Sunday, April 23, 2006

The uncertain glory of an April day

(The logo posts will continue in the next couple days. Sorry for the delay, Bully-fans!)

Not specifically comic book related, but I just gotta give a shout out and a happy birthday to the man who made it possible for Stan Lee to write Thor's dialogue: Happy 442nd Birthday, Mister Shakespeare!

And now, in honor of the occasion, a dramatic reading from one of my favorite sections out of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Ahem!:
HOST: Mock-water, in our English tongue, is valour, bully.
DOCTOR CAIUS: By gar, den, I have as mush mock-vater as de
Englishman. Scurvy jack-dog priest! by gar, me
vill cut his ears.
HOST: He will clapper-claw thee tightly, bully.
DOCTOR CAIUS: Clapper-de-claw! vat is dat?
HOST: That is, he will make thee amends.
DOCTOR CAIUS: By gar, me do look he shall clapper-de-claw me;
for, by gar, me vill have it.
HOST: And I will provoke him to't, or let him wag.
DOCTOR CAIUS: Me tank you for dat.
HOST: And, moreover, bully.
So nice of him to mention me!

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