Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The one-millionth time the "it's not easy being green" joke has been used in conjunction with a Hulk character

Hmm, not much to buy this week at the local comic book store. Just as well! I'm tryin' to save my dimes and not spend so much money on non-fun comics. But I couldn't let the newest issue of Dan Slott's She-Hulk pass me by:

GSI #2SHE-HULK #4: This comic is fun...sorta. Don't get me wrong: I think She-Hulk is almost always a heckuva fun comic. It doesn't take itself seriously, but it doesn't resort to storyline cheats like John Byrne's fourth-wall-clobberin' She-Hulk did: there's a straight, driven narrative that only just happens to involve time travel, characters coming back from the dead, comic books acceptable as legal precedent (brilliant!), a lot of great cameos by the second-stringers of Marvel Comics, and Awesome Andy!. This one issue takes a swing into drama territory, however, as Jen doubts herself and her life as She-Hulk while helping out the victims of a She-Hulk rampage from an issue of Avengers that I don't think anybody even remembers now 'coz we're so poisoned by Disassembled. Anyway! There's a couple extremely unbelievable plotlines in here (No one has ever been killed, even accidentally, in a Hulk rampage? I'm not buying that!) and the ending leans a little too close to "if you believe in yourself you can do what needs to be done" that makes me snort through my little ringed nose in sniffs of derisive laughter. Plus, there's some awful printing errors in my copy that blur several pages under a mess of ink. But most of all, I really, really can't stand those awful Play-Doh-looking cheesecake pose Greg Horn covers to this series. Snap out of it, Marvel! Stop hiring this second-rate Alex Ross! Stop giving him work on what should be one of your fun, light series! Just say no to Greg Horn!

(trotting away)

(trotting back)

Oh yeah. I guess, for the She-Hulk, it's not easy being green.

(trotting away)