, inks by Mark Farmer, colors by Glynis Oliver, letters by Joe Rosen

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1951: Mr. Tawky Tawny runs off the field screaming for his life

from "Skinning the Tiger" in Baseball Thrills #3 (Ziff-Davis, Summer 1952), letters by John Duffy

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1859: The last time baseball was unsullied by commercialism

from Baseball Thrills #3 (Ziff-Davis, Summer 1952), pencils and inks by Mario DeMarco

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1898: Earth is proven not only to be flat but to be two-sided

from "He Sailed into Silence" in Midnight #5 (Farrell, February 1958), pencils and inks by Bob Webb

Today in Comics History, July 1: Happy birthday, Jack Adler!

Born on this day in 1917: longtime innovative DC Comics cover artist, colorist, and production manager Jack Adler! You'll see his work in Action Comics, House of Mystery, Sea Devils, Sensation Comics, Green Lantern, G.I. Combat, and many, many more! He did the color separation for Action Comics #1, and eventually becaome DC's Vice President of Production.

from DC Comics cover-dated June 1977

Today in Comics History, July 1, seven years ago: Happy birthday, Bully!

(looks up at title of post) Hey, that's me!

Bully artwork by Ming Doyle

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1898: Teddy prepares to put the hammer down on war profiteers

...and all I can say is...BULLY!

from Picture Stories from American History #4 (EC, Summer 1947), script by Jerry Coleman, pencils and inks by Allen Simon

The Marvel Calendar for 2011 2022: Jacked July Janissary

Now here's a hero who likes to hang out in July! It's not only his birthday month (July 4) but also the birth month of his namesake (also July 4). For the rest of the month Captain America can kidna coast, but you don't have to when you hang this cool craft calendar up for your perusal and edification!

Please note I've updated it slightly to add a 2022 event, and I think you'll notice where I did it! (See you at the movies, fellow Asgardians!)

from Marvel Calendar 2011 (Marvel, 2010)
(Click picture to Americi-size)

The Marvel Comics Memory Album Calendar for 1977 2022: Justifiably Juju July

I bet you thought this month would be all about Captain America, huh? Well, who else did you think would be featured on a July calendar that you can print out and hang on your wall because it works this month, too, Doctor Octopus?*

Naw, instead devote your attention instead to the mildly marvelous magical Doctor Strange as he fights Sandman Nightmare, then spend the whole month staring at important events in the Marvel Universe like Bardo Mordo's birthday and Dormammu's Bar Mitzvah. Now he is a man (with a head that's on fire).

from Marvel Comics Memory Album 1977 (Marvel, 1976), art by Gene Colan
(Click picture to bad dream-size)

* Stay tuned in October for Doctor Octoberpus!

The Super DC Calendar for 1977 2022: July Jousting and Jurisprudence

Well, more macing than jackhammering, but Hawkman's classic big-ass weapon doesn't start with J, and after June and now July I'm kinda running out of J-words. I'm in such jeopardy!

Anyway, enjoy the Hawks all this month because this 1977 calendar also functions as one for 2022! And it's set in my favorite city after Brooklyn, London! Don't you dare dent Big Ben, Carter Hall!

"July 1977," from Super DC Calendar 1977 (DC, 1976), art by Joe Kubert
(Click picture to Benjamin, Big-size)

The Marvel Age Calendar for 1994 2022: Jaw-dropping July Joinery

'Tis the first of the month again, folks, and besides being my seventh birthday, it's time to welcome in

from Mighty Marvel Calendar 1981 (Marvel, 1980)

And I hope you get your fair share of baseball, apple pies, and Chevrolets all this month.

Let's kick if off good with the first of four fabulous falendars calendars that're from past years, but you can use 'em again in 2022, because such is the cyclical nature of time! "All this has happened before, and will happen again," in the words of my pal Bill Adama, and he oughta know. He was on Miami Vice!

