Saturday, August 22, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 234: Comics Oughta Be Fun: replacing Caturday with pictures of Princess Leia in a jumpsuit since 2015

Panel from Princess Leia #4 (August 2015), script by Mark Waid, pencils by Terry Dodson, inks by Rachel Dodson, colors by Jordie Bellaire, letters by Joe Caramagna

Friday, August 21, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 233: If Ewok puns persist for more than four hours, please consult your doctor

Panels from Ewoks (1985 Marvel/Star series) #12 (March 1987), script by Dave Manak, pencils by Warren Kremer, inks by Jon D'Agostino and Jacqueline Roettcher, colors by George Roussos, letters by Grace Kremer

Thursday, August 20, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 232: Meanwhile, in the Star Wars Mirror Universe...

Panels from Darth Vader #4 (June 2015), script by Kieron Gillen, pencils and inks by Salvador Larroca, colors by Edgar Delgado, letters by Joe Caramagna

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 231: The cold opening to Episode One of Yoda's new NBC sitcom

Panels from Star Wars: Jedi: Yoda one-shot (June 2004), script by Jeremy Barlow, painted art by Hoon, letters by Michael David Thomas

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 230: Pinpoint the moment the artist got tired of drawing Star Wars

Panels from Star Wars: Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #6 (April 2012), co-plot and script by Mike Richardson, co-plot by Randy Stradley, pencils and inks by Paul Gulacy, colors by Michael Bartolo, letters by Michael Heisler

Monday, August 17, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 229: This episode of Star Wars is brought to you by C-3PO and his cereal

Cover of Star Wars Weekly (Marvel UK 1978 series) #13 (May 3, 1978), pencils by Howard Bender, inks by Tony DeZuniga, colors by George Roussos

Sunday, August 16, 2015

365 Days of Star Wars Comics, Day 228: Oliver Stone's Star Wars Cut

Panels from "The Emperor's Court" in Star Wars Tales #14 (December 2002), script by Jason Hall, pencils by Ramon Bachs, inks by Raul Fernandez, colors by Dave Nestelle, letters by Steve Dutro

Today in Comics History, August 16: Happy birthday, Jason Todd!

Today in Comics History: Cyclops goes clubbing!

from Detective Comics #790 (DC, March 2004), script by Andersen Gabrych, pencils by Pete Woods, inks by Cam Smith, colors by Jason Wright, letters by Clem Robins

Hey, August 16 is also the birthday of Robin II, Jason Todd! Are ya gonna throw him a big party today, Bruce?

Oh. Whoops.