Saturday, May 21, 2005

Index Sticky: Ten of a Kind

  1. 4/20/06: Leggo Mjolnir! (stolen Mjolnir covers)
  2. 5/5/06: Stop! Hammer Time! (or, Leggo Mjolnir 2: Electric Boogaloo) (stolen Mjolnir covers II)
  3. 5/28/06: I read the news today, oh boy (newspaper covers)
  4. 7/9/06: Must...smash...LOGO! (smashed logo covers)
  5. 7/16/06: Doom Triumphant (Dr. Doom covers)
  6. 7/30/06: Look at my butt! (Rear end covers)
  7. 8/6/06: WW2. And sometimes 3. (multiple Wonder Woman covers)
  8. 8/13/06: Snakes on a Cover (snake covers)
  9. 8/20/06: "He'll cry himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow" (big head covers)
  10. 8/27/06: So, My Very Educated Mother... (planet covers)
  11. 9/3/06: Hey Kids! Comics! (comic books on covers)
  12. 9/10/06: Animals on Wheels. Faster! Faster! (animals on wheels covers)
  13. 9/17/06: Seeing Red (red covers)
  14. 9/19/06: Arrrrr, Jim lad. (pirate covers)
  15. 9/24/06: Bustin' Through (characters busting through comic covers)
  16. 10/1/06: In your eyes, I see the doorway to a thousand heroes (eye reflection covers)
  17. 10/8/06: This grips me more than would a muddy old river or a reclining Buddha (chess covers)
  18. 10/15/06: How can I miss you when you won't go away? (Uncanny X-Men #138 homage covers)
  19. 10/23/06: Two-Faced (two-face covers)
  20. 10/29/06: Look at my crotch! (crotch covers)
  21. 11/5/06: One person, one vote.* (*May not apply in all states.) (election covers)
  22. 11/12/06: Bondage Covers (James Bond covers)
  23. 11/19/06: Surprise Visitors ("Not you!" covers)
  24. 11/27/06: How Can I Save My Little Boy from Oppenheimer's Deadly Toy? (atomic bomb covers)
  25. 12/3/06: Wanted: Dead or Alive (wanted poster covers)
  26. 12/10/06: All You Need Is Comics (Beatles comics covers)
  27. 12/17/06: Spirited Logos (Will Eisner logo tribute covers)
  28. 12/24/06: Your architects were madmen, your builders sane but drunk (London covers)
  29. 1/1/07: New Beginnings (First issue of dramatic change comic covers)
  30. 1/14/07: 10 Channels and Nothing On (TV covers)
  31. 1/21/07: Draw of the Cards (playing card covers)
  32. 1/26/07: And I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles (500th issue covers)
  33. 1/28/07: Bull in a Comics Shop (bull and cow covers)
  34. 2/3/07: All that's left of me is my celebrity (celebrity cameo covers)
  35. 2/10/07: Skeleton Crew (skeletons of heroes comics)
  36. 2/17/07: Must be funny in the rich man's world (money covers)
  37. 2/24/07: An exciting novel-length adventure, complete on this front cover (serial panel covers)
  38. 3/4/07: It's Not Easy Bein' Green (green covers)
  39. 3/6/07: Remember the Alamo (Alamo covers)
  40. 3/11/07: You Only Die Once Ten Times (Death of Captain America covers)
  41. 3/18/07: I found this photograph stashed between the old joist walls (Photograph covers)
  42. 3/25/07: There is safety in numbers, in numbers my friend (big numbers comics)
  43. 4/1/07: I play practical jokes, just to get a laugh (ha ha!), I put roaches in my neighbor's bubblebath (April Fool's Day covers)
  44. 4/15/07: This Comic Is No Longer Mint (torn covers)
  45. 4/18/07: A thumb goes up, a car goes by/Oh, won't somebody stop and help a guy? (Action #1 homage covers)
  46. 4/29/07: Down in Uncle Stan's Basement (Two-tier covers)
  47. 5/6/07: Great job with the secret ID, Pete (Spider-Man unmasked covers)
  48. 5/13/07: Architecture attack! (architecture attacking covers)
  49. 5/20/07: To Infinity and Beyond (infinity covers)
  50. 5/27/07: What's Black and White and Red All Over? (black and white and red covers)
  51. 6/3/07: Why do you think they call them comic books? (book covers)
  52. 6/10/07: Honey, Your Face Smells Terrific! (romance nose-to-face covers)
  53. 6/17/07: I can't believe I ate the whole thing (Galactus covers)
  54. 6/24/07: Face to face, my lovely foe/Mouth to mouth, raining heaven's blows
  55. 7/1/07: Kiss me quick 'cos it's my birthday (birthday covers)
  56. 7/4/07: O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave (76 flag covers 2007)
  57. 7/8/07: Will You Please Pick Up Your Dang Clothes?! (Amazing Spider-Man #50 homage covers)
  58. 7/14/07: Ten Lords A-Leaping (Batroc covers)
  59. 7/15/07: Creepy, Disturbing Bears (creepy, disturbing bear covers)
  60. 7/22/07: Too Many Supergirls (multiple Supergirls covers)
  61. 7/23/07: Hayley's Comet (Hayley Mills covers)
  62. 7/29/07: San Diego Comic-Con Special: Comics Are Your Best Entertainment Value (comic book covers)
