Saturday, October 14, 2006

What the Sam Scratch is goin' on here?!? #13

Detective #426
(Detective Comics #426, August 1972)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Love, Ditko Style.

Red-faced edit on 10/15/06: That should be "Love, Kirby and Ditko Style." Jack pencilled, Steve inked, and I didn't even realize that until Martin pointed it out in the comments. Thanks, Martin! What's black and white and red all over...? A blushing bull! Anyways...

Sue loves Spidey.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 panel

Spidey loves Sue.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 panel

(panels from Amazing Spider-Man #8, January 1964)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Go, Tony, Go!

Iron Romances #84

"Comics Oughta Be Fun: Reclaiming Tony Stark as a Cad, But Not a Killer, Since 2006."

Click here for the original.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I was tossing some recent comics on the bed, and was amused by the juxtaposition where they landed of the back cover ads on two comics that came out the same week, Simpsons Comics #118 and 52 Week 2:

Two comics

(If the image is too small for you to see the wording on the top of the back comic, click here to embiggen.)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Traffic, I get traffic. Thanks to the magic of StatCounter and Technorati, I now know that surfers on the Wonderful World of Web find me not entirely by chance but through the good graces of the rest of you out there in the comicsblogoshmere. In addition to my regular thirty-seven readers, I've been fortunate enough to get links from some very pleasant, wonderful, and fabulous bloggers throughout the comicsothingamajig. Since I've been raised to be a very polite little stuffed bull, I say 'thank you!' and salute sharply all those who have sent readers my way: fine folks like Steven, Tegan, Ragnell, Kevin, The Fortress Keeper, Mike, Dorian, H, Eddie, and everyone and anyone who's posted my little stuffed blog in their sidebar or in a post or who clicked through from one of my pointless and rambling comments. I thank Dave for quite possibly the coolest Un-Prize anyone has ever sent me. I thank all the fine folk who comment on my blog. Heck, I even thank Giraffo, you pompous long-necked freak. I thank y'all and urge everybody to go check out all their blogs, all in a row. G'wan, go ahead! You didn't have to go to work today, did you?

While much of my blog traffic comes from those good folk (especially Dorian's "Just Remember" meme...I'm still gettin' traffic on that), once in a while somebody finds me via a search engine or some such terwilliger. Imagine my surprise the day my hits went well over one thousand just because I retyped a joke about Joss Whedon from Futurama Comics. Awwww, thanks for the hits, guys...but seriously, that's a little obsessive.

Among all sortsa special data like time, temperature, and the pH index of my blog, StatCounter tells me when someone clicks through from Google or Yahoo or AltaVista or Hotbot (okay, okay, not so much the last two) by searching for a keyword or phrase. Proving that there are plenty of smart people out there in the ethersphere, many of you got exactly where you needed to be by searching for such phrases as comics oughta be fun or little stuffed bull or the best stuffed animal in the universe.

But some of you got misdirected to my site while you were lookin' for something else. It's a common feature here in the comicsblogowhirligig for bloggers to post the oddball search queries that brought people to their sites, and sometimes to poke gentle, fond fun at them with the best of intentions, hmm? Well, I'm gonna go that one better and actually help people get to where they thought they were gonna get, by posting their misdirected search queries and telling them where they probably shoulda gone in the first place. I call it...


Misdirected search query: is there a photo of marvel comic writer sid jacobson: Why, of course there is, and I don't know how you lived so long without it. Click here for a peek. Hey, he kinda looks like Gene Roddenberry, don't he?

Misdirected search query: what kind of ferrari did thomas magnum drive?: That's a Ferrari 308 GTS, Selleck fans, and you can see some photos of them here and here. At the bottom of this page is a photo of Magnum posing in front of that famous car, and by golly, he's a handsome, handsome man, ain't he?

Misdirected search query: outdated comics marvel title x-men along came a spider: I dunno if you'd call it outdated because it's still as fun as the day it was printed, but you're lookin' for X-Men #35 (August 1967). It's a comic so dynamic Cyclops will bend over backwards for you! If that comic book's a little too rich for your blood, try the reprint in X-Men #83.

Misdirected search query: books on new movie the ant bully: Hey, why are you lookin' for books on the internet anywhere but...

Misdirected search query: marvel heroes made of clay: Hmmm, I'm a little bit baffled on this one. You'd have more luck over at DC where I can think of at least one hero and one villain made of clay, but I'm blankin' on one over at Marvel. I can show you a Nazi made of bees if you want, but as far as I can think of unless the Bully Brigade gives me a hint, this guy plus this guy is probably about the closest you're gonna get.

Misdirected search query: future marvel essentials: If you love the Marvel Essentials as much as I do, bookmark this page and return frequently for essential Essential essentials. Essentially, that's all ya need.

Misdirected search query: comics about romans: Well, of course you've always got this, this, and this, but for sheer crazy Roman entertainment in the comics medium, the cream of the crop surely is these. Grab a stack of 'em, settle down with a roast boar and get ready for one of the best reading experiences of your life.

Misdirected search query: t.v.cartoon dogs dressed like sherlock holmes: Here ya go.:
All this and the HAIR BEAR BUNCH too...? That's the BEST COMIC EVER!

