Tuesday, November 22, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 327: All That Jazzy

Not entirely spotlighting J. Jonah Jameson particularly (but he's definitely in there!), but I had to share with you these two delightful John Romita Sr. pieces from the in-house fan magazine for Friends of Old Marvel, aptly known as FOOM!

Cover and page from FOOM #18 (June 1976), pencils and inks by John Romita, Sr.

I've discovered (and rediscovered) a whole lotta great Spidey artists this year doing these JJJ posts, but I definitely think the master...well, at least my favorite!...is the great "Jazzy" John Romita, Sr., who brought Peter into a new era, gave Gwen Stacy the heart that makes me love her, and Mary Jane Watson introduced and portrayed with such vivid va-va-voom that she still remains one of Marvel's top supporting characters today. Not to mention JJJ! here's to you, Mister R, Senior!

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Blam said...

Yep, I can name 'em all — well, I forgot the name of Robbie Robertson's son (Robbie Robertsonson?) but I promise I will look that up just as soon as I shake this urge to listen to Music from Big Pink. Anyway: Lovely stuff!