Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where in London is Marshall?

Some of the more observant of you reading my London blog remember that I have a kid sister. "What happened to Marshall, Bully?" your constant emails have pestered me. "Did you let her come to London? Why aren't we hearing about her adventures? Do you leave her locked up in the hotel room every day? Say it ain't so, Bully, say it ain't so!"

Golly! Never did I know that Marshall had such a huge fan club among readers of my blog. I'm pleased you are all paying so much attention to a little stuffed cow!

Marshall has her own special agenda on this vacation and so she is not with us every day, but don't worry, she is having grand fun. Why don't you tell everyone about your exciting London activities, Marshall?

Why thank you Bully! Yes I shall. I hope you are not bored by me telling you briefly what I am doing every day, 'coz it is sorta girly and I know the people who read Bully's blog might not like all sortsa girly stuff. But I am taking horseback riding lessons! Hooray! Every day I get to go to Westway Stables, a wonderful horse farm in North Kensington just off Wormwood Scrubs. I am caring for a beautiful brown pony every day and I get to feed her and brush her and muck out her stable (it is a bit diff'cult 'coz I am so tiny and they had to get a special tiny pitchfork for me, but it was worth it!) and then I get to ride her around Wormwood Scrumbs Park under the supervision and training of the wonderfully pleasant and patient Miss Tuvey and her staff. They are all so nice and love ponies and horses even more than I do, which is a whole lot! I have even been learning to do some jump-riding like in those Dick Francis books Bully reads! I like jumping but I hope I do not get involved in a mysterious mystery like Sid Halley in that book. I like Wormwood Scrubs a lot too. It is very green and pleasant. I have to be careful I dont' wander over to the Wormwood Scrubs Prison at the south side of the park! I do not want to meet convicts and I am 'specially sure my pony does not either!

There are lots of little girls there too so I have been making friends. Many of them are just there for riding lessons but I find that taking care of my special pony is teaching me so much more about horses and e-ques-trian-ism than I can from just reading all my books back home. Yay!

In the afternoons I often do join Bully and John and Camilla for lunch but then it is back to the hotel where I meet up with my persn'l driver Mister Frank, who drives a very beautiful fancy and very powerful Audi A8. He takes me to all the fun activities I have been on while Bully is seeing the stuff he wants. Mister Frank always says "Respect the car and she'll respect you back," which sounds like very good advice to me. He is an excellent driver; totally an excellent driver. He's very very good at timing how and when to drive and he hardly ever hits a red light! Sometimes he goes kinda fast and it is exciting when some of the wheels come up off the road as he is turning a corner but he is always safe and gets you where you need to go very very fast! Also, he knows where all the good cafés are and he often stops and buys me a yummy yummy Orangina to sip while we are heading somewhere. Don't spill in the car, though! Mister Frank would not like that. I am very careful to never spill in the car.

One of my favorite places I've gone is Mystic Fairies near Hampstead Heath. This is an amazing activity center and toy and gift shop with all sorts of magic things that are fun for girls! (I told you it was girly!) I went and got fairy wings and had yummy light teacakes and got to meet Titania, Queen of the Fairies, who Bully says is from one of those Mister Shakespeare plays he like so much. Bully told me to watch out for Titania: 'parently she steals away small children (and little stuffed cows) if she takes a fancy to you and then you have to live in Fairyland forever and ever and ever. I like visiting Fairyland but I do not think I would like to live there as they do not have ponies or Orangina or my big brother. But Mister Frank held my hoof and did not let Titania take me away! Some of the other little girls on the tour went missing, tho'. They were kind of mean and had been pulling on my tail, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

That's what I do all day! Thanks for letting me use your blog to tell the Marshall-fans what I am up to, Bully!

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