Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ten of a Kind: Down In Uncle Stan's Basement

(More Ten of a Kind here.)


"O" the Humanatee! said...

What, no Werewolf by Night #9?

SallyP said...

Don't go in the basement! No seriously, there's spider webs and icky stuff down there.

jayunderscorezero said...

Are there no covers like this by DC or any other company? Or was Marvel-only an aesthetic choice, as the title of the post would seem to imply?

Bully said...

I got the idea from looking at Marvel double-feature comics from the 1960s, some of whichare above, that only look like they have basements in them. (Some of the others specifically do have double levels to the covers.)

I didn't specifically spot any DC cover as I browsed through them, but to be honest the phrase "Uncle Stan's Basement" probably kept me from delving too deep.

"O"'s Werewolf by Night #9 is an excellent other Marvel that I missed. Thanks, O! (also for having one of the best username on the intermajignet!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

"With these rings--I thee kill!"


I miss old-skool Marvel style.

Mister Ron said...

Looks more to me like "Uncle Jack's Basement." :)