Thursday, November 24, 2016

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Part 2: All this and they didn't even invite Bouncing Boy

Cover of DCU Holiday Special 2010 one-shot (February 2011), pencils and inks by Matt Haley

Welcome to the DC Universe, where, just like us with our parade balloons of Stephen Hawking, Mae Jemison, and Larry Csonka, they celebrate Thanksgiving Day with the likenesses of true-life heroes within their own world! Heroes in shiny, armored costumes who star in popular and successful adventure franchises in film and on television The CW!

Splash page from "Hero of Heroes" in DCU Holiday Special 2010 one-shot (February 2011), script by Kevin Grevioux, pencils by Roberto Castro, inks by Scott Koblish, colors by Alex Bleyaert, letters by Travis Lanham

Whoa, not so fast, Hal Jordan. We said popular and successful.

You're okay, Flash, seen Tuesday night at 8, 7 Central on the CW.

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