Saturday, September 15, 2007

Separated at Birth: Holy Martyrs, Batman!

St. George Killing the Dragon and 52 Week 30

L: "Saint George Killing the Dragon" by Bernardo Martorell (c. 1430-1435)
R: 52 Week 30 (November 29, 2006), art by J G Jones and Alex Sinclair
(Click picture to Smaug-size)

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from Yellow Submarine (1968), directed by George Dunning

And, in case you think that version was pretty good,
but it didn't have enough Shatner in it:

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" performed by William Shatner, animated by Paul Heriot

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Wodehouse a Week #20: Much Obliged, Jeeves

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This week you've caught me on vacation
Indulging in some relaxation
Recreation and some rest
Out in the woods where it'd be best
To just kick back and take it easy
In a setting bright and breezy
Where it's as quiet as a mouse
And read myself some good Wodehouse.

Today's book is Much Obliged, Jeeves
And flipping through its paper leaves
I stop to giggle every page
For this Wodehouse is all the rage

And any book with Bertie Wooster
Is sure to be a morale booster
For in this one a certain tome
'S been stolen from its normal home
'Tis from the Junior Ganymede Club
And full of gossip, that's the rub
All valets dishing on their lords
Including several thousand words
By Jeeves about Mr. Wooster, B.
That's why they need it back, you see?

And add to that a Wooster chum
Engaged for marriage and yet glum
Because his wife to be's a threat
Miss Florence Craye, of the upper set
(Bertie was almost her ball-and-chain
But escaped thanks to Jeeves's brain)

Toss into this Sir Roderick Spode
That great creation of P. Wode-
House, who thinks Bertie is a crook
(Via flashbacks to another book)

So there's all Bertie's probs. in short
He must avoid the marriage court
And then return a stolen bowl
And keep Aunt Dahlia's stated goal
To see her daughter's marriage done
To Tuppy, Roderick Glossop's son.

And don't forget that deadly book
Which no one else should get a look
At other than the brilliant Jeeves.
But he's got tricks up both his sleeves.

Does it end happy? All is fair?
Of course it does, just show me where
This doesn't happen in a tale
By Wodehouse. He will never fail
To amuse and delight in full
His readers like a little bull.

So I bid you farewell from woods
(And if you need to buy the goods
Well on that box o'er there, click on
To get the book from Amazon.)

Back to my bullish holiday
To rest and relax all the day
Say, why'd I think it'd take less time
To write my week's review in rhyme?

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