Saturday, May 08, 2010

Separated at Birth: Don't play in traffic: It's a Flash Fact!

Flash Comics #16/Flash #106

L: Flash Comics #16 (April 1941), art by Hal Sharp
R: Flash v.2 #106 (October 1995), art by Oscar Jimenez and Jose Marzan Jr., "after Sheldon Moldoff." Moldoff drew many of the Flash comics covers, but not, apparently, this one!)

(Click picture to Speed-Force-size)

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 128

GeNext #11
Panel from GeNext #1 (July 2008), script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Patrick Scherberger, inks by Norman Lee, colors by Chris Sotomayor, letters by Ed Dukeshire

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Lunky Beefhead

"Lunky Beefhead" by Ming Doyle (2010), based on her 2007 comic, which you can read here!

Ming Doyle is the artist on The Loneliest Astronauts, America's favorite webcomic about lonely astronauts written by Kevin Church. Maybe I shoulda put a comma there between "astronauts" and "written." Aw, well, it works either way, wouldn't you say, Mister Church?

And you know, hey, I don't think I've yet shown off this beautiful sketch of me that Ming did last year for my birthday! I love it a lot! Thanks, Miss Ming!!!

Bully by Ming Doyle

Friday, May 07, 2010

Hey, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona...

...Batman has a few words for you:

Crackpot Lies

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 127

Avengers #201
Panels from Avengers #201 (November 1980), co-plotted by Jim Shooter, co-plotted and scripted by David Michelinie, pencilled by George Perez, inked by Dan Green, colored by Ben Sean, lettered by John Costanza

Based on the short story "This Evil Undying" by Jim Shooter in The Marvel Superheroes: Marvel Novel Series #9:

Thursday, May 06, 2010

365 Days with Hank McCoys, Day 126

She-Hulk #21
Hank McCoy of Earth-616 and Hank McCoy of Earth-A (aka Earth-721), in a panel from She-Hulk v.2 #21 (October 2007), script by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton, pencils by Rick Burchett, inks by Cliff Rathburn, colors by Andy Troy, letters by Dave Sharpe

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 125

Avengers #164
Panels from Avengers #164 (October 1977), script by Jim Shooter, pencils by John Byrne, inks by Pablo Marcos, colors by Phil Rachelson, letters by Denise Wohl

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

If I Ran Dargaud

Asterix and the Goths

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 124

UXM 5159
Cover of Uncanny X-Men #519 (February 2010), art by Greg Land

Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Night Murals: Whoops

As Scots superhero Iron Brew once observed: the best-laid plans of mice and Marvel sometimes gang oft algey, and I think we all know how painful that can be. In other words, sometimes interconnecting cover murals don't quite work out the way they're planned. Can you spot the addicental mistale accidental mistake in the mural below?

Exiles #55-57

Covers of Exiles #56, 55, 57 (February 2005), art by Jim Calafiore and Mark McKenna
(Click picture to X-size.)

In their eagerness to publish an Exiles mega-three-issue-event, all during one single month, Marvel made one fatal flaw*: they published the interconnecting covers out of sequence. Issue #55 wound up in the middle of the triptych, not #56. Whoops! Well, hey, that's the way it goes on alternate Earths where black is white, up is down, and Stan Lee is Dick Giordano. What a strange, weird, alien world that is!

*Flaw not actually literally fatal.

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 123

Professor X #2

Detail of a full page illustration by Fred Hembeck from The X-Men Companion II (September 1982)

(Click picture to see the full image. Seriously! It's really gorgeous.)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ten of a Kind: Stop! Hammer and Sickle Time!

(More Ten of a Kind here.)

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 122

Professor X #2

Two-page spread from Professor Xavier and the X-Men #2 (December 1995), written by Fred Schiller, art by Jan Duursema

(Click picture to bigfoot-size)