Saturday, May 27, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 147: I Kara for You

Panels from Wonder Woman (2006 series) #41 (April 2010), script by Gail Simone, pencils by Chris Batista and Fernando Dagnino, inks by Doug Hazlewood and Raul Fernandez, colors by Brad Anderson, letters by Travis Lanham

Friday, May 26, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 146: By Omactivation Only

As you may know, altho' I'm an American bull, I watch a lot of television from the United Kingdom (where they just call it "telly," which is much shorter). Hi Jimmy Carr! Dia dhuit Dara Ó Briain! Hej Sandi Toksvig! G'day Adam Hills! And a very distinguished and upper class hullo to Stephen Fry. Some of these programs programmes are on the government-run British Broadcasting Corporation, which is funded by a mandatory TV licence tax and therefore does not have any commercials. (Not even for Geico!) But if you're not watching the BBC, you're watching one of Britain's many commercial TV stationsmad they have cool unusual advenrts made in the UK that we seldom see over here. Like Epic Skeletor Money Super Market:

Or Flash Dog!:

Or even the Thunderbirds/Halifax Bank Crossover!

But when I saw this following commercial, I immediately thought it would be worth spotlighting on "365 Days of Defiance." It's to remind UK residents to register to vote for the upcoming General Election pitting Teresa May (Sensible Party) against Jeremy Corbin (Slightly Silly Party), by, pointing out, that if you don't register, you don't get a choice:

I think that's pretty effective and I hope it leads to a much larger turnout throughout the UK than did the Brexit vote (2.8 million eligible voters skipped the election). But it does remind me of not-at-all-British O.M.A.C. (One Man Apple-Corer...I mean Army Corps):

Panels from OMAC (1974 series) #2 (November-December 1974), script and pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by D. Bruce Berry, colors by Jerry Serpe, letters by Mike Royer

So, do you think OMAC stands there arguing and asking "What?" of the man with the clipboard who tells him he can't go in? Ya think?

(Click picture to OMACtisize)

So remember: either turn into a single-human infantry troop, or register to vote. So you can use the baskets at the corner shop.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 145: No matter what the crisis is / Do it: live it up, live it up, live it up, live it up!

Today's the Twelfth Anniversary of my blog, and what better time than the realization that it is twice as old as I am to present another astounding event and awesome act of defiance from superheroes, one of comics' great moments and as far as I'm concerned, the curtain falling on the Bronze Age of Comics: the defeat of the Anti-Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Today's Day of Defiance was suggested by fan and online-pal Preston Major, to whom I give a hearty "Gosh, Thank You!" Award with all the trimmings (stuffing, mashed potatoes, giblets, etc.) Preston's suggestion itself is a lesson in never ever ever giving up, because a couple of weeks ago when I suffered a substantial computer error (i.e., I accidentally deleted all my prepped files for future 365 Days of Defiance, like the dumbbull I am), Preston was one of many who were there to buck me up, and he reminded me that he's earlier suggested the climax of Crisis #12 as a Day of Defiance. Without his help, I wouldn't have remembered he suggested this, so all the 5,000 Hats of Jack Kirby off to him. Thanks, Preston!

So, as you may remember, as we begin Crisis #12, things are not the best that they could ever possibly be, by just a little touch:

Panel from Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (March 1986), co-ploy and script by Marv Wolfman, co-plot and pencils by George Pérez, inks by Jerry Ordway, colors by Tom Ziuko, letters by John Costanza

Oooh, that's not good. Luckily, Superman (of Earth-1) completely destroys the Anti-Monitor! Blam! It's only page six, and comic over!

UH OH! Auntie Em ain't dead yet. Well, surely he can be stopped by the world's greatest heroes, Wonder Woman and Pariohhh geez we're all doomed.

Luckily, Superman's there again to throw a rock the size of Cleveland on top of him. Problem solveOH COME ON NOW COMIC BOOK

Geez, this guy's got more curtain calls than Crosby (as Bob Hope, the only DC character who they didn't let appear in Crisis might have said). Okay, Darkseid and Alexander Luthor, you're up at bat!

Yay! He's gone! Oh wait, he's back! For Pete's sake! This comic has more fake-out defeats than The Terminator!

And here it is: the Ultimate Moment of Ultimate Defiance, and it's a nice touch that it's hammered in by the First Superhero of the DC Multiverse, the Superman of Earth-2. We salute you, Kal-L!

Ah, that does the job. Good work, Supes-2. May you never be used as thea villain in an ill-conceived comics crossover event!

Thanks Superman; thanks Preston; thanks to all of you for reading this little puppet-town cow-blog for twelve years!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 144: Make sure you don't catch Huntington's rot

Swamp Thing is possessed! And not, as we all wish, by the spirit of rock 'n' roll, but by an evil entity. Geez, it's never the spirit of rock 'n' roll. (sulks, listens to my Bob Seger albums again)

Panels from The Saga of [the] Swamp Thing (1982 series) #12 (April 1983), script by Martin Pasko, pencils and inks by Tom Yeates, colors by Tatjana Wood, letters by John Costanza

Today's 365 Days of Defiance is brought to you by the suggestion of the Godfather of Swamp Thing Blogging, "Mighty" Mike Sterling over at Progressive Ruin, one of the the World's Finest Comics Blogs Since 1969. Hey, if'n you're a fan of Mike (and who isn't?) and/for of Swamp Thing (ditto), you oughta pitch in a buck or more a month to Mike's Patreon, which helps support his excellent blog and gets you his new series of reviews of every Swamp Thing comic ever. You can free-read the first-installment here, and it looks like it's gonna be a lotta fun. Mike is a good friend and a fine human being, so his writing and his Patreon gets two hooves up from this little stuffed me. As Mike would say, Swamp Thing, won't you?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 143: "When I go, I'd just like everyone to say: 'He lived longer than anyone I knew.'"

"He wasn’t a failure. He made for himself a world fit for himself to live in." — Leslie Charteris, Enter the Saint

"We all have a responsibility in life to do what we can to help those less fortunate. — Roger Moore

The great Roger Moore passed away on May 23, and he will be much missed. Reflecting on Sir Roger reminds me of his first great role as a Robin Hood of modern day: Simon Templar, The Saint. Which reminds me of the Saint's creator, Leslie Charteris. Which reminds me of a great team of righteousness and justice inspired by the words of Leslie Charteris:

Panels from The Outsiders (1985 series) #1 (November 1985), script by Mike W. Barr with text by Leslie Charteris, pencils and inks by Jim Aparo, colors by Helen Vesik

Sure, it's a conceptual leap...but I think Charteris...and Roger Moore...would have approved of the Outsiders and their mission.

Godspeed, Sir Roger. With that halo already above you, we know right where you're heading.

Monday, May 22, 2017

365 Days of Defiance, Day 142: We Miss You, Carrie

Panel from Star Wars: A New Hope: The Special Edition #2 (Dark Horse, January 1997), script adaptation by Bruce Jones, pencils by Eduardo Barreto, inks by Al Williamson, letters by Steve Butro

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ten of a Kind: GRAB THE GLOBE!

(More Ten of a Kind here.)

365 Days of Defiance, Day 141: Tik, Tik...Boom

Panels from Micronauts (1979 Marvel series) #45 (September 1982), script by Bill Mantlo, breakdowns by Gil Kane, finishes by Danny Bulanadi, colors by Bob Sharen and Don Warfield, letters by Jim Novak