  63. 8/5/07: Batman in Love (Batman romance covers)
  64. 8/12/07: The closing walls and ticking clocks gonna come back and take you home (clock covers)
  65. 8/19/07: Look at me, I'm a fine floating head (floating heads covers)
  66. 8/26/07: Almost me, almost you, almost blue (blue covers)
  67. 9/2/07: Multiple Choice Questions (multiple choice covers)
  68. 9/16/07: I'm Taking over This Comic, See? And No Underdog's Gonna Stop Me, See? (defaced logo comics)
  69. 9/19/07: When you're a professional pirate/you don't have to wear a suit (pirate comics 2007)
  70. 9/23/07: (Four Weddings + A Funeral) x 2 (eight wedding and two funeral covers)
  71. 9/30/07: And I'm fallin' (falling covers)
  72. 10/7/07: I'm beside myself/Out in the middle distance, still more tragedies are playing (twins covers)
  73. 10/14/07: Could it be that it's the season of the shark? (shark covers)
  74. 10/21/07: Riddle Me This (question covers)
  75. 10/28/07: Give me your tired, your poor, maniacs! You blew it up! (Statue of Liberty covers)
  76. 11/4/07: Army of Me (multiple identical characters covers 1)
  77. 11/11/07: Wanna see my picture on the cover/Gonna buy five copies for my mother (magazine covers)
  78. 11/18/07: My truth comes out, my mask falls to the floor/I see the face that I got (Batman unmasks covers)
  79. 12/2/07: Button eyes, lullabys, I melt away/Criticized, compromised, white turns to grey (snowman covers)
  80. 12/9/07: Hey Ben Grimm, what time is it? (Clobbering time covers)
  81. 12/16/07: Actions Speak Louder (silent covers)
  82. 12/23/07: Here Comes Santa Claus, Right Down Comic Book Lane (Christmas covers)
  83. 12/30/07: Last Dance with Mary Jane (Mary Jane Watson-Parker covers)
  84. 1/1/08: Happy New Year! (New Year's covers)
  85. 1/6/08: There's No Police Like Holmes (Sherlock Holmes covers #1)
  86. 1/13/08: A Puzzlement, Indeed! (puzzle covers)
  87. 1/20/08: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Batman (tiny Batman covers)
  88. 1/21/08: Poultry in Motion (chicken covers)
  89. 1/27/08: Batman's big! Yeah, yeah, yeah! He's not small! No, no, no! (giant Batman covers)
  90. 2/3/08: The Top Ten Billboard Chart (billboard covers)
  91. 2/10/08: Hey Tweety, where you goin' with that gun in your hand? (gun covers)
  92. 2/14/08: Hello, you fool, I love you (romance covers)
  93. 2/17/08: I'm the king of the swingers (Amazing Fantasy #15 pastiche covers)
  94. 2/21/08: Bring It On Week: This is not a democracy, it's a Tenocracy (cheerleader covers)
  95. 2/24/08: Hooray for Hollywood! (movie covers)
  96. 3/1/08: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny (bikini covers)
  97. 3/16/08: But from this day everyday will be Boxing Day (boxing covers)
  98. 3/23/08: Bunny one so true, I love you (rabbit covers)
  99. 3/30/08: He's in the jailhouse now (jail covers)
  100. 3/31/08: Evil Twins (evil twin covers)
  101. 4/1/08: Evil Ten of a Kind: A Whole Lotta Furor (Hitler covers)
  102. 4/20/08: Almighty Union Jack/A thousand victories will be behind you (union Jack covers)
  103. 4/27/08: "Hey Stan! I came up with a way to save money printing covers!" (mostly blank covers)
  104. 5/1/08: In Soviet Russia, comic bags and boards you (hammer and sickle covers)
  105. 5/4/08: I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke (earth covers)
  106. 5/11/08: She will always carry on/Something is lost/But something is found (mother covers)
  107. 5/18/08: Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (sex change covers)
  108. 5/25/08: Thirdiversary (third anniversary covers)
  109. 6/8/08: I wear my sunglasses at night/So I can watch you weave then breathe your storylines (glasses covers)
  110. 6/13/08: I wasn’t born under no bad sign, but it was Friday the 13th (bad luck covers)
  111. 6/15/08: Say my name, say my name (logos in a word balloon covers)
  112. 6/22/08: Someday we'll find it/The Rainbow Connection (rainbow covers)
  113. 6/29/08: Another bride, another June (wedding covers)
  114. 7/1/08: Now we are six (birthday cake covers)
  115. 7/4/08: 456 White Stripes, 463 Red Stripes, and a Heck of a Lot of Stars (76 flag covers 2008)
  116. 7/6/08: Sweet little princess/Let me introduce his frogness (frog covers)
  117. 7/13/08: I Wouldn't Belong to Any Club That Would Have Me As a Member (Adventure Comics #247 pastiches)
  118. 7/20/08: Manly, yes, but I like it too (bath covers)
  119. 8/10/08: We've Got You Surrounded (surrounded covers)
  120. 8/17/08: Plenty of trunk space in the front (elephant covers)
