Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten of a Kind: Wolverine on a motorcycle

Exactly what it says on the tin:

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


Jon Rob said...

Hi Bully,

Something's been bugging me for all my comics reading life -
Wolverine's adamantium claws: oare they meant to be Blades or prongs/spikes?


Bully said...

Jonrob: they're meant to be blades, although many artists draw them in different styles. His original bone claws look a little more like spikes, though.

Harry said...

It seems, based on those covers, that, not content with Wolverine's growing popularity and tough guy reputation through the 80s, someone at Marvel clearly decided, from the 90s on, that he needed to be made look even more badass, and they thought that that could be achieved by putting Logan on a motorbike...