Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dizaines d'une sorte: Might as well leap!

Tales of Suspense #75Bonjour, mes amis! Eet is moi, Batroc ze Leapair! And eef zair is a day which makes ze Leapair's heart jump jus' that petit extra, eet is today, Bastille Day! Ah, Bastille Day, where there zhall be much rejoicing in ze streets of ma beloved Paree, ze petite enfants running zhruogh ze parks zetting off firecrackers. Blam, zey go! Boom! It ees alzo ze day when le président, 'e ceases with ze ethnic slurs for just ze one day. Pairhaps un jolie mademoiselle zhall spy Batroc as 'e drinks 'is café au lait, lonely at ze restaurant where 'e bides away ze Bastille Day by 'imself. Pairhaps she zhall step up to Batroc and she zhall say..."Bonjour, m'sieur! Je m'appelle Marie. Ca va?" And zen I zhall say, 'Ca va." And I will sweep hair into my arms and make ze mad passionate love to her entire body. Because Batroc ees not only ze leapair...Batroc is also ze lovair!

While Batroc ees doing that zhing, merci enjoy zee le blog de petit taureau, for 'e 'as allowed me...Batroc ze Leapair...to once again create a Dizaines d'une sorte for all of you, all featuring l'Tour Eiffel! Eet even begins with Batroc 'imself on one of ze covairs! Zo remembair...Bastille Day, eet is not just for ze cutting of zee neck...eet is alzo for ze beating of ze heart!

Regardez celui-ci également. Et.

(Sacre orange! Zair is more Dizaines d'une sorte dans cet endroit.)


Unknown said...

Ze first covair in zat list iz nombre trois. Non vingt. :)

(Are you sure none of those show Blackpool Tower instead?)

Philip G. said...

Ah, crap French accents fill me with indescribable glee.