  121. 8/24/08: Could it be...Satan?!? (Devil covers)
  122. 9/7/08: PWNED!!! (PWNed covers)
  123. 9/14/08: Mr. Comics Goes to Washington (Washington DC covers)
  124. 9/19/08: Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition: Rated Arrrrrr. (pirate covers 2008)
  125. 9/28/08: We come to each other from different worlds (crossover covers)
  126. 10/5/08: Everybody's talkin' at me (direct address to the reader covers)
  127. 10/26/08: Quite an Eyeful (Eiffel Tower covers)
  128. 11/2/08: I'm gonna send your vote to college/When you vote for president (president covers)
  129. 11/9/08: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (Star Wars pastiche covers)
  130. 11/16/08: Quantum of Comics (James Bond pastiche covers)
  131. 11/23/08: Duh duh...duh duh...duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh DOODLY DEE! DUH DUH! DOODLY DEE DUH DUH! (Jaws pastiche covers)
  132. 11/27/08: Don't wanna be a turkey dinner!/Don't wanna be a prize pack winner!
  133. 11/30/08: Stop all the grandfather clocks, cut off the Bat-Phone
  134. 12/7/08: The eternal struggle between talking, pantless duck and snowman
  135. 12/25/08: Santa baby, stick some comics under the tree for me
  136. 1/1/09: These are the days of our lives/They've flown in the swiftness of time
  137. 1/4/09: Sits like a man but he smiles like a reptile
  138. 1/11/09: You know what it was: a little cocker spaniel dog in a crate that he'd sent all the way from Texas. (Checkers covers)
  139. 1/25/09: No no no no, I don't read comics no more/I'm tired of waking up on the floor (Universal "no" symbol covers)
  140. 2/1/09: Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!? (football covers #1)
  141. 2/8/09: You know it don't come easel
  142. 2/14/09: Love is the answer and you know that for sure
  143. 2/15/09: There I go, turn the page
  144. 2/16/09: Hail to the Chief/From a little stuffed beef
  145. 2/22/09: Uncommon valor was a common virtue
  146. 3/1/09: Who Watches the Watcher (Watcher covers)
  147. 3/8/09: Floating in a field of white (snowstorm covers)
  148. 3/22/09: Animals Strike Curious Poses (Weird animals covers)
  149. 3/29/09: We could be heroes just for one day
  150. 4/5/09: Mice love fishing
  151. 4/12/09: Basaball bin berry berry good to comics
  152. 4/19/09: Just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art
  153. 4/23/09: All the world's a comic/And all the men and women merely heroes (Shakespeare covers)
  154. 4/26/09: Baby, I can't stay, you got to roll me
  155. 5/3/09: I am a weapon of massive consumption/And it's not my fault it’s how I’m programmed to function (Fat covers)
  156. 5/10/09: I just wanna go huntin'/It makes me feel so good
  157. 5/24/09: No one knows just how he does it but it's true they say/He's the master of going faster
  158. 5/31/09: Born to a mountain slide/You're gonna learn to take a dive
  159. 6/7/09: When up from the ground came a bubblin' a monster (Mole Man's monster, that is) (30 Fantastic Four #1 pastiches)
  160. 6/14/09: Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel
  161. 6/21/09: Glide, Goblin, glide upon your mystery ship
  162. 6/28/09: 01100100 01101111 01101101 01101111 00100000 01100001 01110010 01101001 01100111 01100001 01110100 01101111 00001101 00001010 (Robot covers)
  163. 7/1/09: Today is a birthday/We're smoking cigars
  164. 7/4/09: Forever in peace may she wave
  165. 7/5/09: Crystal Blue Prognostication
  166. 7/12/09: That's what you get for waking up with bacon (Pig covers)
  167. 7/14/09: Might as well leap! (Bastille Day Special: Batroc presents Eiffel Tower covers)
  168. 7/19/09: Come let us make bricks and burn them hard
  169. 7/26/09: How many ways can a Robin die? A: Ten. (Death of Robin covers)
  170. 8/2/09: My aim is true
  171. 8/16/09: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
  172. 8/23/09: It's good to be the King (King covers)
  173. 8/30/09: Don't sleep in the subway, darlin' (Subway covers)
  174. 9/13/09: I'm pretty sure this is the last issue of this series
  175. 9/19/09: It is, it is a glorious thing, to be a comic book pirate king! (International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition)
  176. 9/20/09: Carry That Weight (Beatles Abbey Road covers)
  177. 9/27/09: Let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a comic
  178. 10/4/09: It's you, girl, makin' it spin
  179. 10/11/09: What If?...There Were Ten of a Kind Separated at Births? (What then, huh?)
