Saturday, July 02, 2022

Today in Comics History, July 2: Happy birthday, Chris Noel!

Born on this day: actress, entertainer, and Vietnam veterans' advocate Chris Noel, who appeared many times in shows for US troops stationed in Vietnam and hosted the Armed Forces Radio show A Date With Chris, a popular radio program for the military. Read more about her on Wikipedia and on

Chris appears in this Christmas story of The 'Nam:

from The 'Nam #23 (Marvel, October 1988), script by Doug Murray, pencils by Wayne Vansant, inks by Frank Springer, colors by Mark Chiarello, letters by Phil Felix

A letter writer to the mag is not impressed with Chris Noel; the editor attempts to set him straight.

letter column from The 'Nam #27 (Marvel, February 1989)

Happy birthday, Chris!

cover of The 'Nam #23; pencils and inks by Pepe Moreno

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