Misdirected search query: pee wee playhouse post-crisis: I actually don't have any idea of what you were looking for, my friend, but may I say: that is the single best concept for a post-Crisis on Infinite Earths tie-in series ever!!!

Misdirected search query: comics of family guy having sex: Oh come on. You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Get off my website. Get off my website! I know where you live, Ft. Lauderdale sleazy surfer! Get the heck off my website, you sicko!

Ahem. Anyway, if you want to search the web the Bully way, remember you can search the Little Stuffed Bull way any time you want by using Bullgle as your own personal search engine! Or, make your own personalized search webpage right here, but by golly, when you've got a little stuffed bull peering with his telescope across the World Wide Web for ya, why would you wanna search with anyone else?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Adventures in Bullhattan: Waitin' on the 6

Waiting on the 6

(Astor Place Station)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ten of a Kind: This grips me more than would a muddy old river or a reclining Buddha.

Chess games on comic book covers

(More Ten of a Kind here.)

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Twenty-Four: Runaway Comics #2

Runaway Comics #2RUNAWAY COMICS #2: This comic is fun. What a long, 24-hour stretch it's been, full of mostly fun comics and maybe more candy beans than I should have had. But what a fun comic to wrap it all up with: Marvelous Mark Martin's new Runaway Comics (not to be confused with the also-fun but completely different Runaways). A choose-your-own-adventure that Lynne Truss would love, the continuation of the "Montgomery Wart" saga, and if you ever wondered why Gran'paw takes so much medicine, well, worry no more, true bull-liever, 'coz it's all here in this issue which is crammed full of Martin's unique and whimsical art, warped sense of humor and the best sight gags in indie comics. (Why's it called Runaway Comics? Find out at the end of the issue!) All this plus a bonus flipbook "Jabberous"! Now, I know this ain't never gonna happen, but if I ever were to become famous outside the thirty-seven good people who religious read my blog, and if I was so popular as to warrant my own comic book, starring me...well, I'd sure ask Mister Martin, very politely, if he'd draw it for seen in his hi-larious "Montgomery Wart," he draws little animal kids better'n jus' about anyone since Walt Kelly! And if you don't b'lieve me an' start to say 'Yeah, but...'...well then, just talk to the Yeah Butt! (By the way, check out Mark's totally fantabulous blog and website...full of hilarity and butts!)

And now, after remaining mostly awake for 24 hours, reading comics and sugaring myself up, this little bull is going to fall asleep for 24 hours. If there's such a thing as blogging in the Dreaming, I'll see y'all there. But for my final word, I'd like like to say: always remember tha


24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Twenty-Three: Superman #656

Superman #656SUPERMAN #656: This comic is fun. Strong action and characterization (plus a well-written flashback to young Clark Kent) highlight this story of a misunderstood superalien forced to battle Superman. The general plot itself is slightly clichéd; what isn't a cliché is that Kurt Busiek can, as he often does, turn this into a distinctive and vibrant story in which our sympathy is often as much on the side of big Russian brawler Subjekt as well as it is with the guy wearin' the big red "S". It's got one of the elements I like best in superhero comics: it feels like a done-in-one but there's definitely more "to be continued." I'm not terribly fond of prissy fop Arion, who pops (literally) into the last page, but the mystery of Subjekt and the promise of more trademark Busiek back-to-basics Superman action that doesn't overshadow the personalities and character conflicts, makes next issue (#657) a no-brainer to pick up. See ya next month, Big Blue!

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Twenty-Two: Cable & Deadpool #31

Cable & Deadpool #21CABLE & DEADPOOL #1: Zzzzz...snort! Zzzzzzzzz...candy, mean doll, no! Ummmmmphhh...zzzzzzzzz...I c'n stay awake all night a'right...I'm awake...zzzzzz...Cable 'n' Deadpool #31? comic...Deadpool makes me...snort!...giggle...(rolls over), no, I'm 'wake...Civil War?...zzzzzz...act'ally a fun tie-in...ha ha ha...Deadpool askin' President Bush where the bathroom is...bwah-ha-ha-zzzzzZZZZZZZ. Snort! Candy beans! Zzzzzzzzz.

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Twenty-One: Sock Monkey: The "Inches" Incident #1

Sock Monkey #1SOCK MONKEY: THE "INCHES" INCIDENT #1: This comic is fun. The adventures of stuffed animals on the high seas? Sign me up for that! Tony Millionaire's fantastic, surreal and moody yet whimsical creations return for another very welcome miniseries pitting the all-ages friendly versions of his Maakies characters against their evil nemesis: the wicked, wicked Inches the Doll! (Bull-lieve me, I know a thing or two about a thing or two, but I especially know what it is like to have an evil doll as your archenemy!) Nobody captures seafaring adventure quite like Tony Millionaire, and his exquisitely detailed and crosshatched artwork gives a lovely retro Johnny Gruelle or John R. Neill feel to the dynamic artwork. And I learnt what a "delphinus" was, it's educational as well as entertaining! Finally, I happen to know Tony Millionaire is a man of exquisite taste: he likes Patrick O'Brian! So, if you're lookin' for a pull quote from a little stuff bull, how about: For the best entertainment value in comics today, you don't need to be a millionaire, you just need to buy one of his comics! (Haw!) And as the sun comes up and I crack open another thing of candy beans, I do hereby declare that SOCK MONKEY #1 is the most fun comic of the week!