  180. 10/18/09: We will rock you
  181. 10/25/09: Ten Roles for Christopher Lee (Death covers)
  182. 10/31/09: Everyone hail to the pumpkin ten (Pumpkin covers)
  183. 11/1/09: Happy Birthday, Shelly the Little Otter Puppet
  184. 11/8/09: One thing's for sure: love sphinx
  185. 11/15/09: And Ann B. Davis as the Hulk (Brady Bunch grid covers)
  186. 11/22/09: Is he tough? Listen, bull...he's got a bright red Spidey-Signal!
  187. 11/26/09: We gather together to read cheesy comics
  188. 11/29/09: Oh F&#%
  189. 12/6/09: You're a little late/I'm already torn
  190. 12/13/09: Hicks Nix Dix Comix Pix
  191. 12/20/09: I'm just a singer in a comic book band
  192. 12/27/09: All I Want for Christmas is You (And Comic Books)
  193. 1/1/10: Reelin' in the Years
  194. 1/3/10: You're the battiest jailbird I ever did see (Batman in jail covers)
  195. 1/10/10: In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by ten separate yet equally important groups.
  196. 1/17/10: I gotta run you see I'm under the gun/And my back is up against the wall
  197. 1/24/10: I'm not done, and I won't be 'til my head falls off
  198. 1/31/10: Ballet with Violence
  199. 2/7/10: The game never ends when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card
  200. 2/14/10: Come on, fly with me! It's party time, y'all: 200 balloons! Let's do it! (200th issue covers)
  201. 2/14/10: In the Shape of a Heart (hearts/Valentine's Day covers)
  202. 2/21/10: One day I'm feeling down on the ground/Then I'm up in the air (marionette covers)
  203. 2/28/10: Widescreen (sideways/widescreen covers)
  204. 3/14/10: Hey, my eyes are up here (staring at the chest covers)
  205. 3/21/10: Pamcakes! (pancake covers 1)
  206. 3/28/10: I've got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul (totem pole covers)
  207. 4/1/10: What a fool believes (April Fool's practical joke covers)
  208. 4/4/10: Ten Simple Rules (Ten Commandments covers)
  209. 4/11/10: No time to stop at all, I've got to jump through the hoops (jumping through hoops covers)
  210. 4/18/10: Harsh Mistress (moon covers)
  211. 5/25/10: It's good to be the King (king covers)
  212. 5/2/10: Stop! Hammer and Sickle Time! (Soviet iconography covers)
  213. 5/9/10: Never meta comic I didn't like (cover addresses the reader covers)
  214. 5/16/10: Kicked in the teeth again / Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win (trapped in teeth covers)
  215. 5/23/10: Again? But that trick never works! (rabbit out of a hat covers)
  216. 5/30/10: G-g-g-ghosts! (ghost covers)
  217. 6/6/10: Crouching Spidey, Hidden M.J. (Spider-Man #1 pastiche covers covers)
  218. 6/13/10: Have you any dreams you'd like to sell (dream covers)
  219. 6/20/10: He's got the whole world in his hands (holding the earth covers)
  220. 6/27/10: She's leaving home, bye bye (X-Men #138 homage covers #2)
  221. 7/4/10: Every color, every thread, every star and stripe (76 flag covers 2010)
  222. 7/11/10: Spidey was a kid, he liked to hang out in the graveyard (Spider-Man in a graveyard covers
  223. 7/14/10: Ten French comics and not one Jerry Lewis (Bastille Day: French covers)
  224. 7/18/10: Though you've grown beyond your years, you still retain the fears of youth (Jean Grey covers)
  225. 7/25/10: Convention Wisdom (San Diego Comic-Con covers 1)
  226. 8/1/10: Comics from before they invented pivoting necks (don't look behind you covers)
  227. 8/8/10: Everybody's learning how (Surfing covers)
  228. 8/15/10: I'm covered in bees! (bee covers)
  229. 8/22: Disorder in the Court (courtroom covers)
  230. 8/29/10: Bear Attack! (bear attack covers #1)
  231. 9/5/10: Foreign types with their hookah pipes sing (mummy covers)
  232. 9/12/10: I'll come driving fast as wheels can turn (jalopy covers)
  233. 9/19/10: (International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition) There is more treasure in comic books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island (pirate covers)