It's also time for your traditional gift-giving of July Calendars! Here's one for ya!

from "The Riddle of the Gold Stagecoach!" in Western Comics #71 (DC, September 1958), script by Gardner Fox, pencils and inks by Howard Sherman, letters by Morris Waldinger

Ow wow, that's not gonna be much help. Let's see what else we've got...

...oh hey! A calendar from a Spider-Man comic that actually works in 2022! Way ta go, Spidey!

from Amazing Spider-Man (1963 series) #245 (Marvel, October 1983), script by Roger Stern, pencils by John Romita, Jr., inks by Dave Simons, colors by Bob Sharen, letters by Joe Rosen

Eh, too much Spider-rompin' all over this month if you ask me.

Okay, enough foolin' around! Here's the 1994 2022 Marvel Age Calendar, ready for you to cut out, color, and tack up on your wall, but first, can you locate the error in this page! Get your magnifying glass out to check every detal, or, you could just click on the picture to embiggen.

from Marvel Age #139 (Marvel, August 1994), pencils and inks by Darren Auck
(Click picture to, as I said above, embiggen. Weren't you paying attention?)

Didja spot the error yet? No, it is not that my birthday is not listed (although, hey!). It's that this month's Classic Clash is listed as coming from Daredevil #7, which, quite frankly, I don't see as happening. And neither does Dared(is dragged off-stage by the hook)

Nope! This is obviously just a typo or error, because DD #7 featured a Classic Clash of its own in The Man WIthout Fear vs. The Man Without a Shirt (aka Sub-Mariner). This Panther vs. Inhumans bout took place in Fantastic Four Annual #5, and I think it would go a li'l somethin' like this:

from "Divide — and Conquer!" in Fantastic Four Annual (1963 series) #5 (Marvel, November 1967), script by Stan Lee, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Frank Giacoia, colors by Stan Goldberg (?), letters by Sam Rosen

Og course, by the Rules of Marvel Engagement™, two groups of heroes must always fight upon first contact. It's not just a Stan Leeism, it's the law.

Of course, no truly heroic Marvel clash last for long, and this one's over pretty quick as the Black Panther and the Uncanny Inhumans (they were called that before the X-Men were, you know! It's a Bully Fact!) make peace and team up to confront a bigger menace than each other standing on their section of the beach, kickin' sand in each other's faces.

That's why I call this installment "Jaw-dropping July Joinery," because when you get these two forces together for a Marvel Team-Up, there's nothing they can't triumph against! Except Psycho-Man, who shows up a handful of pages later and can only be defeated by the FF, but then again, that's why it's the Fantastic Four Annual.

Enjoy your calendar! Enjoy your July!

Today in Comics History, July 1: Meanwhile, at Farmer Ralph's Motel and Motor Lodge...

from "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Action Comics Weekly #611 (DC, August 2, 1988), , script by Martin Pasko, pencils and inks by Dan Spiegle, colors by Carl Gafford, letters by Carrie Spiegle

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1945: Earliest memory mostly mammary-centric

from Uber #12 (Avatar, April 2014), script by Kieron Gillen, pencils and inks by Gabriel Andrade, colors by Digikore Studios, letters by Kurt Hathaway

Today in Comics History, July 1, 1938: Protest against death penalty unorganized, kinda late

from "The Scourge of the South" in Crime Must Pay the Penalty #3 (Ace, August 1948), creators uncredited and unknown

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 30: June comes in like a lion and goes out like a Bee

from "Vacation Vexation" in Archie and Me #104 (Archie, September 1978), script by George Gladir, pencils by Stan Goldberg, inks by Rudy Lapick, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Bill Yoshida

That's a perfect June calendar, but it's not one you coulda used this year. (Not to mention, the month is over!) But hang onto it! You can use it next year in 2023! You'd better clip 'n' save it now because I'm not gonna remind you in a year. (I will totally remind you in a year.)