Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten of a Kind: He ain't heavy, he's my hero

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


Blam said...

I love how Thor's all, "Just put it on my shoulder. Don't even need my belt of strength, yo." And Wasp's all, "Bully's totes right, Hank." And Ant-Man's all, "Sorry, Jan. Maybe I should invent a way to grow bigger instead of smaller." And Iron Man's all, "You think my helmet only makes me look like I'm worried, but, dude, my heart." And Hulk's all, "Zzzzzzzz..."

Blam said...

PS: I liked Five Thousand Raving Maniacs a lot better after Natalie Merchant joined and they calmed down.

Blam said...

PPS: I couldn't shake the feeling that Gaspar had done the main copy on the GL cover but Ira Schnapp had done the "Extra!" circle unless it was Gaspar doing his Schnapp impression for some reason; sure enough, the GCD agrees with me.