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Twenty: Agents of Atlas #3

Agents of Atlas #3AGENTS OF ATLAS #3: This comic is fun. Like Eternals, this is another mid-miniseries issue that slows down the action for a massive infodump, but there's enough forward movement and travelin' around for the Agents to make it forgiveable. (It'll definitely read better in the trade, however). This is one of the more dense Marvel reads in the past month, so I feel I'm definitely getting my money's worth: this ain't a comic you can read once in ten minutes; take your time and savor every talkin' monkey, conveniently-tressed Venus panel. Any comic that covers Africa, Uranus (tee hee), San Francisco and Atlantis in one issue and manages to get in an extending esophagus sight gag is tops in this little bull's book. And whee! Namora's still alive? Hooray! (turns to the last page) Uh...nevermind.

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Nineteen: 52 Week 22

52 Week 2252 WEEK 22: This comic is fun. Maybe it's the lack of sleep or too many candy beans, but I'm jittery and jumpy as a bull on a planet orbiting a red sun! There's a whole lotta fifty-twoin' action goin' on here: Lex throws another (unlikely) candidate into the "who is Supernova" ring, Will Magnus single-handedly retcons out of existence an unpopular storyline, Super-Chief's back (in accordance with the cover blurb, I squeak in excitement "Hello, Super-Chief!"), and speaking of cover blurbs, the best pun of the week: "Magnus: Robot Hunted!" Plus, is Silverblade really returning on 10/13? I'll be first in line if he is!

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Eighteen: American Splendor #2

American Splendor #2AMERICAN SPLENDOR #2: This comic is fun. So, Bully (you're saying), how can you say you don't really like a comic book in which nothing really happens (ahemANTMANahem) and still give American Splendor a big fat green fun? If there's a definition of a generally plotless comic, it's got to be Harvey Pekar's long-running American Splendor series. No superheroes, no intense action, no fisticuffs...just a regular joe's regular life. He's not battling supervillains, but Harvey does face off against an overflowing toilet, a failed auto inspection, trying to find an address while driving in a snowstorm and much more. I can appreciate the quiet desperation and small triumphs of Harvey's life, but John tells me that it's even more appropriate when you get to be near Harvey's age and a victory over a plumbing problem is a major deal. "I know exactly what lying awake at night obsessing about having to fix a gurgling toilet is like, Bully," he tells me, and gosh, John oughta know. But even if your days are not filled with bills and bureaucracy, even if you're a happy little stuffed bull like me whose life is all candy beans and multiple Monopoly sets and marathon Cash in the Attic TV-watching sessions, you can still appreciate this for Harvey's keen and sharp dialogue and the fantastic assortment of moody and apt artwork in this issue—I especially enjoyed Eddie Campbell's contribution. Although it's not listed on the cover of this book, Vertigo's American Splendor is only a limited series, but I hope it's successful enough to warrant another miniseries in the future: even with the attention from the wonderful film starring Paul Giamatti, Harvey Pekar deserves a wider audience. He can definitely count a little stuff bull among his fans now. And PS: Happy Birthday, Harvey!

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Seventeen: The Irredeemable Ant-Man #1

Ant-Man #1THE IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #1: This comic is sorta fun. I'm not especially a big Robert Kirkman fan at all, but I do like Phil Hester's artwork and I do really like the concept if not always the execution of Ant-Man, so I did have to try this new miniseries out, tho' 'm not certain if I'll be pickin' up number 2. The concept's clever enough: grunt level S.H.I.E.L.D.* personnel discover Hank Pym's new, and slightly silly-lookin' Ant-Man costume, and many hijinks ensure. The execution's a bit slow and stilted though; it takes a loooooong time to get to that point, although there's a welcome action sequence at the beginning of the story. I did at least feel I got my money's worthy with this book because it's the exact opposite of decompression: dense and packed with dialogue and panels. It just didn't capture my interest and imagination enough to warrant a second look, however, and the basic concept's been done better with Kevin Rubio's Tag and Bink series.

(*Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage and Logistics Directorate)

24 Hour Comics Reviewing Day, Hour Sixteen: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #13: This comic is fun. What could have been a visually confusing comic (what with its three Mysterios) is helped by clear art and coloring plus an extremely well-written first recap page, making this one of the most accessible of the various Marvel Universe Spider-Man titles. As with last issue, it's nice to see Flash Thompson acting like a hero and not a jerk, and Peter David has Spidey's wisecracks and bluffing down to a T. (And how can you resist a book that features The Best Line of the Week: "I'm just using my most dangerous power of all: my spider-bull." And oh ho ho, Miss Arrow ain't what she seems to be, is she? After a rough start with The Other, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is fast turning out to be my favorite Spidey title, giving us the classic fast-moving, hard-punching, savvy and smart Spider-Man, even if he is wrapped in red and gold armor.