Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comics at Housing Works: From a galaxy far, far away

Hello gorgeous! You may be in poor condition but I loves ya to pieces!

And if you want to buy it, it's on sale now at Housing Works Bookstore and Café!

UPDATE on 3/15/2019: It's been sold, faster than those two droids to Uncle Owen!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Comics at Housing Works: Lotsa recent DCs

After a week out sick from the Comics Cave at Housing Works Bookstore and Café, I returned to its wonder-filled depths this afternoon to find a kind and generous donation of a lot of recent DC issues from a wonderful donor! (Thanks!) It includes some cartoon all-ages books...

We've got comics starring Margot Robbie, supers from DC's New Age of Heroes, plus Nightwing and the Justice League!

We've also got lots of recent nifty superhero stuff from the Distinguished Comics place, all celebrating their recent Rebirth! And all at affordable prices for the bargain lover in you! Stop in today (or tomorrow)!