  234. 9/26/10: Farewell typewriter now you've gone away (typewriter covers)
  235. 10/3/10: Milk does a comic good (milk covers)
  236. 10/10/10: Buttocks Reduttox ("look at my butt" covers #2)
  237. 10/10/10: I get my kicks above the wasteline, sunshine (chess covers #2)
  238. 10/10/10: Chickens II: The Chickening (chicken covers #2)
  239. 10/10/10: Ten of Harvey Dent's Favorite Comic Books (two-faced covers #2)
  240. 10/10/10: Ever Reddy (red covers #2)
  241. 10/10/10: Life as a clone, life as a clone / You'll understand us, don't reprimand us, don't whine and groan (multiple duplicate characters covers #2)
  242. 10/10/10: Empire State of Comics (Empire State Building covers #2)
  243. 10/10/10: A Good Head Off Your Shoulders (decapitated head covers #2)
  244. 10/10/10: Livin' up against the wall has got us locked up (police line-up covers #2)
  245. 10/10/10: Ten to the power of infinity (infinity covers #2)
  246. 10/17/10: Bully for me, chilly for you (fame covers)
  247. 10/24/10: Get us out from under (Wonder Woman covers)
  248. 10/31/10: She's tryin' to make a devil out of me (witch covers)
  249. 11/7/10: Shine like the top of the Chrysler Building (Chrysler Building covers)
  250. 11/14/10: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun (hamburger covers)
  251. 11/21/10: I want you to want me (Uncle Sam "I Want You" covers)
  252. 11/25/10: We gather together to parody Rockwell (Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" covers)
  253. 12/5/10: Will you please stop shouting 'Shazam!'? (The Dark Knight Returns #1 parody covers)
  254. 12/12/10: And in selected comics in 2-D (3-D comic book covers)
  255. 12/19/10: Let me shoot a seven with every shot (Las Vegas covers)
  256. 1/1/11: Happy Hogmanay (New Year's covers)
  257. 1/9/11: It's Funeralin' Time (Fantastic Four death covers)
  258. 1/16/11: Triple-Stacked (three-tiered covers)
  259. 1/23/11: Fables (fairy tale covers)
  260. 1/30/11: We don't have to take our clothes off / To have a good time (naked covers)
  261. 2/6/11: It's a big pretty white plane with a red stripes, curtains at the windows, wheels, and it just looks like a big Tylenol. (airplane covers)
  262. 2/13/11: Donald Duck vs. Water (Donald Duck vs. water covers)
  263. 2/14/11: You light my morning sky with burning love (Valentine's Day/heroes in love covers)
  264. 2/27/11: The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World (movie poster covers)
  265. 3/6/11: From the wastepaper basket of Howard Roark (blueprint covers)
  266. 3/13/11: Special London Edition: When You Hear Big Ben (You're Home Again) (Big Ben covers)
  267. 3/27/11: A good comic wasted (golf covers)
  268. 4/3/11: Do It Yourself (DIY covers covers)
  269. 4/10/11: Now This is the Tale of Our Castaways (desert island covers)
  270. 4/17/11: Feared by the bad, loved by the good (Robin Hood covers)
  271. 4/23/11: There's yet one good in ten (Shakespeare covers)
  272. 4/29/11: It's a nice day for a Royal Wedding (royal wedding covers)
  273. 5/1/11: Moscow girls make me sing and shout (Moscow covers)
  274. 5/8/11: The first rule of gun safety: never point your firearm directly at the comic book reader (Guns pointed at reader covers)
  275. 5/15/11: It seems the artichoke is steamed (Oz covers)
  276. 5/22/11: Don't they know it's the end of the world 'coz you don't love me any more? (Apocalypse/Rapture covers)
  277. 5/25/11: Now We Are Six (Six covers)
  278. 5/29/11: Nobody puts Jimmy Olsen in the corner (Boxed into a corner covers)
  279. 6/5/11: I'm drawing a blank (Blank covers)
  280. 6/12/11: Steranko! (Jim Steranko covers)
  281. 6/19/11: Expect More, Shoot Less (Multiple targets covers)
  282. 6/26/11: Wouldn't it be sweet, if I could laugh you to sleep, five nights a week? (Talk show covers)
