Thursday, December 29, 2005

All around the town

Q: What's more fun than riding on the London Underground?

A: Nothing!

But the next best thing is riding on a London bus! And to be honest, London Transport has made it a lot easier to ride the buses these days with the addition of very clear and detailed route maps—much in the style of the famous Underground maps—at every major bus stop. That's why it was very easy to hop on the bus to Chelsea with John, Camilla and Christine this morning and head for London's best children's store, the justly famous Daisy & Tom. They have an amazing assortment of children's toys and books here, plus an enthusiastic, helpful, and child-(and little stuffed bull-)friendly staff, but best of all, they have an in-store carousel:

(Here I am riding on a chicken called "Tim!" I went around and around and around and around until I felt a little dizzy. Maybe I shouldn't have had that last biscuit at breakfast this morning!)

Camilla and Christine wanted to go baby clothes shopping then, but John and I had more excitement in mind than that! We wandered down the busy and trendy King's Road and finally hopped back on a bus heading back towards the centre of London. And from there we went everywhere!:

Trafalgar Square! This photo is by request of Chad, who wanted to see me with Lord Nelson. Here ya go, Chad! I am the one on the left.

St. Paul's Cathedral! Here is where I will get married to Keira Knightley someday. Mmmm...Mr. Bull Knightley. Sigh.

The Millennium Bridge! It is fun to be on and not nearly as wobbly as everyone says. Sadly, i did not spot Bridget Jones on it.

The Tate Modern Museum! It is not quite as spooky as this gloomy picture makes it look. They have a wonderful collection of modern art that i must admit I don't quite understand but the two gift shops were dead brilliant. I bought a pencil!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre! Home to wonderful plays and dramatics but thankfully, no longer home to bull-baiting. Yikes! I'm glad that went away.

Greek food! Really, what better way to finish off a busy day wandering around London than with a hearty, juicy, lamb gyro?

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