Wednesday, May 01, 2024

The May 1968 2024 Calendar for This Menacing Year

I'm afraid to let you know that as the year goes on, it just keeps on getting even more menacing. By the beginning of November 2024 I will probably be announcing this blog to you over a megaphone as we're all paraded through teh streets on our way to re-education and attitude adjustment, and by the end of the year I promise I'll chisel it into any the rock that hasn't melted from the nuclear fire.

Naw, forget all that: I'm an optimistic bull, so for the moment let's look on the bright side of life. After all, look at America's favorite teen sixty-five years running: Superboy! He's certainly going to have a great May, including May the 4th (looks at calendar), uh, maybe not that day. Well, by the 31st he will probably have had a great month and OH CUT THAT OUT CALENDAR.

cover of Superboy (1949 series) #165 (DC/National, May 1970), pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Murphy Anderson, letters by Gaspar Saladino

Speaking of cutting-out: you can cut that cover of Giant Superboy #165 and hang it on your wall to use as a calendar for May 2024, or, if you like your comic book heroes smaller, younger, and loving root beer, there's no other option than to use this 1968 Dennis the Menace calendar, which works perfectly for 2024! Whoda thunkit?

"May 1968" from Dennis the Menace Giant #51 [Dennis the Menace Christmas Special] (Hallden/Fawcett, Winter 1967), creators unidentified and unknown
(Click picture to Mr. Wilson's back surgery bill-size)

Dennis, you scamp! That's as delightful as it was the day you did that to Charles Xavier and Niles Caulder!

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