Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Party Hints from the Scarlet Witch

She's may be just an ordinary housewife/mutant manipulator of reality and time/space, but Wanda Maximoff has got it goin' on. Why, back in the days before she was divorced from her robot husband who went on to have a murderous but critically acclaimed second family, Wanda was the consummate homemaker! In fact, she's made several homes completely from stray atoms of the universe around her! So when she throws a party, she really throws a party! Here's just a few of her handy household hints that'll ensure you a happy Thanksgiving party, and you won't even need to have your origin retconned into an Inhuman! Take it away, Wanda!

1. Make sure you invite all your friends! To put them at ease, remind they don't have to dress up special — just wear everyday clothing! (Geez, Namor, if you're too hot, just let me know and I'll turn down the thermostat!)

Panel from Vision and the Scarle Witch (1985 series) #6 (March 1986), script by Steve Englehart, pencils by Richard Howell, inks by Frank Springer, colors by Adam Phillips, letters by Rick Parker and Bill Oakley

2. There will be some guests who it might be difficult to invite! Swallow your pride and ask your dad to come over, even if he disapproves of your husband, has vowed to destroy the entire human race, or if he voted for Trump.

3. For those who came in late, recount everyone's origin! Note: This hint does not apply to the Summers Family Thanksgiving when Cable arrives, or else you'll be there through November 30.

4. Pig out! And don't let Crystal do that thing where she changes the cranberry jelly into cranberry sauce. That's just plain screwed up.

5. If all else fails, reset the universe.

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