  283. 7/3/11: When Johnny (and Bugs and Hulk and Archie and Curly) come marching home again (Fife and drum marching covers)
  284. 7/4/11: I'm mighty proud of that ragged old flag (76 flag covers 2011)
  285. 7/10/11: Baby mine, don't you cry (Baby covers)
  286. 7/17/11: Negative space (Negative space cover)
  287. 7/24/11: Me mind on fire, me soul on fire, feeling hot hot hot (Heat covers)
  288. 7/31: That is the Question (Question mark guys covers)
  289. 8/7/11: We Love Lucy Too (Lucille Ball covers, on her 100th birthday)
  290. 8/14/11: What fun is it being "cool" if you can't wear a sombrero? (Sombrero covers)
  291. 8/21/11: Wolverine on a motorcycle (Wolverine on a motorcycle covers)
  292. 8/23/11: You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain (Earthquake covers on the day of the 8/23/11 earthquake)
  293. 8/27: Here comes the story of the Hurricane (Hurricane covers on the day of Hurricane Irene)
  294. 9/24/11: Just a man with a man's courage (Flash #123 homage covers)
  295. 9/11/11: With Liberty and Justice for all (Captain America covers)
  296. 9/18/11: You and your homies might be lined in chalk (Chalk outline covers)
  297. 9/19/11: International Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition 2011: Oooga shaka oooga oooga (Captain Hook covers)
  298. 9/25/11: Mjolnir swing like a pendulum do (Mjolnir covers)
  299. 10/2/11: Bells starting rings and chains rattled loud (Haunted house covers)
  300. 10/9/11: 300 of a Kind: It's Tricentennialin' Time! (300 Ben Grimm covers)
  301. 10/9/11: They did the superhero mash / It's a graveyard smash (Superhero Halloween covers)
  302. 10/22/11: Ant-ie Maim (giant ant covers)
  303. 10/23/11: We are, we are, we are witch! We are, we are...witch! (witch covers)
  304. 10/30/11: Halloween drives me bats (Batman Halloween covers)
  305. 11/6/11: Occupy Metropolis (protest covers)
  306. 11/11/11: Eleven of a Kind: This One Goes Up to Eleven (covers of series cancelled at issue #11)
  307. 11/13/11: Sane, paululum linguae latinae dico (covers of Romans)
  308. 11/20/11: Fifteen Minutes (Andy Warhol montage covers)
  309. 11/24/11: Jive Turkeys (Thanksgiving turkey covers)
  310. 11/25/11: The Wild, Weird Weddings of Miss Lois Lane (Lois Lane wedding covers)
  311. 01/01/12: Ten Characters Who Have Zero Chance of Ever Being Featured in "365 Days with..." (Characters I'll never feature... covers)
  312. 01/08/12: A little less conversation, a little more Action Comics (Elvis Presley covers)
  313. 01/15/12: Straight Outta Vitruvia (Michelangelo's Vitruvian Man covers)
  314. 01/22/12: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Crucifixion covers)
  315. 01/29/12: Meanwhile, at the Robot Chicken Casting Call... (action figure covers)
  316. 02/05/12: Are you experienced? ('Welcome to the X-Men, hope you survive the experience!' covers)
  317. 02/20/12: Wolverine, did you cut down this cherry tree? (George Washington covers)
  318. 02/26/12: Your name in lights (movie marquee covers)
  319. 03/11/12: Rest in Peace, Moebius (1938-2012) (Moebius covers)
  320. 03/18/12: Everything's Groovy (psychedelic covers)
  321. 03/25/12: A Modest Ultimatum (buy this book or we shoot this...covers)
  322. 04/01/12: Sisterhood of the Improbable Pants (sexy pants covers)
  323. 04/08/12: How'd You Like to Spend Easter on Easter Island? (Easter Island statue covers)
  324. 04/14/12: That Sinking Feeling (Titanic covers)
  325. 04/22/12: Earths Day (multiple Earths covers)
  326. 04/29/12: Objects in Mirror May Be More Comic-Booky Than They Appear (rear view mirror covers)
  327. 05/06/12: My Ten Favorite Avengers Covers, Assemble! (Avengers covers)
  328. 05/13/12: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Martha Clark Kent (Ma Kent covers)
  329. 05/20/12: Now is the hour of quitting / Twilight paints the town ("I quit" covers)
