Thursday, November 24, 2016

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Part 4: Would You Like a Ride? I'm a Beautiful Balloon

Splash page from "Flee to Your Grave" in the Unexpected #170 (November-December 1975), script by George Kashdan, pencils and inks by Ernie Chan

Yes, Terror from the Macy's Non-Branded, You-Can't-Sue-Us Thanksgiving Day Parade! And it all began the night before in a mad scientist's lab. Seriously, within the pages of DC's horror/chiller comics, what doesn't?

This changes Professor Travers into the amazing Green-and-Purple Monster-Man, star of so many DC comics during the 1970s. Remember All Star Green-and-Purple Monster-Man? Brave and the Bold and the Green-and-Purple Monster-Man? Batman and the Outsiders and also the Green-and-Purple Monster-Man?

Luckily for the Professor's sake, he's able to casually sneak into a Thanksgiving Day Parade amongst the Superman and Batman blimps. Truly, his fame is ballooning! ... Kill me.

At least, until the evil Reese, who did not invent the peanut-butter cup, convinces the police to shoot at the Monster Professor through the giant Superman balloon. Hey cops: helium lives matter!

All's well that ends well with an ironic twist O. Henry would have envied if he had ever written a story about a scientist changed into a giant balloon and cornered in between Warner Bros. licensed characters on the fourth Thursday in November. Truly that tale was indeed one of The Four Million everyday ordinary tales of life in the city.

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