Saturday, March 09, 2019

Bully Eats Cooks Food: Trader Joe's Turkey & Stuffing en Croute

"Results may vary"

Looks and smells...pretty good...?

NO IT WAS NOT GOOD. It was way too salty and I messed up making the gravy because the instructions said "Boil 4 cups of water and put the gravy packet in it." They did not say don't open up the packet..

Backup dinner plan: microwave meat pies.

Trader Joe's always says "Don't like it? Bring it back for a full refund!" Imma gonna put all this in a plastic bag and take it into TJ's and plop it on the counter and ask for my money back.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Fun with Comics: The greatest guest star of them all

I'm way behind on many comics. I just finally finished the second volume of Dan Slott and Mike Allred's Silver Surfer. Somebody asked what comic book made you cry? The second-to-last issue, #13.

And then there's this, too, in #14, which...I'm sorry it took me so long to see it.

from Silver Surfer (2016 series) #14 (Marvel, December 2017), script by Dan Slott, pencils and inks by Michael Allred, colors by Laura Allred, letters by Joe Sabino

Fun with Comics: The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History

So you want me to show you my all-time favorite comic book that I possess? Sure! My coverless copy of The Flintstones at the New York World's Fair:

from The Flintstones at the New York World's Fair one-shot (Warren (!), 1964), pencils and inks by Phil De Lara, letters by Rome Siemon

One of the very first comic books I ever got: Fred and family along and every other (pre-Scooby) Hanna-Barbera character goin' to the '64 World's Fair. Even the Jetsons. So fun!