  330. 05/25/12: Seven the Fun Way ("Seven" covers)
  331. 06/03/12: She keeps Moët et Chandon in a pretty cabinet (queen covers)
  332. 06/10/12: I'm in a phone booth, baby / 
With the cold wind right outside (phone booth covers)
  333. 06/17/12: From the Button-Down Mind of Jonathan Kent (Pa Kent covers)
  334. 06/24/12: The Justice League Gets Married (Justice League wedding covers)
  335. 07/01/12: Now We Are Still Six (cake wrecks covers)
  336. 07/04/12: 76 of a Kind: Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue (76 flag covers 2012)
  337. 07/08/12: Upside down you're turning me (Escher covers)
  338. 07/15/12: The Situation Is Not Improving (Oh F&#% covers)
  339. 07/22/12: Scale Models (scales of justice covers)
  340. 07/29/12: The Official Ten of a Kind of the 2012 Olympics, Part 1 (Olympics covers)
  341. 08/05/12: The Official Ten of a Kind of the 2012 Olympics, Part 2 (Olympics covers)
  342. 08/26/12: No Ordinary Joe (Joe Kubert covers)
  343. 08/27/12: Unseen Movie Adaptations (movie adaptation covers)
  344. 08/27/12: Magic Kingdom (Disneyland covers)
  345. 09/02/12: Pic-a-nic Baskets (picnic covers)
  346. 09/09/12: Strange love a star woman teaches (Star Trek covers)
  347. 09/19/12: International Talk Like a Pirate Day: And I won’t need a pilot / Got a pirate who might sail (pirate covers)
  348. 09/23/12: Ten Recent Graduates of the Charlie Sheen School of Anger Management (anger management covers)
  349. 09/30/12: All-Canadian Comics, with No Wolverine! (Canada covers)
  350. 10/07/12: These Are a Few of My Favorite Man-Things (Man-Thing covers)
  351. 10/14/12: The Devil You Say (Satan covers)
  352. 10/21/12: You've got to feel it in your bones (skeleton covers)
  353. 10/30/12: Happy Sfptzjin' Halloween (Sugar and Spike Halloween covers)
  354. 11/11/12: He ain't heavy, he's my hero (carrying a hero covers)
  355. 11/22/12: Cold turkey has got me on the run (turkey covers)
  356. 01/13/13: (breaking up covers)
  357. 01/20/13: 1,001 10 Arabian Nights (Arabian Nights covers)
  358. 01/27/13: It all ends up as stuff that you can buy on eBay (auction covers)
  359. 02/10/13: The Twelve Comics of Hercules (Hercules covers)
  360. 02/17/13: You don't have to put on the red light (red covers)
  361. 02/24/13: He reminds me of my Uncle Oscar (2013 Oscars covers)
  362. 03/17/13: I couldn't find ten covers with Shamrock on them, so... (Banshee covers)
  363. 04/07/13: Up on the rooftop villains hit their nadir / Out jumps the good old Caped Crusader (Batman on the rooftop pastiche covers)
  364. 04/21/13: Going to a Go-Go (go-go checks covers)
  365. 04/28/13: Do do that voodoo that you do so well (voodoo doll covers)
  366. 05/14/13: I don't know much about art, but I nouveau what I like (art nouveau covers)
  367. 05/19/13: Hail, hail, the gang's all here (cast of characters covers)
  368. 05/25/13: I'll teach you all this in eight easy years ("Eight" covers)
  369. 06/09/13: Hangin' Out in the 3-1-3 (3-1-3 panel covers)
  370. 06/16/13: Mental Organism Designed Only for Komics (M.O.D.O.K. covers)
  371. 06/23/13: Everybody Hates Superboy (Superboy is hated covers)
  372. 07/04/13: 76 of a Kind: I'm a free born bull of the USA (76 flag covers 2013)
  373. 07/21/13: All the old paintings on the tomb / They do the sand dance, don'cha know? (Cleopatra covers)
  374. 08/25/13: I don't know where I'm a-gonna go / When the volcano blow (volcano covers)
  375. 09/01/13: Dr. Doom and the Bikini Machine (beach party covers)
  376. 09/22/13: Game Night (board game covers)
  377. 10/06/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: It's ALIIIIVE! (Frankenstein covers)
  378. 10/13/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: This list sucks (Dracula covers)
  379. 10/27/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: His hair was perfect (werewolf covers)
