Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This comic needs more Wookiees!

Hi hi hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for the past couple weeks! I've been busy with BEA (BookExpo America) helping John set up the Norton booth and then going around and getting lots of free books and comics. I got to meet Miss Colleen Doran and Mister Evan Dorkin and the guy with the toilet seat on his head. I will call him "Toilet Boy." And there were stormtroopers and Boba Fett from Star Wars wandering the aisles and the hot dogs at the snack bar downstairs cost $6.00 each. Also, Bonnie from Baker and Taylor was there. Hi Bonnie!

Sadly, I did not get a copy of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, so I will have to keep saving my money! (Hint, hint, Santa!)

Here's some of the comics I got to read this week:

Wolverine #29WOLVERINE #29: This comic is fun. Lotsa ninjas get snikted as Wolverine continues to hunt down the Hand, who brainwashed him and turned him into a supervillain for six issues. This is a pretty good 'xample of a comic that's violent (way cool!) but still lots of fun. F'rinstance, in the last issue, Wolvie had a Sentinel stomp a whole lotta bad guys who were being mind-controlled into paste so they couldn't be resurrected by the Hand. Yikes! That's hardcore, Wolvie! And he's not stoppin' in this issue, which is pretty much jus' plain dumb but fun action. I'm not usually a fan of big two-page spreads (they just take up space and only advance the story by one panel) but there's a pretty great one in here of Wolverine riding a Sentinel (an' he seems to be havin' fun doin' it, too! Whee!) There's a good twist towards the end when somebody isn't quite what we thought they were. An' Wolverine at last meets his match in ruthlessness! That's why WOLVERINE #29 gets my award for the most fun comic of the week.

Star Wars #76STAR WARS #76: This comic is not fun. Oh' c'mon, I'm the biggest li'l Star Wars fan in the universe, but I jus' don't like Star Wars comics that much anymore. They're missing two things that to me make Star Wars worth following:
  • The great main characters. this comic is all about secondary characters. I like Aalya Secura as well as anybody...she's blue...but she's not a major character that i enjoy reading 'bout. The rest of the comic is mostly 'bout some guy named Quinlan...I really don't care about him!) an' even Count Dooku only appears in a hologram. I want a Star Wars comic 'bout Luke an' Leia an' Han an' Chewie an' Darth Vader! I'd even settle for a Star Wars comic 'bout Anakin an' Obi-Wan! I don't care 'bout these characters and they jus' confuse me.
  • A sense of humor. This is the main thing wrong with most of the Star Wars comics and novels! Remember the original movies? "Laugh it up, fuzzball." "Wookiees are known to do that." "And I thought these things smelled bad...on the outside!" Star Wars movies made me laugh once in a while. These don't. No sense of fun...and that's what I'm all about.

    Simpsons #107THE SIMPSONS #107: This comic is fun. Not as much fun as some of the other Simpsons comics issues, but month after month this is one of my favorite things to's almost as fun as the TV series. By the way, I don't like when people say The Simpsons isn't any good anymore...I still think it is very funny and one of the best shows on TV! I just wish Fox would stop re-running it so many times on Sunday nights this past season that they show each episode so many times. I think I have seen the one where Simpsons go to China at least five times this year! That's too much Lucy Liu for a little stuffed bull! Get some new shows, Fox! Yeah!

    JLAC #8JUSTICE LEAGUE CLASSIFIED #8: This comic is fun. But not as much fun as it could have been. In this one the Superbuddies come back from H-*-*-* (I'm not 'lowed to say it but it has double hockeysticks in it!) into an evil version of their own universe! I didn't get some of the jokes (John says that's 'coz they're 'sex' jokes!) but it was mostly fun. What I didn't like 'bout it was that they didn't mention for lots and lots of pages that the last issue had a really sad and dramatic ending that made me sniffle a lot. But I did laugh when Elongated Man's nose started to wiggle and Blue Beetle told him it was creeping him out. Hah! I love Blue Beetle. He's the best character of them all. He will never go away!

    Vim #3VIMANARAMA #3: I was not allowed to read this comic ("suggested for mature readers", it says right there on the cover, next to the mostly-naked lady). But John read it and told me to tell you that this comic is real fun. And that the thing he loves best about Vertigo is that they can and do publish a lot of stories that don't have anything to do with the DC superhero universe.

    And a P.S. to Hulk from his comment in my last post: Mister Hulk, I wanted you to know that I thought HULK #82 was fun. Sad (another comic I had to sniffle through) but fun. And hey, Mister Hulk, I don't stop reading a comic I like just because one issue isn't fun. Now please stop smashing my stuff!

    Well, I have to go now. I'm travelling to Seattle and Reno with John next week so it might be another couple weeks until my next update, but I'll keep track of fun comics I get while we're travellin' and let you know what they are! Bye! And don't forget: comics oughta be fun!