Monday, April 24, 2006

The greatest Spider-Man story ever told

It's linkblogging day here at Team Bull, so click here to read the greatest Spider-Man story ever told, in which the wonderfully fun bloggist Mimi Smartypants plays Spider-Man with her toddler daughter. Guest-starring the Hulk!

Somewhere, J. Michael Straczynski is very jealous.

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Chris Gardner said...

Bully! Good to find your blog, I'm a type nerd for sure and I LOVE to find sites and such that dedicate a post or two or three to type treatments, type is a beautiful thing. (I'm referring to your comics logos post a couple posts below. And, just because I never get a chance to say it, I designed the "2003" re-design that began with Jim Lee's HUSH run...issue 608. Stop by my blog and have a look at some sketches and the final just so you know I'm not pulling your chain. Nice blog! I'll be back often my friend.