Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten of a Kind: Batman's big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! He's not small! No, no, no!

As you may remember, last week on Ten of a Kind, we featured Tiny Batman:

Just like a good episode of the Batman TV series, however, this one's a two-parter. And there could be no better theme to follow up "Tiny Batman" with than with
Giant Batman

Giant Batman!

So, there you go. You have your choice of either expanded or compressed Batman. But what if you can't make up your mind? What if you want both the pocket-sized Dark Knight and the giant economy size? Plus a regular-statured one to boot? Fear not, tenacious ten-of-a-kinders! Bully's here to give you all three Batmen in every size you need:

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


SallyP said...

Well these are fun. My favorite has to be the third one, where he looks rather like Dark Helmet, playing with his action figures. Robin just looks so...horrified!

J.R. Jenks said...

Batman's got a big big bite.

Phillip said...

Detective #31 is my fave. Classic.

km said...

OK, this is creeping me out not a little. I do *not* fancy a universe in which Batman the All-Powerful watches out for the Good of Us All, or whatever that is he's doing. You have a cool car and all, Bruce, but, just no.

I do however love the recurring theme in which Robin gets to stand around expressing shock! and dismay! when something bizarre happens to Batman. Like it's so different from the other eighty billion times or so.

Kevin Barber said...

a-men brother. Comics should be fun. Great blog here.