Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Today in Comics History, Mardi Gras: That's the Knight That the Lights Went Out in NOLA

Let's celebrate Mardi Gras with the least likely character ever to wind up in New Orleans during this bacchanalian festival: the true man out of time, Captain America The Shining Knight! He's really only there for the Dixieland jazz.

from "Mystery of the Clowning Criminals" in Leading Comics #2 (DC/World's Best Comics, Spring 1942), script by Mort Weisinger (?), pencils and inks by Creig Flessel

Oh no! Crooks are robbin' the celebratory crowds by disguising themelves as carnival clowns! History records this is the very first time we learned to be terrified of clowns. Meanwhile, Sir Justin interrupts his carefree life as a railway hobo to experience the sights and sounds of the Delta City. I predict a collision of wackiness!

Shining Knight is confused by the elaborate costumes and winds up killin' quite a few guys by accident. It's all fun and games during Mardi Gras, so all is forgiven!

Now let's all head out to Café du Monde for some delicious Chicory Au Lait, in the traditional King Arthur manner (served at a round table).


Blam said...

I call bandersnatch on the carnival’s Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin looking so much like the genuine articles that Justin mistakes them for the real things, although I’m sure Roy Thomas would’ve had an explanation for this. (Looks as if some rogues messed with your hover-text in the first pic, by the way…)

Andy said...

So that's it. The final post on this blog. Oh well. It was a fun read.

Bully said...

@Blam: Whoops, and thanks! Fixed now.

@Andy: Well, whatever you wish to think.