Friday, November 25, 2016

366 Days with J. Jonah Jameson, Day 330: Parker! Get me wedding photos of Spider-Man!

Exactly five years ago today, my very bestest human pals, John and Randi, got married! Hooray! I am all for this getting married thing, because together they are the best and they work really hard to make us have a happy home with lots of love and cookies.

So let's celebrate by showing the time the world's grumpiest man got married! (Note: John is nicer than Jonah.) John and Randi had a wonderful wedding, but it was definitely missing a cameo guest appearance by Stan Lee!

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964 series) #18 (December 1984), plot by Tom DeFalco, script by Stan Lee, pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Bob Layton and Jackson Guice, colors by Bob Sharen, letters by Joe Rosen

Just for fun, let's see how Jonah behaves when it's not his own wedding!

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964 series) #21 (1987), plot by Jim Shooter, script by David Michelinie, pencils by Paul Ryan, inks by Vince Colletta, colors by Bob Sharen, letters by Rick Parker

Happy anniversary, and many more, John and Randi!

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Blam said...

There were no lines at the buffet — Vinnie Colletta erased them all. (*rimshot*) You're too kind. Happy Anniversary. Don't forget to tip your waiters.