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Today in Comics History, April 30: Happy birthday, Burton C. Mossman!

This is an expanded and updated version of a post originally published April 30, 2022.

Born on this day in 1867: Burton C. Mossman, legendary American lawman (and cattleman, but we won't hold that against him).

"Arizona Ranger" in Detective Comics #139 (DC, September 1948), script and art by Stookie Allen (?)

And from that point on there was never any troubles in Arizona ever again. EVER AGAIN.

from "Border Watchdog" in Western Fighters v.3 #7 (Hillman, June 1951), pencils and inks by Michael J. Becker

This story imports the real-life Mossman into the fictional adventures of Ms. Gingham Fury (slogan: "Arizona was not tamed by men alone!," a sassy go-gettin' ranch owner with a problem. A problem where she'll have to take the law into her own small, softly, delicately scented hands. Eh, you're useless, Burton C. Mossman.

from "Gingham Fury Rides the Range" in Western Bandit Trails #3 (St. John, July 1949), pencils and inks by Matt Baker

Later, after Gingham is done lassoin' some owlhoots and corraling' some yellerbellies and moseyin' along some little dogies, Mossman gives her slightly more than the usual slim slice of respect allowed to a woman by Western Law. Like 6, 7%.

Makes you long for the next exciting episode of Gingham Fury's adventures, right? ... Gingham Fury never appeared again.

If you want to read more about Burton C. Mossman you can go to your local library. Or, read this right here instead, if you want. I'm not your supervisor.

"Enemy of the Outlaws: Burt Mossman" in Jack Armstrong #13 (Parents' Magazine Press, September 1949), writer uncredited and unknown

Or this one! It's illustrated! Now you can do your book report on Burt Mossman! (Copy it! Your teacher will never know!)

"Chacon: Border Bandit" from The Lone Ranger (148 series) #10 (Dell, April 1949), story by Carl Smith, pencils and inks by Mo Gollub

How about this one? It's got a nifty cowboy frame around it you can cut out and use for your signed photo of Roy Rogers and Trigger (stuffed).

"Mighty Mite" from Prize Comics Western v.11 #3 [#94] (Prize, July 1952), creators uncredited and unknown

And here's a...sheesh, did comic books publish nothing but text stories about Burton Mossman?!?

"Outlaw Nightmare" from Death Valley (1953 series) #3 (Comic Media, December 1953), script by Ken Fitch, pencils and inks by Don Heck

Happy birthday, Captain Mossman!

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