Friday, September 27, 2019

Stuff Bully Got: Cool old comics from Petrucco's Collectibles

While here in Florida, I visited Petrucco's Collectibles, a great resale store near Sawgrass Mills mall Sunrise, Florida (north of Fort Lauderdale) — sports cards, comics, LPs, games, and other collectibles plus a dozen or so boxes of cool dollar comics!

I wish I coulda bought a lot more but getting an entire longbox home on an airplane would be unwieldy! Here's what I did pick up:

Plus two '90s comics I once owned and have regretted getting rid of!

Many thanks to the manager who let me have first look at a new dollar box that had just come in — got the Rimas and the Mikaal Starman from there! Good stuff!

Thanks, Petrucco's!

Added in 2022:

"Store Tour of a Vintage and Retro Thrift Shop Named Petrucco’s Collectibles" from Super Awesome Geek Show (April 2022)