Saturday, December 11, 2010

Same Story, Different Cover: All this because Brainy stopped following Kal on Twitter

Adventure #333/LSH #2

L: Adventure Comics #333 (June 1965), art by Curt Swan and George Klein
R: Legion of Super-Heroes v.1 #2 (March 1973), art by Nick Cardy

(Click picture to Validus-size)

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 345

X-Men Unlimited #9
Panels from X-Men Unlimited #9 (August 2005), script by Damon Hurd, pencils by Mark Brooks, inks by Jaime Mendoza, colors by John Rauch, letters by Dave Sharpe

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 11: Just good ol' boys, never meaning no harm

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952)

Pluto's Christmas Tree (1942), directed by Jack Hannah

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 11 (Separated at Birth)

Archie Giant Series Magazine

L: Archie Giant Series Magazine #2 (December 1955)
R: Archie Giant Series Magazine #137 (January 1966)
(Click picture to giant scotch pine-size)

Friday, December 10, 2010

That Magnificent Bull in His Jaunty Jalopy

I'm afraid I can't post tonight...

as I'm taking part in a vintage car race around the world.

Bully in a jalopy

See you tomorrow, and/or at the finish line!

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 344

X-Men #29
Panels from X-Men #29 (February 1994), script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Andy Kubert, inks by Matt Ryan, colors by Joe Rosas, letters by Bill Oakley

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 10: There's an app for that

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 10

Archie Giant Magazine Series #240
Archie Giant Magazine Series #240 (December 1975)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

This is neither the time nor the place, Spidey

SSS #34
Panel from Spidey Super Stories #34 (May 1978)

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 343

Hulk: Future Imperfect

Two-page spread portion from The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (December 1992), script by Peter David, pencils and inks by George Perez, colors by Tom Smith, letters by Joe Rosen
SPOILER ALERT: If you don't wanna know what eventually happens to the Hank of Earth-9200, don't click the picture to embiggen!

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 9: Marginally More Professional Than the Real One

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 9

Riverdale High #4 (February 1991), art by Dan DeCarlo

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Nothing You Can Do That Can't Be Done

Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine
Panels from Yellow Submarine (Gold Key, 1968), script by Paul S. Newman*, art by Jose Delbo

*Why yes, it was that Paul Newman.**

**No, it wasn't.

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 342

What The? #25
Gag panel from What The? #7 (Summer 1993), written and drawn by Manny Galan

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 8: Why are they offering him their young?!?

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 8

Life with Archie #6
Life with Archie #6 (January 1961)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Ad Parodies That Made a Laughing Stock Out of Bully's Blog

What The?
What The?
What The?
What The?

From What The? #1, 3, 5, 6

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 341

X-Men: The Hidden Years #7
from X-Men: The Hidden Years #7 (July 1972), script, pencils, and letters by John Byrne, inks by Tom Palmer, colors by Greg Wright

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 7: L.S.M.F.R.I.P.

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 7

Jughead with Archie Digest #6
Jughead with Archie Digest #6 (January 1975)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Night Murals: Wacky Races

Deadpool! Man, I love that movie! The Marvel Comics character, though...well, your mileage may vary. I find Wade Wilson, like his brother Flip, funny in small doses. That's exactly what Marvel hasn't been giving us for the past couple years, with Marvel Comics publishing one Deadpool comic book while the next one is only halfway finished...therefore they can never turn off the machine! Well, not humanely, at least.

Why, there's so many Deadpool comics that even the prequel to a series gets a series:

Prelude to Deadpool Corps

Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1-5 (May 2010), art by Dave Johnson and Rico Rensi
(Click picture to killing-the-goose-with-the-golden-egg-size)

What I actually enjoy most about this comic book mural is the background cameos of a whole lotta big names from the rest of the Marvel Universe. Can you name 'em all? Sure, you can!

Prelude to Deadpool Corps
Prelude to Deadpool Corps
Prelude to Deadpool Corps
Prelude to Deadpool Corps
Prelude to Deadpool Corps

I mean it: anybody who's everybody was there!

Prelude to Deadpool Corps

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 340

Mad World of Marveldom #1 Mad World of Marveldom #1
Pages 1 and 3 from The Mad World of Marveldom #1 (October 1967), featuring a personality profile of The Beast by Greg Kishel and illustrated by Dave Russell
These old fanzines are always fun to read, and The Mad World of Marveldom is an interesting and well-done look at the late sixties Marvel fandom, featuring musings and creative writing on Marvel Comics and their characters. Greg Kishel later produced Marvel Mirror, a similar fanzine including writing by Dwight Decker and Tony Isabella. Decker was one of fandom's most prestigious figures at the time, and was later an assistant editor on The Comics Journal during the early 80s. Isabella...well, if you don't know him, hang up your hat! He's the creator of Black Lightning and Black Goliath, and a long-time writer for Marvel, DC, Comico, Innovation, and other comic companies. If you're active in today's online fandom, you may know Isabella as the writer of Tony's Tips, which started in the pages of the Comics Buyer's Guide and later moved online until Tony retired the column in June of 2010.

And if you wanna see their fandom in action, well, here's a trio letters to Mighty Marvel by those three guys! First up, here's Greg Kishel waxing poetic (and getting mucho Stan praise in return!) on the departure of Jane Foster from the life of Thor, in Thor #140:

Thor #140

Here's a long critical letter by Dwight Decker in Captain America #106:

Captain America #106

And one of Tony Isabella's many, many letters to Marvel before he became a writer for them, printed in Avengers #57:

Avengers #57

Finally, take a look at that "Beast" logo on the cover of The Mad World of Marveldom. It was published five years before Hank McCoy's solo feature in Amazing Adventures, and yet anticipates the furry look of the logo to match its titular character. Now that's good divinin', guys!

Beast Logo

While today's plethora of blogs and online commentary give us more news and discussion about our hobby than ever before, I miss the days of the fanzine. We here at a comic blog salute you, Greg Kishel and Company! Write On!

Christmas Commercial Countdown, Day 6: Santa Climbed Down to a Burning Ring of Fire

A Riverdale Christmas, Day 6

Archie Giant Series #192
Archie Giant Series Magazine #192 (February 1972), art by Stan Goldberg

Sunday, December 05, 2010