Friday, October 01, 2021

Wild About the Calendar: October

from "Wild's 1954 Calendar: October" in Wild #5 (Marvel/Atlas, August 1954); script, pencils, and inks by Howie Post

The 2010 2021 Marvel Calendar for October: Octopus Opponent

For your calendar this very month, you may favor Marvel's high kickin'est hero the Amazing Spider-Man from this Marvel 2010 calendar! It synchs up perfectly with 2021!

"Look at my crotch," Spidey says. "GO AHEAD TAKE A BIG STEAMING LOOK, GOBLIN!" he says.

from Marvel Calendar 2010 (Marvel, 2009)
(Click picture to Great Pumpkin-size)

The Marvel Age Calendar for October 1993 2021: Giant-Size Creatures on the Loose

It's too late to buy a wall calendar for 2021, so if you're lackin' for something October to hang over the cracks, clip 'n' save this 1993 Marvel Age calendar! It works in 2021, too! and it has monsters on it!

Lemme go get my crayons, I'm gonna color 'em.

from Marvel Age #130 (November 1993), by Darren Auck

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bully Eats Food: Pizza Bianca

Sometimes you don't even need a bunch of meat or veggies on top of your pie: Pizza Bianca for the win!