  380. 10/28/13: Monster Mash Thirteen of a Kind: Mummy Dearest (mummy covers)
  381. 11/03/13: Federal Eggspress (egg covers)
  382. 11/30/13: No Leftovers (Thanksgiving 2013 covers)
  383. 12/15/13: Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket (riding on a rocket covers #2)
  384. 12/22/13: Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb (bomb covers)
  385. 12/28/13: Happy Birthday, Mr. The Man! (Stan Lee covers)
  386. 01/05/14: A Study in Four Colors (Sherlock Holmes covers #2)
  387. 03/09/14: Two Bits (barbershop/hair-cutting covers)
  388. 03/30/14: Good night, hawks (Edward Hopper's Nighthawks covers)
  389. 06/29/14: How Many Tickles Does It Take to Make an Octopus Giggle? (octopus covers)
  390. 07/04/14: 76 of a Kind: Ev'ry time that flag's unfurled / They're coming to America (76 flag covers 2014)
  391. 07/13/14: Bear Attack! (bear attack covers #2)
  392. 07/27/14: Gwen of a Kind (Gwen Stacy covers)
  393. 08/17/14: I'm Not Dead Yet (coming-out-of-the-grave covers)
  394. 08/31/14: It wasn't a rock (lobster covers)
  395. 09/14/14: Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking, paper doll (paper doll covers)
  396. 09/21/14: Cross-Eyed Modesty Blaise (cross-eyed Modesty Blaise covers)
  397. 10/05/14: Please Don't Sue Us (copied properties covers)
  398. 11/02/14: Happy Birthday, Steve Ditko! (Steve Ditko-pencilled covers)
  399. 01/04/15: Pocket Books (kangaroo covers)
  400. 01/11/15: Ovaryaction (Vanity Fair pregnancy pastiche covers)
  401. 02/01/15: Enjoy the big game (football covers #2)
  402. 04/12/15: Darlin', it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me (underwater covers)
  403. 05/03/15: What can we say? It was the nineties (1990s covers)
  404. 07/04/15: 76 of a Kind: Wavin' Flag (76 flag covers 2015)
  405. 07/12/15: This is the most Comic-Con coverage you're gonna get here, so enjoy (San Diego Comic-Con covers 2)
  406. 07/26/15: Love Is a Battlefield (human tug-of-war covers)
  407. 08/23/15: Hot Fun in the Summertime (summer fun covers)
  408. 10/11/15: In Norway, "Lillemor" means "You're gonna die, kids." (child-endangering Lillemor covers)
  409. 12/20/15: Bah humbug (anti-Christmas covers)
  410. 01/24/16: I am the Blizzard King! (snowstorm covers 2)
  411. 04/24/16: I'm here and you guys suck ("Step aside, heroes!" covers)
  412. 05/01/16: He better call Becky with the good hair (lemonade covers)
  413. 05/08/16: I've got one hand punching Luthor / And the other one flashing a peace sign (peace sign covers)
  414. 05/15/16: The New Amazon Bindle (hobo covers)
  415. 07/04/16: 76 of a Kind: Your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth (flag covers 2016)
  416. 07/24/16: It's taste better (toast covers)
  417. 07/31/16: A stack of ten pancakes (pancake covers 2)
  418. 11/20/16: Army of Me II: Electric Boogaloo (multiple identical characters covers 2)
  419. 11/27/16: I've Been Framed (framed covers)
  420. 12/18/16: If you sit on my lap today / A kiss a toy is the price you'll pay / Then the cops will take me away (sitting on Santa's lap covers)
  421. 02/22/17: This is fine. (punching Nazis covers)
  422. 02/05/17: I Want You (She's So Heavy) ("I Want You!" covers)
  423. 03/12/17: The Oval Office (Superman #1 parody covers)
  424. 05/21/17: GRAB THE GLOBE! (holding the earth covers 2)
  425. 04/02/18: What Do You Know About My Image Duplicator? (Roy Lichtenstein parody covers)
  426. 01/12/20: You Knocked My Block Off! (heads falling off covers 3)
  427. 02/27/22: Face It Ten Tigers February ("Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" covers)
  428. 05/26/22: Welcome the Rolling Stones (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band covers)
  429. 03/01/2023: In like a lion... (lion covers)
  430. 03/31/2023: ...Out like a lamb (lamb covers)
  431. 07/14/2023: Look for the Union label (on strike covers)