Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten's Ten Tens: Buttocks Reduttox

Hey, everybody, it's the kind of date that comes along only twelve times a century, so let's celebrate, because today is 10/10/10! I'm not talking about 101010 and how it turns in binary into forty-two...look, leave that stuff for the H2G2 geeks. Here at Comics Oughta Be Fun! ten means only one thing: Ten of a Kind!

So, for the last 10/10/10 until 2110 (a few months after my sixth birthday), let's celebrate with Ten Tens of a Kind, each one covering ten more comic book covers one a theme Yes, that's right, all day today, it's Sequels to some of your my favorite TOAKs! Let's start out right now a sequel to "Look at my butt!" (July 30, 2006) featuring twenty more new cheeks to add to your collection...including at least one shocking totally naked behind!

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


SallyP said...

Oh's as if you did this JUST FOR ME!

Bully said...

Aw, Sally, if'n I'd know you were comin' around, I woulda...well, here you go!