Saturday, March 06, 2021

Stuff Bully Got: Some assembly required

Oh hey, my roller stamp arrived!

(opens padded envelope:)

The thing that's bugging me is it was packaged and shipped by Amazon, but it's a third party vendor. I think if a seller does "fulfilled by Amazon" it ought to be as simple to get a refund as it is through Amazon, but it isn't.

There is no answer to my request to contact the seller. I can request a replacement or refund but I have to commit to sending the item back, at my cost. (They really wouldn't want it back.)

I could put it in an Amazon locker, but the one near me is "full."

Waste of my time or money or both.

This was delivered by one of the contract Amazon deliverers and I really hate to bring it up because they get dinged in their metrics. But it was SMASHED TO BITS.

GRRRRRR. (in my little bull voice)

Fun with Comics: Whoa, watch out for that fourth wall, Namor!

from "[The Torpedo Boat Terror]" in All-Winners Comics #1 (Marvel/Timely, Summer 1941); script, pencils, and inks by Bill Everett (and additional inks by Allen Simon?)

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Today in Comics History, March 4, 1942: There's a Starman splaying on the floor

from All-Star Squadron #42 (February 1985), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Arvell Jones, inks by Bill Collins, colors by Gene D'Angelo, letters by David Cody Weiss

Today in Comics History, March 4, 1942: Diary begun out of desperation later saves James Robinson's bacon

from All-Star Squadron #41 (DC, January 1985), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Arvell Jones, inks by Bill Collins, colors by Gene D'Angelo, letters by L. Lois Buhalis

Today in Comics History, March 4, 1966: He went on to say that Jesus had never had a hit record

from The Beatles in Comics! (NBM, November 2018); script by Richard Di Martino; translation by Joe Johnson; pencils, inks, and colors by d'Akita; letters by Ortho

from Marvel Comics Super Special #4 [The Beatles Story] (1978), script by Dave Kraft, additional dialogue by Don McGregor, pencils by George Pérez, inks by Klaus Janson and Joe Rubinstein, colors by Petra Goldberg, letters by Tom Orzechowski

from Rock 'n' Roll Comics: The Beatles Experience (Revolutionary/Bluewater, 2010), script by Todd Loren, art by Mike Sagara

from Lennon: The New York Years (IDW, May 2017), story by David Foenkinos, adaptation by Éric Corbeyran, illustration by Horne Perreard,,translation by Ivanka Hahnenberger, letters by Troy Little

(Note: The interview was on March 4 — "Today in Comics History!" — not in February.)

from The Beatles: Their Story in Pictures (ITV, 1982), script by Angus P. Allan, art by Arthur Ranson (collected from the strip in (Look-In)

This interview went mostly uncommented on in the UK. It wasn't until later that the controversy and #CancelCulture rose in the USA. More on this: this summer!

from The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story (Dark Horse, November 2013); written by Vivek J. Tiwary; pencils, inks, and colors by Andrew C. Robinson; letters by Steve Dutro

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Fun with Comics: Hercules Unsuccessfully Tries to Give the Pope the Vulcan Nerve Pinch

from I più bei libri per i ragazzi: I Dodici in cammino #3 (Edizioni San Paolo (Italy), 1991)

Today in Comics History, March 3, 1972: Felix and Oscar are violently separated

from The Vain #4 (Oni, January 2021), script by Eliot Rahal, pencils and inks by Emily Pearson, colors by Fred C. Stressing, color assists by Macy Kahn, letters by Crank!

Monday, March 01, 2021

Today in Comics History, March 1: Exeter from the planet Metaluna administers examinations

from "Lady Cop" in Gang Busters #9 (DC, April-May 1949), script by Phil Evans, pencils and inks by Dan Barry

The 2010 2021 Marvel Calendar for March: Miss Mindreader

It won't be a GREY month with this handy 2010 Marvel Girl Marvel March Calendar (which works in 2021, go ahead, see if it doesn't!) Print it and ogle!

"March" from Marvel Calendar 2010 (Marvel, 2009)
(Click picture to really good support garment-size)

In the words or thoughts of Professor X: "Oh no, young lady, you are NOT going out of this mansion dressed like that!"

Today in Comics History, March 1, 1847: I always get stuck sitting next to this guy

from "Mental Marvel" in Real Fact Comics #5 (DC, November 1946); script by Jack Schiff, Mort Weisinger, and/or Bernie Breslauer; pencils and inks by Nat Edson

The Marvel Age Calendar for March 1993 2021: March Man-Spiderin'

from Marvel Age #123 (Marvel, April 1993), art by Darren Auck and Al Milgrom
(Click picture to threat-or-menace-size)

Clip 'n' display all month, 'coz it works in 2021! But ask your parents before you use the scissors! And don't run with those things!

Wild About the Calendar: March: You got me crawling, crawling on the floor / And I've never known a ghoul like you before

from "Wild's 1954 Calendar: March" in Wild #5 (Marvel/Atlas, August 1954); script, pencils, and inks by Howie Post